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YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming Live Streams Are Upgraded

Over the course of the last couple of years, YouTube Gaming has been putting in hard work behind the scenes to upgrade it’s live streaming platform. There were quite a number of improvements and upgrades implemented. In addition to positive changes and quality of life improvements for live streamers and viewers alike, they have also been bringing in successful content creators from other live streaming platforms such as Twitch. One Twitter user described the collective movement of personalities and influencers as 0.3% of Twitch’s watch time.

This is a list of some of the upgrades YouTube has made to the live streaming platform so far:

  • Clips feature
  • Member loyalty messages
  • Subscriber only chat
  • Polls
  • Super stickers
  • Raiding: Ability to end stream and send your audience to a new video
  • Mobile members
  • and more!

We expect YouTube Gaming to add gifted subscriptions to it’s list of upgrades soon.

DrDisrespect, Courage, Valkyrae, DrLupo, TimTheTatMan, are all exclusively streaming via YouTube Gaming and all of their communities are watching them on YouTube live! These moves have consequences which includes convincing up and coming streamers where they put there efforts in and on which platforms.

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MrBeast MrBeastBurger Donate Burgers To Hungry

MrBeast Opens Restaurant To Donate Burgers To the Hungry

MrBeast has created the restaurant and app MrBeast Burger to donate burgers to the hungry.

The extremely philanthropical YouTube creator known as MrBeast has created a fast food app called MrBeast Burger. When you purchase a burger on the app, another burger is donated to a hungry family. The idea is simple, they rent out kitchen space at restaurants around the country and then hire a crew to make the food and have it delivered to nearby users. The profit is then used cover the cost of the meals donated to hungry families.

On November 19, 2020, fans of MrBeast descended upon the town of Wilson, North Carolina which is just a few miles from Jimmy’s hometown of Greenville, to enjoy the world’s first free restaurant. MrBeast and his best friends, Chandler, Chris, and Karl, hosted thousands of fans during a pop up event for MrBeast Burger. Fans enjoyed an authentic one-of-a-kind experience featuring branding, packaging, uniforms and signage along with a free meal. MrBeast released a video on his official YouTube channel to explain the idea of paying people to eat at his restaurant.

MrBeast Pays You To Eat at MrBeastBurger

How To Order A MrBeast Burger

mrbeastburger app

The app is available in both the Google Play store and the Apple App store via the link, which is the official website for MrBeast Burger. But, that’s not all that’s available for you to order on the app, here is the menu which includes hot chicken, french fries, and other comfort foods.

Where does the MrBeast Burger come from?

According to their website, the MrBeast Burger is available to restaurants to prepare out of their existing kitchen as a way to generate a new income stream. This means that your burger could be coming from a Shake Shack, like the one that creator Tmartn received, or from a Buca do Beppo, like the one Alan Johnson received. According to a tweet from Reed, the organization currently has locations in nearly every populated area of the United States and boast that more will areas of delivery will be coming soon.

The order Tmartn received from MrBeast Burger looks pretty good!


We believe that the MrBeast Burger app is just another example of MrBeast’s true nature and leadership. He constantly uses his growing platform to do good for humanity in ways that other organizations, both government and non, cannot seem to do. For example in 2019, MrBeast, YouTube, and the National Arbor Foundation teamed up to plant over twenty million (20,000,000) trees according to this video. He’s also given away hundreds of thousands of dollars, cars, houses, and even an island!

We’ve reached out to Reed for further information about the project and will report back with more on this page as we can. Until then please install the app or order from their website and spread the word.

Details About DrDisrespect Return From Twitch Ban

DrDisrespect Returns From Twitch Ban

DrDisrespect broke the silence from his Twitch ban and established his next home for streaming as YouTube. He did it in pure DrDisrespect fashion to the elation of fans around the world. He put up a backdrop animation on YouTube as a live stream and achieved over 300,000 viewers as he had 1980’s style pop music playing with occasional audio skits. Then at 5:30 PM Eastern Time on August 6th, DrDisrespect tweeted that he would be streaming on August 7th, 2020 on his YouTube channel. It read “Tomorrow, we arrive.”

