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Commonly referred to as League or LOL by it’s community of players, League of Legends was inspired by a custom Warcraft 3 map called Defense of the Ancients. League is a multiplayer online battle arena where 10 players compete against each other in a 5v5 scenario. This competition is known as League of Legends or LOL esports.

The best League of Legends players in the world are organized into twelve regions. These twelve regions have a league that plays League for two seasons each year called splits. The spring split and the summer split provide LOL esports teams the chance to earn a spot in the World Championship tournament. The team that wins the World Championship collects the Summoner’s Cup trophy and a hefty cash award.

Show the 12 League Regions
  • LCS (North America)
  • LEC (Europe)
  • LPL (China)
  • TCL (Turkey)
  • LCO (Oceania)
  • LCK (Korea)
  • LJL (Japan)
  • CBLOL (Brazil)
  • LLA (Latin America)
  • VCS (Vietnam)
  • LCL (CIS)
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LOL Esports YouTube Videos

This is the official League of Legends Esports YouTube Channel.

LOL Esports Matches VOD and Highlight Playlist

This is a playlist of all of the official League of Legends esports matches on YouTube. These videos on demand and highlights will allow you to research anything you might have missed or want to see again.

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LOL World Championships

The League of Legends World Championship is held yearly in October and November to determine the best team in the world. It is hosted by Riot Games.

EventDate & Finals VenuePrize PoolWinnerRunner-UpScoreMVP
Season 1 World Championship2011-06-18 — 2011-06-20
DreamHack, Jönköping
$ 99,500⁠⁠Fnatic⁠⁠against All authority2 – 1
Season 2 World Championship2012-10-04 — 2012-10-13
Galen Center, Los Angeles
$ 2,000,000⁠⁠Taipei Assassins⁠⁠Azubu Frost3 – 1n/a
Season 3 World Championship2013-09-15 — 2013-10-04
Staples Center, Los Angeles
$ 2,050,000⁠⁠SK Telecom T1⁠⁠Royal Club3 – 0n/a
2014 World Championship2014-09-18 – 2014-10-19
World Cup Stadium, Seoul
$ 2,130,000⁠⁠Samsung White⁠⁠Star Horn Royal Club3 – 1
2015 World Championship2015-10-01 — 2015-10-31
Mercedes-Benz-Arena, Berlin
$ 2,130,000⁠⁠SK Telecom T1⁠⁠KOO Tigers3 – 1
2016 World Championship2016-09-29 — 2016-10-29
Staples Center, Los Angeles
$ 5,070,000⁠⁠SK Telecom T1⁠⁠Samsung Galaxy3 – 2
2017 World Championship2017-09-23 — 2017-11-04
Bird’s Nest, Beijing
$ 4,596,591⁠⁠Samsung Galaxy⁠⁠SK Telecom T13 – 0
2018 World Championship2018-10-01 — 2018-11-03
Munhak Stadium, Incheon
$ 6,450,000⁠⁠Invictus Gaming⁠⁠Fnatic3 – 0
2019 World Championship2019-10-02 — 2019-11-10
AccorHotels Arena, Paris
$ 2,225,000⁠⁠FunPlus Phoenix⁠⁠G2 Esports3 – 0
2020 World Championship2020-09-25 — 2020-10-31
Pudong Football Stadium, Shanghai
$ 2,225,000⁠⁠DAMWON Gaming⁠⁠Suning3 – 1
2021 World Championship2021-10-11 — 2021-11-06
Reyjavik, Iceland
3 –
2022 World Championship2022-??-?? — 2022-??-??3 –

LOL Events

DateEventTimeLeagueSeasonVenueArticle 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize 4th Prize
2018 League of Legends World ChampionshipLeague of Legends Esports2018 $2,418,750.00 $870,750.00 $451,500.00 $451,500.00
2020 LOL World ChampionshipLeague of Legends Esports2020 $556,250.00 $389,375.00 $200,250 $100,125
2021 LOL World ChampionshipLeague of Legends Esports2021 - - - -

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