Cold War Season 1 Roadmap

Cold War Season 1 Roadmap

Cold War Season 1 Roadmap

The Black Ops Cold War Season 1 roadmap shows that Cold War will integrate with Warzone on December 16th bringing with it, new weapons, multiplayer maps and modes, zombie modes, 2v2 Gunfight, Characters and Skins, and a “classified Warzone experience”. COD was set to release season 1 on December 10th, but on December 4th, the company delayed the release until December 16th. Call of Duty BOCW is receiving seasonal battle passes, which comes as no surprise after the huge success COD Modern Warfare experienced with their seasonal pass system. Season one will be the largest free content drop in Black Ops history.

Rebirth Island, Raid, and more!

The Black Ops 2 map, known as Raid, will be available on December 16th in Black Ops Cold War as well as a new Fireteam map. Also, a new Warzone map has been confirmed. Rebirth Island, the Alcatraz like island map from Blackout has been rumored for a while, but in the announcement for the delay they revealed it’s name as a confirmation it will be coming. Will it be a standalone mode or just an addition to the southern part of the Warzone map, or both?!

Cold War Season 1 begins on December 16th, 2020 bringing free and paid content to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. The roadmap claims the biggest Black Ops year begins with the COD Black Ops Cold War Season 1 battle pass. The downloadable content will be free to all players on all platforms. The battle pass contains additional cosmetic rewards and will cost COD points just like Modern Warfare’s Seasonal battle pass system. The roadmap revealed an automatic shotgun, which is known to be the Striker, is coming on December 10th as one of the weapons in season 1.

In addition to content, changes to gameplay are in store for players when season 1 arrives. Treyarch Studios developer Tony Flame stated on Twitter that “there will be weapon, scorestreak, and more balance changes coming in with season 1, if not sooner. Already seeing some interesting trends in the analytics, but its too soon for conclusions. If you’re giving feedback, know that we see it and are taking it into consideration.”

Warzone integration will provide battle royale players access to an entire new set of loadouts to choose from alongside their Modern Warfare loadouts. All content is universal in both COD Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare when it pertains to Warzone. Basically, stuff you unlock in either game will be available in Warzone for use in some fashion to the best of the studio’s ability. Warzone became it’s own title separate from Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare in July of 2020. Activision published it as COD Warzone and the game option appeared on both Twitch and YouTube as it’s own category the same day. Warzone will have access to over 30 Black Ops Cold War base weapons as well as the BOCW Blueprint variants. They are also promising a new Gulag experience.

Before Season 1

Nuketown '84 - Cold War Season 1 Roadmap

Between now and then, a special Nuketown ’84 map will be released on November 24th, 2020. Nuketown ’84 24/7 will surely keep players engaged and even has some hidden secrets. This will be the 9th map available for play in COD Cold War in addition to the eight maps released at launch.

On December 4th, Call of Duty announced that double weapon XP and double XP will be available from December 12th at 10 AM Pacific time through the 16th. In addition, two free bundles will also be available to all BOCW players that login between the 8th and 15th.

The two bundles are the Field Research bundle and the Certified bundle. The Field Research bundle includes an Epic tier operator skin for Park, an Epic tier SMG blueprint, an Epic tier reticle, an Epic tier calling card, and a Rare tier weapon charm. The Certified bundle includes an Epic tier operator skin for Garcia, a Rare tier assault rifle blueprint, an Epic tier reticle and an Epic tier weapon charm.

Then they announced that on December 8th, an update will be available that brings many quality of life improvements to COD Black Ops Cold War. Expect more to be revealed between December 7th and December 16th.

Also don’t forget to check out the official Call of Duty blog for more Cold War information.


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