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Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision. Starting out in 2003, it first focused on games set in World War II, but over time, the series has seen games set in modern times, the midst of the Cold War, futuristic worlds, and outer space. The games were first developed by Infinity Ward, then also by Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games. Several spin-off and handheld games were made by other developers. 

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Call of Duty became competitive and players were able to start competing for money both online and offline through various tournament organizers. The most popular and arguably the most successful organization in regards to Call of Duty was Major League Gaming (MLG).

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  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass

    On December 3rd, 2019, Infinity Ward and Activision will release Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s battle pass system. Today, on November 26th, 2019, they released the official intel on Snapchat via the special metal cards they sent out to some creators earlier this year.


    If you are over rank 55, your rank will be reset to 55 and you will be able to grind 100 levels capping at level 155. You will earn new rewards for your efforts. There will be a premium pass available for purchase in addition to the free battle pass that everyone will have access to. The premium tiers will have additional content that unlocks as you level up along side the free tiers.

    How The Rank Reset Works

    Activision published an article on their official website on November 27th, 2019 that listed information about how the rank reset will go down. One section stood out as important to communicate to everyone:

    On December 3, your Officer Rank achieved up until the start of Season 1 will be locked and memorialized with all the ribbons and final Officer Rank you have earned.

    That, as well as the two weapon blueprints you may have unlocked for ranking up prior to Season 1 (the Hush at Rank 56, and O.G. at Rank 155 that D-Day is carrying in the previous image), should act as impressive bragging rights to your friends and the greater Call of Duty community!

    Players will be able to earn 100 new different ribbons through new challenges, as well as a new and animated emblem.

    All the things you’ve earned in the ranks 1-55, as well as your mission progress, blueprint weapons, and combat record stats, will be carried over.

    If you haven’t reached rank 55 by December 3rd, 2019, you’ll have to reach 55 before entering the Battle Pass’ Season 1 officer ranks (56-155).


    Listed in the battle pass are a bunch of maps, game modes, special ops missions and a couple of new weapons! There has been controversy since the release of Modern Warfare in the community over many of the gameplay decisions the Activision/Infinity Ward team have made. Alternatively, the community is rejoicing and applauding the team for quickly releasing tons of free additional downloadable content.

    Here is a list of all the goodies coming starting on December 3rd:

    New Modern Warfare Maps!

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass Maps
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass Maps

    New Multiplayer Maps:

    Crash, Vacant, and Shipment will all join the 6v6 rotations during the 1st season of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle pass.

    New Ground War Map:

    Port will join the Ground War map rotations during the first season of the battle pass.

    New 2v2 Gunfight Maps:

    Cargo, Atrium, and more — we’ve seen reports that shipment will also be a 2v2 Gunfight map.

    New Modes, Special Ops, and Weapons!

    During the first season of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle pass we will see new game modes, new special ops experiences, and new weapons!

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass Modes Guns
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass Modes Guns

    New Multiplayer Modes:

    Reinforce, Gunfight OSP, Infected are 3 of the new multiplayer game modes coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare during for the Season 1 Battle Pass.

    New Special Ops Experiences:

    Bomb Squad, Grounded, Pitch Black, Just Reward, and more will be released for the Special Ops mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!

    New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Weapons!

    On December 3rd, 2019, all players across all platforms will be able to earn access to the two new weapons, the RAM-7 and HOLGER-26, at no additional cost to them. We assume they will be unlocked in the free tier section of the battle pass.

    Both of these weapons seem to be reboots of previous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guns.


    The RAM-7 is an assault rifle and looks a lot like the TAR-21 from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

    TAR-21 Modern Warfare 2


    The HOLGER-26 is a light machine gun and seems to be the reboot of the MG-36 from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

    MG-36 Modern Warfare 3

  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1.09 Patch Notes

    Today, November 22nd, 2019, Activision and Infinity Ward published a Title Update & Playlist Update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1.09 Patch Notes.

    If you are look for last week’s patch notes check here.

    Edit: Option to always sprint will be available in our next update.


