NPC Guides

Allows you to add NPCs that will show your players the way around your map!

Review / Explanation:

NPCGuides is a Premium (PAID) Plugin by McMonkey4eva for spigot Minecraft found in use on Brunos Realm Minecraft Adventure Server Network.

At the time of this review it cost me $5.00 to purchase and the dependency was Citizens, which is a free plugin by the same team of developers.

FROM its source:

Tested Minecraft Versions:

  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10

Can be used by players as easily as:
/npcguides list
/npcguides goto <destination>

Can be configured by admins easily, with the following commands:
/npcguides addspot add a path helper point.
/npcguides removespot remove a path helper point.
/npcguides adddest <name> Add a destination.
/npcguides removedest <name> remove a destination.
/npcguides show shows nearby points.
/npcguides save saves the system.
/trait npcguide makes an NPC into a guide.
/npcguides sethome <name> sets the NPC’s home destination point (the one they’ll return to if left alone) (Set to random text that isn’t a valid point to disable this feature)

How does it work?
NPCGuides relies on technology called “layered A-Star”. Meaning, a powerful pathfinder is used to find routes between any two near-to-each-other points, and a second equally powerful pathfinder is used to find a route between all connected points across the world.
Through this technology, the guide NPCs can find their way across the entire world.

Note that this requires you configure NPCGuides with a map of your world, set up via /npcguides addspot usage and/npcguides adddest <name> to mark up all locations.

Currently in version 0.5 beta, the core system is ready and more features are coming!

Tutorial video on how to use this is coming soon!

npcguides.command : User commands
npcguides.admin : admin control

Dependency (free plugin: Citizens)

  1. Today’s update features homes for the guides, use “/npcguides sethome DESTINATIONPOINT” to give the guide a home destination point by name that they will return to when left alone!
    Also, the show, addspot, and adddest commands give better visual feedback to show you what paths are known! 9/22/2016

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