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COD Esports

COD Esports began with the release of Call of Duty in 2004 on PC. Call of Duty became competitive and players were able to start competing for money both online and offline through various tournament organizers. The most popular and arguably the most successful organization in regards to Call of Duty esports was Major League Gaming (MLG). Now the top level of competitive Call of Duty is the COD League.

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How Call of Duty Esports Started

But, COD Esports has existed since the beginning, tournaments were held in 2004 on the first Call of Duty game all over the world including the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. The 2004 CPL CoD Championship was held on the weekend of July 29th, 2004 in Dallas, Texas and was won by a team called the United5. The prize pool was $50,000! The United5 earned $15,000 for taking first place in a 6v6 style tournament. This wasn’t really a World Championship and many don’t even consider it to be a major championship. But it was a $50,000 tournament held on a LAN so the 2004 CPL Championship should be classified as a Major COD National Championship. Then there was the CAL-M 2004 COD tournament in which Complexity Gaming took 1st place in. It should be noted that they took 3rd place in the aforementioned 2004 CPL Championship.

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