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An attribute is a number we use to influence the chance to succeed in a test. Attributes are also called statistics, characteristics or abilities.

Higher numbers are better. Attribute scores are determined randomly using your unique Minecraft ID number.

Your base attribute scores are also adjusted by your character’s race and class. Some of the points will be obtained through equipment. Attributes can be increased by spending experience points gained during the game, or as part of the process of “leveling up”.

Advantages and disadvantages

An advantage is a positive enhancement to your character. In contrast, a disadvantage is an adverse effect. They are useful or problematic characteristics that are not common to all characters.

Character points

Character points are numbers used while developing your character.

We use a points based system. You purchase attributes and skills. This improves game balance and flexibility. These points are known as character points.

You are allotted a number of points for character creation. A character’s attributes, skills, or abilities can then be bought for a certain number of points. More powerful abilities will require more character points. Character points can be earned and spent to improve attributes or to buy new ones. You can earn points in many ways and formats.


An ability represents a unique use of your character’s skill set.

Abilities are both passive and active. Abilities are granted as the player levels up.


A skill represents the abilities of a character. Skills are known by various names including abilities or talents.

We allow players to spend character points to level up skills. Different skills have different costs.

Choosing a profession provides a bank of general and guild specific skills which could be invested in via lessons earned through online play.

Initially there are around 30 such skills with approximately 20 abilities in each covering a wide range from combat, crafting, mining, gathering, taming, fishing or smelting.


A trait represents a broad area of expertise of a character.

We have a more fine grained system of statistics. A single trait can be represented by a group of skills.

Derived statistics

We make use of derived statistics. An example is the the speed at which your character can move. Derived statistics are often used during combat. Examples are hit points, Armor Class and attack speed.

Derived statistics are modified by the character’s race and class. Some spells and magical items raise or lower these statistics temporarily.