Vikkstars Warzone Showdown Tournament


Date Time League Season Match Day Winners Cash Prize Losers Cash Prize
September 16, 2020 10:00 pm Warzone Esports 2020 1 $12,000.00 $6,000.00

Huskerrs AverageJoeWo vs Sackzi Berdydraft Vikkstars Warzone Showdown Tournament 4 Finals.


TeamTeam PrizePointsOutcome


Player $ Minor Championships


Player $ Minor Championships


Huskerrs AverageJoeWo vs Sackzi Berdydraft

Vikkstar 210k Warzone Showdown Tournament 4


The Vikkstars $210k Warzone Showdown Tournament is comprised of duo teams battling it out for their share of the $210,000 payout. On August 20th, Vikkstar announced the tournament on their Twitter. Then on August 23rd, 2020, he released a video on his YouTube channel titled “Activision gave me $210,000” and released more information about the showdown tournament.

Watch the world’s best streamers battle it out over nine weeks to win a share of the $210,000 prize pool plus a chance to win a spot in the grand final showdown. Viewers can win weekly prizes including but not limited to an LG Ultragear Monitor, an Astro A40 TR CDL Headset, free COD Points, and Gulag hats.

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For the next tournament in the series, on September 24th, 2020, visit Vikkstars Warzone Showdown Tournament 5.


This is the official Vikkstars $210k Warzone Showdown Tournament YouTube live stream.


Vikkstars $210k Warzone Showdown Tournament Results

$20,000 will be awarded to the top three teams of the Warzone tournament. This is a list of the teams and their players competing in the Vikkstars Warzone Showdown Tournament 4 with their last known scores.

Position Team and Roster Prize
1st Huskerrs – AverageJoeWo $12,000
2nd Sackzi – Berdydraft $6,000
3rd WuskinRated $2,000
4th Merk – Maven
5th TeePee – BobbyPoff
6th BlooSymfuhny
7th ScumpEnvoy
8th Swagg – Testy
9th AndyPyro – ORB
10th DrDisrespect – ZLaner
11th TimTheTatmanTommey
12th VikkstarAydan
13th Izak – Leh
14th NadeshotCrimsix
15th LegiQn – GangstazSalute
16th RoyalistiqYarasky



The Vikkstars $210,000 Warzone Shodown will be 9 Tournament Events that take place over the course of 9 weeks. The format will be a Duos playing in Quads kill race tournament. The cap for the duos team will be a combined 8.5 kill to death ratio. All players must play on their main account and cross play must be enabled. There will be 16 teams competing each week for the first 8 weeks. The winner of each week earns a spot in the final week of the tournament. The teams will compete in a double elimination bracket, earning 1 point for a kill and the team with the best combined score wins.

Game Types and Maps

The tournament will be played on Verdansk in quads.

Prize Pool

$210,000 will be awarded. The first 8 weeks $20,000 will be awarded each week combined to total $160,000. The 9th week will have a $50,000 prize pool.

Teams and Rosters

This is a list of the 16 teams and the rosters of those teams competing in the Vikkstars Warzone Showdown Tournament 4.

    1. Team 1 – BlooSymfuhny
    2. Team 2 – RoyalistiqYarasky
    3. Team 3 – Huskerrs – AverageJoeWo
    4. Team 4 – AndyPyro – ORB
    5. Team 5 – LegiQn – GangstazSalute
    6. Team 6 – Swagg – Testy
    7. Team 7 – DrDisrespect – ZLaner
    8. Team 8 – WuskinRated
    9. Team 9 – TimTheTatmanTommey
    10. Team 10 – Sackzi – Berdydraft
    11. Team 11 – NadeshotCrimsix
    12. Team 12 – Merk – Maven
    13. Team 13 –Izak – Leh
    14. Team 14 – TeePee – BobbyPoff
    15. Team 15 – ScumpEnvoy
    16. Team 16 – VikkstarAydan


This is the bracket for the double elimination Warzone tournament.