    • Special Operations: “Harbinger” and “Brimstone”
    • Classic Special Operations: “Door Kick”, 3 Star Rating System and Rewards
      • 3-star rating system (based on time completed)
      • XP & MP unlocks based on your star rating after finishing a game.
    • Multiplayer:
      • Realism Moshpit (Domination, Hardpoint, Headquarters, Kill Confirmed)
      • Gun Game
    Post image
    • Fix for a bug where a player could spawn without a character model when spawning in on a friendly vehicle
    • Fixes for various exploits across all maps and modes
    • Fix for an issue where copying an opposing players loadout was also copying their killstreaks
    • Fix for the After-Action report not displaying newly acquired awards
    • Fix for player rank icons not appearing on the scoreboard
    • Shortened the amount of time an execution animation plays
    • Players are now able to back out of the Gesture and Spray Wheel by clicking anywhere
    • Added an option to hide Friend requests and Party Invitations
    • Added support for additional keyboard layouts on PS4
    • Footsteps: Adjusted volume and sound type played for crouch walk and walking while Aiming Down Sights
    • Dead Silence: Fix for the Dead Silence Field Upgrade not lasting the correct amount of time when CDL rules are enabled
    • Fix for nameplates being visible in a certain location on Piccadilly
    • Updates to the obituary (killfeed); removed “Avenged” and “Save Player”, play of the game owner, and player rank increases
    • Fix for players being able to join a match even though they’ve been blocked

    Private Match:

    • Added the option to disable the spawn camera
    • Fix for a bug where the ‘Starting Flags Captured’ private match option was not functioning as intended
    • Fix for the bomb screen appearing blank when defusing or planting the bomb in Search and Destroy with Realism enabled. Added bomb carrier indicator.


    • Fixed an issue where selected killstreaks would revert to the previous selection mid-match
    • Fix where players using the Shield Turret killstreak could see through smoke at certain angles with the side panels of the turret
    Post image
    • Dead Silence: Fix for the Dead Silence Field Upgrade not lasting the correct amount of time when CDL rules are enabled
    • Thermal scopes are now able to see through smoke grenades
    • Added the option to disable the spawn camera
    • Fixed an issue where the mount interaction prompt was disappearing when planting or diffusing the bomb in Search and Destroy

    1 Life Mode Fixes:

    • Fix for camera getting stuck on the death location when transitioning to spectate
    • Fix for the weapon not animating when sprinting at the beginning of the round

    Infantry Assault Vehicle:

    • Reduced damage radius and lethality of the turret

    Progression/Challenges/Missions Fixes:

    • Cleaned up and updated descriptions for various challenges
    • Officer Challenge: “Heads Up”
    • “Destroy Vehicles with Launchers”
    • “Doing Work”
    • “Aggression”
    • “Expert Gunsmith”
    • “One Trick Pony”


    • Fix for Decoy Grenade showing a red blinking light for both allies and enemies
    • Slightly brightened the player outline when using the Snapshot Grenade

    Single Player:

    • Fix for a bug that could cause an error when selecting a mission


    • Spotter: perk was not marking equipment, Field Upgrades, or Killstreaks through walls in FFA. Fix for Spotter perk not marking UAVs and slightly brightened outlines
    • E.O.D: Fix for players losing HUD elements after hacking an enemy claymore in certain scenarios
    • Fix for the “Quick Fix” perk not giving faster regeneration when earning kills with the throwing knife.
    • Fix for the “Amped” perk not stowing the Riot Shield as quickly as it should
    Post image
    • Fix for rocket launcher camos not unlocking or tracking properly
    • Fix for the Model 860 camos not unlocking or tracking properly
    • FN SCAR 17: slight increase in ADS time, reduction to barrel and bipod grip penalties
    • Fix for a white placeholder box appearing when leveling up a weapon and unlocking new attachments
    • Added descriptions to all optics that have scope glint
    • Fixed an issue where the P90 + FFS Ring Sight would create a scope glint
    • Thermal scopes are now able to see through smoke grenades
    • Fix for charms not appearing where they should on various weapons

    Leaderboards/Combat Records:

    • Fixed a bug where selecting “All” would sometimes kick the player back to the main menu
    • Added CTF and Hardpoint into Combat Records

    Audio: Voice chat options:

    • No Effect – default voice chat. No additional effects or EQ adjustments
    • Stealth Comms – Bring the immersion of the Campaign into Multiplayer with added SAS radio effects to voice chat
    • Classic Chatter – Feeling nostalgic? Coordinate with your team using classic Modern Warfare radio effects

    Special Operations:

    • Added munitions drops! After various objectives, a care package will drop to provide you with much needed munitions!
    • Various exploit fixes
    • Fix for an issue where players could lose functionality after using the EMP Drone in Operation Crosswind
    • Fix for crashes that occur when viewing the scoreboard from the match summary


