Clan Wars: Competitive Minecraft is coming to The Brunoverse; a massively multiplayer online Minecraft server network. Clan wars will establish a ground for conflict and fun for the players.

Clan Wars is a custom written Minecraft game to play on Brunos Realm using the latest version of Minecraft. The server IP is: “”.

After joining the server and achieving the light gray rank “Adventurer” you may use the command “/warps”. This will bring up your travel menu and you can click the icon for the wild.

After traveling to the wild and finding an area suitable for defense, you may claim an area by simply typing the command “/claim”.

Build your defenses and prepare to be attacked by others coming to look for your claim protected gear.

Rules Of Clan Wars
Some common PvP elements stemming from this system include

During an attack on another player’s claim in a valid clan wars enabled world, you may break the following blocks:

Breakable Blocks
Unbreakable Blocks