We’ve scheduled an event here for you to add to your calendars if need be.


August 7, 20204:00 pm2020

DrDisrespect 1st YouTube Stream Since Twitch Ban

This is the official first YouTube stream for DrDisrespect since his ban from Twitch. 30 minutes before the stream he had 275,000 viewers waiting. 10 minutes after the stream was intended to start, DrDisrespect trivia voiced over the background 80’s style pop music and his concurrent viewers reached over 300,000! Everyone waiting patiently for DrDisrespect to appear on stream. He’s levels above all other streamer’s in the entertainment and production category.

At 15 minutes past 5 pm DrDisrespect voiced over the background image with an interview skit. The interviewer claimed he was to speak to DrDisrespect on the phone briefly about his new streaming platform after being banned from Twitch. Then DrDisrespect answered the question “Why did you get banned from Twitch?” with, “I’m outta here,” and ended the interview. More music followed and over 330,000 fans continued to wait piling into the chat by the dozen.


This is the DrDisrespect player profile here on Esports Draft.

usa United States
March 10, 1982


Dr Disrespect Skin For Warzone

DrDisrespect Skin For Warzone

DrDisrespect Skin For Warzone

The YouTuber known as BroBoCops has created a DrDisrespect skin for Warzone. They used Blender and Adobe Photoshop and uploaded parts of the creation process to their YouTube channel.

“An abridged version of creating the Doc in Blender using several techniques. The model has a full skeleton from Modern Warfare, so any in game or in menu animations can be applied to it. Still unsure if there is any potential of resaving the mesh and textures in a compatible file to be used in game. Enjoy.” – BroBoCops

Since this upload, BroBoCops has created a 4k render of Dr Disrespect in Blender and called it Digital Doc v1.0 (4k).


TeePee Retires From Call of Duty Esports

TeePee Retires From Call of Duty Esports

Today, on May 24th, 2016, TeePee, also known as Tyler Polchow, announced that he was retiring from competing in Call of Duty esports. He is indisputably one of the greatest Call of Duty players of all time.

TeePee Player Details

usa United States
Current Team
Past Teams
CompLexity, OpTic
July 3, 1992

TeePee Esports Statistics

Blackout Esports

SeasonTeam$K/DKillsDeathsK +/-W/LWLEventsMap W/LMap WinsMaps PlayedPointsMinor ChampionshipsMajor ChampionshipWorld Championship

Call of Duty Esports

SeasonTeam$K/DKillsDeathsK +/-W/LWLEventsMap W/LMap WinsMaps PlayedPointsMinor ChampionshipsMajor ChampionshipWorld Championship

COD League

SeasonTeam$K/DKillsDeathsK +/-W/LWLEventsMap W/LMap WinsMaps PlayedPointsMinor ChampionshipsMajor ChampionshipWorld Championship

Call of Duty World League

SeasonTeam$K/DKillsDeathsK +/-W/LWLEventsMap W/LMap WinsMaps PlayedPointsMinor ChampionshipsMajor ChampionshipWorld Championship

Major League Gaming

SeasonTeam$K/DKillsDeathsK +/-W/LWLEventsMap W/LMap WinsMaps PlayedPointsMinor ChampionshipsMajor ChampionshipWorld Championship

Warzone Esports

SeasonTeam$K/DKillsDeathsK +/-W/LWLEventsMap W/LMap WinsMaps PlayedPointsMinor ChampionshipsMajor ChampionshipWorld Championship

Career Total

Season$K/DKillsDeathsK +/-W/LWLEventsMap W/LMap WinsMaps PlayedPointsMinor ChampionshipsMajor ChampionshipWorld Championship