One Hour Ability

One Hour Ability

One-Hour Ability (1HR, 1-hour) is a Job Class Ability which has a 1 hour (Earth time) recast time. Each job has its own 1-Hour ability, and all of them are available at level 1, meaning they are available to a player right at the start of the game or when starting to play a new job.

These abilities are tailored to the job’s primary role in some way and are generally powerful, and are often used in emergency situations, or as part of a pre-planned strategy. Effective use of 1-Hours can potentially change the tide of battle, or salvage an otherwise lost situation.

All 1-Hours share the same recast timer across all jobs, meaning that if you use your 1-Hour on one job then change to another one, the recast is the same for the other 1-Hour. (Example: If you are a Ninja and used Mijin Gakure then changed your job to Paladin, Invincible would not be ready until 1 hour has passed since you last used Mijin Gakure.)

Job One Hour Ability Effect
Bard Soul Voice Doubles the effectiveness of songs.
Bard Clarion Call Increases the number of songs that can be cast on party members by one.
Beastmaster Familiar Enhances your pet’s powers and increases the duration of charm.
Beastmaster Unleash Increase Charm rate and reduces the recast time for Sic and Ready.
Wizard Manafront Negates the MP cost of magic spells.
Prevents spell interruption from physical attacks.
Wizard Subtle Sorcery Lower enmity generated from spells and increase spell accuracy.
Blue Mage Azure Lore Enhances the effect of blue magic spells.
Allows blue magic to participate in Skillchains and Magic Bursts without the use of Chain Affinity and/or Burst Affinity.
Blue Mage Unbridled Wisdom Special blue magic spells will become useable.
Pirate Wild Card Has a random effect on all party members within area of effect.
Pirate Cut Card Reduces the recast time for party members’ special abilities.
Dancer Trance Negates the TP cost of Sambas, Waltzes, and Steps.
Reduces all Waltz recast times to 6 seconds.
Dancer Grand Pas Allows you to use Flourishes without consuming finishing moves.
Dark Knight Blood Weapon Grants a HP drain effect to melee attacks.
Dark Knight Soul Enslavement Grants a TP drain effect to melee attacks.
Dragoon Spirit Surge Dismisses the pet wyvern in exchange for HP/TP recovery and several beneficial effects.
Recharges and augments the user’s Jump abilities.
Dragoon Fly High Reduces the recast time for Jump.
Geomancer Bolster Enhances the effects of your geomancy spells.
Geomancer Widened Compass Expands the range of geomancy spell effects.
Monk Hundred Fists Applies a high degree of Haste to speed up melee attacks.
Monk Inner Strength Increases your max HP.
Ninja Mijin Gakure Sacrifices user’s life to deal damage to an enemy.
Ninja Mikage Grants a bonus to main weapon attack rounds based on the number of shadows and increases Subtle Blow cap.
Paladin Invincible Grants immunity to physical damage.
Paladin Intervene Greatly lowers an enemy’s attack power and accuracy with a strong shield bash.
Puppeteer Overdrive Augments the fighting ability of your puppet to its maximum level.
Prevents overloads.
Puppeteer Heady Artifice Puppet uses special ability (Benediction, Invincible, Chainspell, or Eagle Eye Shot). The special ability used differs depending on the head equipped.
Ranger Eagle Eye Shot Delivers a powerful and accurate ranged attack.
Ranger Overkill Reduces the delay for ranged attacks and increases the rate for double shot and triple shot.
Red Mage Chainspell Negates the casting time and recast timers for all magic spells.
Red Mage Stymie Greatly increases the accuracy of your next enfeebling magic spell.
Fencer Sforzo Grants immunity to all magic attacks.
Fencer Ruse Significantly reduces an enemy’s magic accuracy.
Samurai Meikyo Shisui Reduces the TP cost of weapon skills to 100%.
TP is boosted to 300% upon use.
Samurai Yaegasumi Evades abilities. Additionally, TP is gained depending on the number of abilities evaded, and grants a bonus to weapon skill damage.
Scholar Tabula Rasa Optimizes both white and black magic capabilities.
Recharges gems and temporarily allows charge free gem use.
Enables the use of Embrava and Kaustra.
Scholar Caper Emissarius Focuses enmity on a targeted party member.
Summoner Astral Flow Allows avatars to use their full power.
Negates Avatar Perpetuation Costs.
Enables the summoning of Odin and Alexander.
Summoner Astral Conduit Reduces the recast time for Blood Pacts.
Rogue Perfect Dodge Evades all melee attacks.
Rogue Larceny Steals one beneficial effect from an enemy.
Warrior Mighty Strikes Causes all physical attacks to become critical hits.
Warrior Brazen Rush Increases your double attack rate.
Medic Benediction Restores a large amount of HP and removes several status ailments for party members within area of effect.
Medic Asylum Grants party members a powerful resistance against the effects of dispel and enfeebling magic.


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