BrunosRealm Minecraft Server Network

BrunosRealm Minecraft Server Network

Brunos Realm
Brunos Realm Minecraft Adventure Server Network

The BrunosRealm Minecraft Server Network is also known as the “Brunoverse”. A proxy network of servers that keep the good in and the bad out. We maintain a high level of fun and enthusiasm for family, friends and community while still respecting and preserving the core elements of Minecraft as a game. We also give every effort to make sure the server network is moderated 24 hours a day 7 days a week for peoples of all ages, genders, religions, and backgrounds.

The server runs the latest version of Minecraft available. Please note you are allowed to use mods on your client such as Optifine, 3rd party shaders, Resource Packs, and minimaps, but mods that affect your gameplay versus other players, such as flying, teleporting, auras, invincibility, strength are all prohibited.

Players do not need to download anything other than the standard version of Minecraft to play, otherwise known as a premium copy of the game found at .

The IP address is very easy to remember and is even fun to say, (read out loud as play dot Bruno’s Realm dot com). If you have problems joining the server try using the direct connect feature.

We have many versions of Minecraft available to play once you are on the network, but the core of the gameplay for all players is survival and building. We have many minigames that you are used to finding on other networks to help break up the monotony of survival gameplay that are easily traveled to via the handy “/warps” command.

If you need more information please visit our online chat community which is synchronized with our in game chat community.