Integrated Stock Market

Brunos Realm Minecraft network has an integrated stock market embedded into the economy. This stock market hooks into Yahoo Finance making it possible for players to buy virtual stocks of any company on a stock exchange that is listed on Yahoo Finance.

Other features of the integrated stock market:

  • Currency conversion, is a player buying a stock such as the Canadian Pizza Pizza Stock? Currency will be converted to USD from CAD before being charged from the player’s account based on real time exchange rates with forex backup support.
  • After-hours trading, this plugin supports the latest real time rates including support for up to date after hours rates.
  • Forex support, want to lookup the conversion rate of two currencies, do so using the Forex lookup command (Example: EURUSD).
  • Stock Broker NPCs, allows the spawning of NPCs that provide all command functionality through an interactive user interface.
  • Stock information tool, allows users to quickly look up all statistics pertaining to a stock in game, including information such as: Company Name, Stock Exchange company is listed on, Current Price, Trading Currency, Stock Symbol, Day High, Day Low, Today’s Open Price, Volume, Previous Close Price, Year High and Year Low including historical information for the past year.
  • Compare tools, allow users to compare a minimum of two and a maximum of three stocks at the same time side-by-side for the player to choose which stock is the best buy.
  • Stock leaderboard, allows users to quickly view the top 54 stock market players sorted in descending order by portfolio value.
  • Portfolio, stock and transactions tool, allows users to quickly view details on all their current stocks as well as transaction history which allows users to view all of their past transactions in addition to stock history which displays server wide transactions of a specific stock.
  • Abuse prevention enforces a one day waiting period between selling a purchased stock.
  • Chest Interface with multiple pages support, all data is displayed in chest interfaces to make it easy for the user to view the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Multiple pages exist which will provide a way to view multiple pages of data.