    • Fix for enemies spawning out of bounds on Piccadilly
    Post image


    • Several fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability

    General Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue where the boot up sequence volume would be too loud
    • Various keybinding adjustments
    • More fixes to prevent hitching/stuttering during cutscenes
    • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu music would not play when users activated the Skip Introduction Movie option
    • Fix for an error that could occur when attempting to manage a party
    • Multiple fixes for different Aspect Ratios on various menus/screens in the game
    • Fix for a bug where the XP Token shortcut key would also open Nvidia Highlights feature simultaneously (Now on “F” key)
    • Fix for a bug where some achievements would appear as completed even though they were not

    Click this link to view the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1.09 Patch Notes at Reddit.

  • M4A1 Guide

    M4A1 stats and best class setups

    This is a guide to the M4A1 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare by Xclusive Ace. The M4A1 is a cornerstone to the Assault Rifle class. 

    Xclusive Ace produces a series on Call of Duty weapons for YouTube. This gun guide for the M4A1 is the first in his series for Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

    Welcome to Modern Warfare Gun Guides! In this series I break down and share all of the important stats as well as best attachments and class setups for every gun in Modern Warfare. In today’s first episode we’re going to be covering the M4A1 Assault Rifle! What do you think of this gun?

    Xclusive Ace, 11/10/2019
    M4A1 stats and best class setups

    Don’t forget to subscribe to Xclusive Ace for further high quality gun guides.

  • Fed Up With Tanks? Try This!

    Destroying Tanks in Modern Warfare

    If you are playing the Ground War mode on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare you know how annoying those tanks can be. If you are struggling to take out the tanks, trust JGOD on his guide to anti tank warfare.

    Don’t forget to subscribe to JGOD for more analytical FPS content.


    Thought I should let you know about the fasted method to destroy Tanks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. After doing some testing I found that there were not a lot of good options. I explain the methods I tested to destroy a tank and how I came across the fastest method on Reddit. I found it a lot of fun, Hope this helps. – JGOD

    The Method

    Thermite grenades do an incredible amount of damage over a short period of time. Throwing and sticking two Thermite greandes to an armored vehicle will do the trick. Finish it off with some small arms fire or if its a tank launch a rocket and be done. This is a 3 second mission if executed properly.

  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1.07 Patch Notes

    Today, November 8th, 2019, Activision and Infinity Ward published a Title Update & Playlist Update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1.07 Patch Notes.

    If you are look for last week’s patch notes check here.

    Playlist update!

    • Quick Play Filter updates
    • Shoot House 24/7
    • Krovnik Farmland added to Groud War
    • Hardpoint



    • We’ve added Krovnik Farmland to Ground War and Shoot House to Multiplayer!


    Going live on Friday…

    • Hardpoint is now in rotation!
    • Shoot House 24/7! This includes a mixture of Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Headquarters

    And yes, all of this new content is available for everyone, for free, across all platforms! We’re so excited to share this new content with all of you and this is just the beginning. Thank you all for playing and keep the feedback coming!

    Check below for the full list of patch notes.

    Post image
    • Backend fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability across all platforms, include dev errors, and various performance fixes.
    • Fix for a few bugs where some streaks and Field Upgrades were able to be flown out of bounds without penalty. General out of bound fixes were also added.
    • Fix for a bug where a player being killed by an enemy with a Variable Zoom Scope would not see the zoom function in the killcam
    • Fix for the Semtex warning audio being heard at the same volume whether in a building or outside
    • In Headquarters, players were able to place a Tac Insert and respawn when their team owned the point. This has been fixed.
    • Fix for various collision issues across maps
    • Added UI that shows when XP events are active in playlists menus
    • Sprint and Tactical Sprint speeds are now back to speeds in Beta
    • Fix for a bug where the progress of the bomb defusal can be seen by the team that planted the bomb
    • Fix for a bug that revealed players to UAVs when they fired their weapons, even if they had Ghost and a silencer equipped
    • Fixed an issue where if multiple Personal Radars were active on a team, and are both marking the same enemy, only one player would see the enemy on their minimap.


    Fixed an issue where the throwing knife and Thermite weren’t causing the shield to go on the player’s back when thrown. We’ve also fixed the issue where explosive splash damage wasn’t working consistently. We’ll continue to tune the Riot Shield in future updates.


