Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. The game takes place in a space themed setting in which players each take on one of two roles, most being Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Imposters. On March 31st, 2021, the InnerSloth studio released the second map for Among Us, The Airship.

The game has you and your friends play as a group of travelers on a spaceship trying to complete missions around the ship. However, some of the group are imposters. The imposter’s mission is to either sabotage the tasks of the regular crew or kill them. The crew must balance between completing their missions, finding the impostors, and surviving. If you can convince everyone during an emergency meeting to eject a player who you suspect is the imposter it will increase your chances of living longer in the game. After the vote, whoever was ejected is revealed to be an imposter or regular crew member.

The game is casual and friendly in nature even with such sinister tasks. The game had a small community for 2 years and then during the summer of 2020, the game became incredibly popular, surging in trends beyond Minecraft even. Charities and Corporations began to see the opportunity and created events and tournaments around Among Us inviting some of the most popular creators and streamers on the internet to compete for big money. Colleges and Universities began holding coed Among Us tournaments and events for their students using video conferencing software.

The game is available on Windows, Apple iOS, and Android. This is a list of Among Us events and tournaments.

Among Us Gameplay Information

Among Us is a multiplayer game, supporting four to ten players. One to three of these players are randomly selected each game to be Impostors, while the rest are Crewmates. The game can take place on one of three maps: a spaceship (The Skeld), a headquarters building (Mira HQ), or a planet base (Polus). Crewmates are given tasks to complete around the map in the form of minigames, consisting of maintenance work on vital systems, such as electrical rewiring and fueling engines. Impostors are given a fake list of tasks in order to blend in with Crewmates, and they have the ability to sabotage the map’s systems, traverse vents, identify any other Impostors, and kill Crewmates. If a player dies, they become a ghost; ghosts can pass through walls, but can only interact with the world in limited ways and are invisible to everyone except other ghosts. All players, aside from ghosts, have a limited cone of vision, only allowing them to see other players within a certain unblocked distance around them, despite the game’s top-down perspective.

The Crewmates win by completing all tasks before being killed or by finding and eliminating all the Impostors. For the Impostors to win, they must either have a sabotage countdown run out or kill enough Crewmates such that the number of Impostors is equal to the number of Crewmates. Ghosts help their living teammates by completing tasks (as a Crewmate) or performing sabotages (as an Impostor). When an Impostor performs a sabotage, either there is an immediate consequence (such as all the lights being turned off or doors being closed) or a countdown begins. In the latter case, if the sabotage is not resolved before the countdown finishes, the Impostors win. Sabotages can be resolved by living players in varying ways depending on which sabotage is performed.

Any living player who finds a dead body can report it, which halts all other gameplay and calls a group meeting. In the meeting, players discuss who they believe is an Impostor based on the evidence surrounding the killing. To help determine the identity of Impostors, there are various tracking systems in each map, such as a security camera system in the Skeld, a door log in Mira HQ, and a vitals indicator in Polus. If a plurality vote is reached, the chosen person is ejected from the map and dies. Living players may also call an “emergency meeting” by pressing a button in the map at any time, except when a sabotage is in progress. Players can communicate in a text chat, but can only speak during meetings, and only if they are alive, although ghosts can speak with one another at any time. While the game does not have a built-in voice chat system, it is common for players to use external programs such as Discord while playing. In each game’s lobby, various options can be adjusted to customize aspects of gameplay, such as the vision range of the Crewmates and the Impostors, and the number of emergency meetings. There are also many cosmetic options, including spacesuit colors, skins, hats, and pets, some of which are paid downloadable content.

Among Us TournamentS

This is an example of an early Among Us tournament format and rule set.

Playing 1 round on all 3 maps. Your registration name MUST be the same as your conferencing software name and your in game character name.

1st, 2nd and 3rd winner of $5,000,000, $2,500,000 and $1,000,000 in game money.

If a player is or gets bugged, black screen, vote bug, dc etc. the round will be reset and none of the tasks will count for that game.

Among Us Tournament Scoring

Scoring will be based on tasks completed.

Multi-part tasks will be counted as 1 task.

Scores will be most tasks completed in all 3 maps.

If there is a tie the game will continue until there is a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner.

Among Us Rules

An event coordinator will be one of the players to make sure the game is set up correctly and no rules are broken. The coordinator’s tasks will not be counted in the scoring. They will not be allowed to participate in communications.

No meta
No teaming
No talking during live rounds

Anyone caught breaking these rules will be disqualified.

Among Us Tournament Game config
Imposters: 2

Confirm Ejects: Off

Emergency Meetings: 1

Emergency Cooldown: 30

Discussion time: 120 sec

Voting time: 30 sec

Player speed: 1.25x

Crewmate vision: .5

Imposter vision: .5

Kill Cooldown: 30 sec

Kill Distance: short

Visual Tasks: Off

Common Tasks: 2

Long Tasks: 3

Short tasks: 5

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