COD: WWII Integrated with GameBattles at Launch

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Call of Duty: World War 2 will be Integrated with GameBattles at Launch.

Michael Condrey confirmed this week on Twitter that GameBattles will be integrated with SledgeHammer Games and Activision's next Call of Duty title, World War 2.

Activision obtained MLG and Gamebattles in 2016 and integrated gamebattles mid season with Infinity Ward's Infinite Warfare. While the game itself was an infinite failure, the addition of gamebattles was met with much community applause.

One of the community's most popular voices, < ahref="">Nadeshot, lobbied for this addition in World War 2 for many months on Twitter to Michael Condrey.

It is good to see Activision do something with it's acquisition of GameBattles. They have done really well with MLG events, but I think the MLG team they acquired are more to thank for that.

This may infuse the community with many more competitive players that otherwise would never have made the jump to try it.

Now the question remains, will Activision implement GameBattles integration in any other of it's franchises?

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