    Detonating an enemy claymore with bullets is now non-lethal when at full health. We’ve also reduced the trigger and damage radius and also reduced the damage width to better match the trigger width.


    Removed the ability for enemies to hear when they’ve been called out by the opposing team. We also adjusted the enemy callouts so they are never from your Operator. Enemy callouts now use a more restricted cone at the hip and even more restricted in ADS when calculating whether or not to trigger. We’ll continue to monitor this and make additional tweaks to Battle Chatter in future updates.


    Slight increase to recoil while mounting.


    E.O.D. now clamps damage to a non-lethal amount, assuming the player is at full health


    Continued updates to player visibility in dark windows and dark areas.


    We’ve increased the occlusion percentage to filter footstep sounds behind geometry and adjusted the footstep volume at a distance. We have another large footstep change coming in the next update which will make crouch and ADS movement significantly quieter. Stay tuned!


    Daily Challenges and Active Missions are getting a full sweep of testing and fixes. We’ll have more updates to these systems in future updates.

    • Fix for a bug where the Infiltrator challenge was not tracking properly
    • Fix for launchers not giving XP when shooting down killstreaks
    • Fix for a bug where planting or defusing 5 bombs in Cyber Attack or SnD was not tracking properly
    • Camo challenge for “Kills After a Reload” didn’t give the player enough time to acquire a kill, so time has been increased
    • Fix for a bug where your XP require to reach the next rank was higher than the value needed
    Post image
    • 725 Shotgun: Increase to ADS and Hip Spread, reduced damage range
    • M4A1 Assault Rifle: Reduced damage range, small recoil increase
    • Assault Rifles: Increased hip spread to reduce effectiveness up close, less damage at long range for full auto 5.56 rifles
    • SMGs: Increased move speed, increased ADS move speed, small reduction in sprint out time
    • UZI SMG: Increased damage range
    • MG34 LMG: Increased hip spread, damage range reduction, small ADS slow down
    • M91 LMG: Increased hip spread, small damage range reduction
    • PKM: Increased hip spread, medium damage range reduction
    • Pistols: Increased move speed, reduced sprint out time, increased damage range
    • Crouch and Prone no longer adjust recoil


    Updated rulesets for CDL competitive modes in private match


    Fix for a bug where a player could use lose their primary weapon and would be unable to see their viewmodel after being revived by a teammate


    • Fix for a bug where players would sometimes be unable to pick a spawn location
    • Fix for a bug where a Tac Insert could cause players to spawn on the enemy home base
    Post image
    • Pick up Intel! – In the Operations, explore Verdansk to find additional backstory information of Verdansk and the Operators.
    • Fix for scoreboards displaying incorrect data
    • XP adjustments and general backend fixes
    • Various fixes for out of bounds and parachute exploits
    • Respawn timer no longer stays on screen after teammates are revived from bleedout
    • Fix for issue where the Munitions were not usable after respawning via Gunship
    • Fix for losing your weapons when picking up the core
    • Achievements can now be unlocked in CP
    • Fix for issue where players could spawn with their weapons in the downed state
    • Picked up Munitions no longer carry over from match to match. Only the Munitions you purchase with points will.
    • When respawning via the Gunship, you will no longer be given the Tank role
    • Selecting an Allegiance Operator or Allegiance as a favorite faction will now properly assign the voice of the correct operator
    • Operation Headhunter: Fix for a bug where players are not able to lock missiles onto the final boss helicopter
    • Operation Crosswind: Adjusted stealth for gameplay
    • Operation Paladin:
      • Fix for a bug where there was no UI or indicator of where to go or how to finish the objective after defending the 3rd arms crate
      • Fix for a bug where the default weapon was different than the weapon a player would hold if they were placed in Last Stand
  • Shotguns In Depth by Drift0r

    Drift0r annually produces a YouTube video series that gives an in depth look at aspects of video games, particularly Call of Duty titles. This year he is not disappointing any of us and has released an in depth video on Call of Duty Modern Warfare shotguns.

    We all can agree that the 725 shotgun is a hot topic in the community. Even without a slug it can one shot head shot you from very far away. I have been involved in the Call of Duty online community for all 16 titles in the series, and the only time I have ever heard this much buzz about an over powered shotgun was about the KSG in Call of Duty: Black Ops 1.

    Enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to Drift0r and visit his profile here on the Esports Draft.

