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Jordan "General" General
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Jordan "General" General is a professional Call of Duty player.

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Excited to be the Head Coach of some of the greatest Call of Duty players of all time. I really appreciate @NRGgg and @Huntsmen for this opportunity, and I'm happy to finally be able to talk during practice so I can turn these guys into an absolute force. Ready for this chapter.

Chicago Huntsmen@Huntsmen

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Advanced Warfare
General’s first competitive tournament was a Michigan local playing along side of Moody, Steez & Input. They competed under the team name “Money Team”. General realized he wanted to make a career out of gaming. He soon teamed with Kade, MRuiz and ExiB on Onslaught eSports.

General decided to use his resources to help create a gaming organization. Enigma 6 (“E6”) Group was formed. In the spirit of its namesake, E6 is difficult to figure out – a “mystery” and the 6 is the military ideal of supporting those around you. E6 is not run like a business. They try to give other gamers a chance to pursue their dreams. General invests his own resources to provide a first class experience and the foundation to focus on your esports career.

At UMG California 2015, General and Enigma6 went through open bracket and pool play undefeated. They only lost in the Winner and Losers finals falling to OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan. The following week Enigma6 would go on to win MES Detroit 20K. Winning the Grand Finals by defeating well-known professionals Goonjar, Parasite, ProoFy and Saints.

Black Ops III
With 3 members of Enigma6 Group under the age of 18, General and his team were limited with what events they could compete in. They continued to compete at non CWL events and successfully won those they competed in.

Infinite Warfare
With General turning 18 and now being eligible to compete in CWL events, he reunited with Enigma6 Group and teamed with Kade, Proto and MRuiz. At the first event of the year, 2017 CWL Las Vegas Open, General and his team went through open bracket and pool play undefeated. Enigma 6 went an impressive 9-0 map count against the likes of OpTic Gaming and Rise Nation. However they would lose their Winners Bracket R1 matchup against Team Allegiance and eventually fell against OpTic Gaming in the Losers Bracket 3-1 to finish 7-8th.

At the 2017 CWL Atlanta Open, Enigma 6 would finish a disappointing 13th-16th after finishing 2-2 in pools and falling to GosuCrew Blue in Losers Bracket Round 3. The following event week at the 2017 CWL Paris Open the team would have another average placing as they fought through the open bracket and pool play to finish 9th-12th.

2017 CWL Dallas Open would host another 9th-12th finish for Enigma 6 as they went 3-1 in pools but fell to eUnited and Red Reserve EU in the Winners and Losers Bracket respectively. However this performance was enough for General and crew as they secured a spot in the Global Pro League Stage 1. Enigma 6 was drawn into Group Green with OpTic Gaming, Red Reserve EU and Elevate EU. Here they would finish 2nd with a 4-2 series record and have an 13-9 map count. This secured them a chance to compete in the $500,000 Stage 1 Playoffs, Global Pro League Stage 2 and 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship. At Stage 1 Playoffs, General and Enigma 6 placed 5th-6th after beating eUnited 3-2 in Winners Round 1 but lost 3-2 to Splyce in Winners Round 2 and as well as fell to OpTic Gaming 3-0 in the Losers bracket. This would secure the team in $32,500 in winnings for the event. After the event MRuiz retired and was replaced by Royalty.

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