Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


Call of Duty: Black Ops II is a first-person shooter developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360 on November 13, 2012, and for the Wii U on November 18 in North America and November 30 in PAL regions.

Professional Call of Duty Players

Call of Duty World League 2019

usaACHESACHES – Patrick Price
usaLamar "Accuracy" AbediAccuracy – Lamar Abedi
usaBryan "Apathy" ZhelyazkovApathy – Bryan Zhelyazkov
usaAquAAquA – Ulysses Silva
usaArcitys – Alec Sanderson
usaAdam "Assault" GarciaAssault – Adam Garcia
usaDylan "Attach" PriceAttach – Dylan Price
engBen "Bance" BanceBance – Ben Bance
usaCelliumCellium – McArthur Jovel
usaClaysterClayster – James Eubanks
usaCrimsixCrimsix – Ian Porter
usaJames CrowderCrowder – Chris James Crowder
canlibBrandon "Dashy" O'TellDashy – Brandon O’Tell
usaDecemateDecemate – Jacob Cato
engAdam "Defrag" MathewsDefrag – Adam Mathews
walDavid "Dqvee" DaviesDqvee – David Davies
usaDylan HendersonDylan – Dylan Henderson
usaEnable – Ian Wyatt
usaDylan "Envoy" HannonEnvoy – Dylan Hannon
usaFaccento – Brice Faccento
usaMaurice “Fero” HenriquezFero – Maurice Henriquez
usaMatthew "FormaL" PiperFormal – Matthew Piper
usaAdam "GodRx" BrownGodRx – Adam Brown
canGunlessGunless – Peirce Hillman
usaColt "Havok" MclendonHavok – Colt Mclendon
nedksaCuyler "Huke" GarlandHuke – Cuyler Garland
usaJKapJKap – Jordan Kaplan
usaJared "Nagafen" HarrellJared “Nagafen” Harrell
engJoseph "Joee" PinningtonJoee – Joseph Pinnington
usaJohn "John" PerezJohn – John Perez
canJohn "Xotic" BrunoJohn “Xotic” Bruno
usaJordan "General" GeneralJordan “General” General
engJoshh – Joshua-Lee Sheppard
irlJordan "Jurd" CrowleyJurd – Jordan Crowley
canKarmaKarma – Damon Barlow
usaKenny WilliamsKenny – Kenny Williams
usaKismet – Matthew Tinsley
usamexDaniel "Loony" LozaLoony – Daniel Loza
usaMajorManiakMajorManiak – Michael Szymaniak
usaChance "Maux" MoncivaezMaux – Chance Moncivaez
canMehran "Mayhem" AnjomshoaMehran “Mayhem” Anjomshoa
usaMethodzMethodz – Anthony Zinni
usaNicholas "Classic" DiCostanzoNick “Classic” DiConstanzo
canafgObaid "Asim" AsimObaid “Asim” Asim
usaOctaneOctane – Sam Larew
fraPaul "Breszy" BreszynskiPaul “Breszy” Breszynk
engAdam "Peatie" PeatePeatie – Adam Peate
usaPrestinni – Preston Sanderson
usaPriestahhPriestahh – Preston Greiner
usaRhys "Rated" PriceRated – Rhys Price
usaJohn "Revan" BobleRevan – John Boble
usaRichard "Ricky" StacyRichard “Ricky” Stacy
usaScumpScump – Seth Abner
usaShotzzy – Anthony Cuevas-Castro
usaSiLLY – Justin Fargo-Palmer
usaSimpSimp – Chris Lehr
engMatthew “Skrapz” MarshallSkrapz – Matthew Marshall
usaJosiah "Slacked" BerrySlacked – Josiah Berry
usaSlasheR - Austin LiddicoatSlasheR – Austin Liddicoat
usaMichael “Spacely” SchmaleSpacely – Michael Schmale
usaThomas "TJHaly" HalyTJHaly – Tommy Haly
usaTeePee – Tyler Polchow
usaDonovan "Temp" LarodaTemp – Donovan Laroda
usaTroy “Sender” Michaels
engStephen "Vortex" AllenVortex – Stephen Allen
engBradley Wuskin MarshallWuskin – Bradley Marshall
engTrei “Zer0” MorrisZer0 – Trei Morris
usaZooMaa – Tommy Paparatto
usaABeZyaBeZy – Tyler Pharris

Professional Call of Duty Teams

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In today's #BlackOps4 update:

• Unlimited Pick-a-Weapon Bribe in Blackjack’s Shop
• 2XP Sticks and Stones
• Hot & Heavy continues in #Blackout

Details here:

Starting tomorrow, we’re removing the limit on the Pick-a-Weapon Bribe in #BlackOps4 to allow players to earn as many weapons as they’d like for 50 Reserve Cases per Bribe! Stay tuned for details.

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