OpTic Gaming Enters League Of Legends

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OpTic Gaming has acquired a franchise spot for the 2018 LCS.

The 2018 League of Legends Championship Series is shaping up to be one hyped up season. OpTic Gaming is paying around $10 million for the franchise. They also have to pay a $3 million fee for being a new team to the LCS.
The 2018 LCS season seems to have had many changes already. We've seen the Cleveland Cavaliers get involved with Nadeshot to form a team. We've also seen the NY Yankees and Rick Fox get together for a franchise. The Golden State Warriors have obtained a spot in the 2018 LCS as well.

In with the new.

Riot Games made changes to the North American League Championship Series in June for the 2018 season that included team permanence, a secondary academy league, a players' association and revenue sharing options for both the accepted teams and players.

The 10 previously participating teams were not guaranteed to return to the league. Instead of maintaining team permanence the organizations had to go through an application process that lasted around 3 months and ended in September 2017.

Team Dignitas, Team EnVyUs, Phoenix1, and Immortals have all been rejected for the 2018 LCS season.



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OpTic Gaming Enters League Of Legends



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