  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1.06 Patch Notes

    Today, November 2nd, 2019, Activision and Infinity Ward published a Title Update & Playlist Update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

    More fixes were implmented to prevent crashes and improve stability across all platforms.

    Battle chatter has been removed from tactical, one-life modes.

    Infinity Ward adjusted APCs and Tanks in Ground War so that they no longer award points towards a nuke.

    A fix was implemented for charms that were affecting weapon performance while firing from the hip.

    Infinity Ward changed claymores so that stun grenades can now force claymores into a disabled state for 3 seconds.

    Footsteps were adjusted and will now filter out based on occlusion more.

    A fix was implemented for an issue where tactical inserts could cause players to spawn out of bounds.

    A fix was implemented for the gold camo not unlocking on the .357 Magnum.

    Playlist Updates

    • NVG (TDM only)
    • Ground War
    • Gunfight
    • Kill Confirmed
    • FFA


  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare Competitive Settings

    This is a link to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare competitive settings listed at Reddit.

  • Call of Duty City Franchises Revealed

    London, Seattle, and Chicago were revealed as Call of Duty city franchises.

    Activision has announced the final three teams that will compete in the new franchise league.

    NRG Esports brings Call of Duty to Chicago, ReKTGlobal to operate London team, Aquilini Group to lead Seattle organization.

    The Chicago, London and Seattle franchises will be joining 2 Los Angeles teams, Atlanta, Florida, Minnesota, Dallas, Paris, Toronto and New York in the 12 city league for it’s inaugural season in 2020.

    “We aspire for Call of Duty to be one of the biggest and best leagues on the planet. The addition of best-in-class organizations in Chicago, London, and Seattle is a strong step toward this ambition,” said Johanna Faries, Commissioner of Call of Duty Esports at Activision Blizzard Esports. “Alongside nine previously announced teams in Atlanta, Dallas, Florida, Los Angeles (2), Minnesota, New York, Paris, and Toronto, we are honored to partner with incredible organizations that share our commitment to delivering epic experiences for players and fans around the world.”

    “NRG has loved Call of Duty and the competitive pro and amateur scene for a long time now. The formation of the new Call of Duty esports league provided the perfect opportunity for the org to jump in,” said Andy Miller, founder and CEO of NRG Esports and the upcoming Chicago team. “The prospect of having Chicago written across our teams’ chests was the icing on the cake. We hope to transfer our winning formula from the San Francisco Shock of the Overwatch League to the new Call of Duty esports league and our Chicago team.”

    “On behalf of the entire ReKTGlobal organization, we are thrilled that we’ve landed the London team for Call of Duty,” added Amish Shah, Founder and Chairman of ReKTGlobal, Inc., operator of the upcoming London team. “My co-founder, Dave Bialek, and I feel that some of the most enthusiastic esports fans are based in London and we are not only excited but welcome the challenge to represent the city, while gaining larger visibility and growing our brand within the UK. Our core UK team is eager to bring the championship home with the support of the community, their family and friends, and investors. Wealso have a number of surprises in store for the fans so get your popcorn ready and join us on our championship journey.”

    “Esports has shown extraordinary growth and we’re excited to continue to be at the forefront with a new Call of Duty esports team. We are thrilled with the performance of the Vancouver Titans in the Overwatch League in their inaugural season, and with the continued support and expertise of our partners at Luminosity and Enthusiast Gaming, we believe the new Call of Duty esports league is also well positioned for success,” said Francesco Aquilini, Managing Director of the Aquilini Group, operator of the Seattle team. “Along with the Titans, we look forward to continuing our engagement with the esports community in the Pacific Northwest with this new Seattle-based Call of Duty team, and delivering on our goal to create first-class fan experiences.”

    Seattle’s partnership includes Luminosity Gaming, a mainstay in the Call of Duty World League. NRG Esports also operates San Francisco Shock in the Overwatch League. ReKTGlobal is the parent company of professional esports organization Rogue.

  • Modern Warfare Gunsmith Workbench AK-47 Conversions
    Change the AK-47 into an RPK and then into an AK-74U in the Gunsmith Workbench found in the upcoming Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare.

    In this video I show how you can use the Modern Warfare Gunsmith Workbench to modify the AK-47 into other weapons. The gun easily turns into an AK-74.

    There are multitudes of attachments for every weapon. You unlock it in multiplayer it carries over to single player and back and forth. Very cool addition to the Call of Duty game. I can’t wait to play with this every day.

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