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January 25, 1995

Hannah "Butters" Bryan is an American streamer and gaming content creator.

NoisyButters, also known as Hannah Bryan, is an American streamer and gaming content creator.Β Her focus is on spreading positivity and happiness.


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Butters History

Butters has been playing video games since her sister introduced her to Yoshi’s Story on her Nintendo 64 when she was a little. She has been gaming ever since. She first started playing COD when she was fourteen years old and it became her favorite game. As a teenager, she would watch people sniping competitively and thought that it looked really fun. This inspired her to set up her YouTube channel on September 12th, 2011.

The idea of uploading her video content online to share with others and interact with them continued to appeal to her, and so, Butters started uploading content to her channels in September of 2012. She saw a new way to connect to her community and created her Twitch channel on September 18th, 2012. In addition to gaming, uploading content, live streaming, and being a High School student, she was also a cheerleader throughout her time in High School. She won winning national competitions in Dallas and Atlanta competing as a Cheerleader. Her first job was as a Cheerleading instructor.

In 2014, Butters decided to take a break from YouTube. She joined Thrust Nation in October of 2015 but the team disbanded after a short time. She fully returned to content creation in January of 2016 after entering a content creator challenge for SoaR Gaming. She won the challenge and was signed on as a creative director for SoaR’s content team.

Butters attended college at Georgia Southern University in Atlanta, Georgia. She was the President of the Casual Gaming Club at GSU for over two years. She also worked part time as a student technician with the campus’ IT department. In her college’s Pokemon League, Butters was the Fairy type gym leader. Gym leaders would walk around the college, and any trainer who made eye contact with them could battle them. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Georgia Southern University in May of 2018 in the area of Information Technology.

In December of 2018, NoisyButters left SoaR Gaming.

FaZe Butters

On December 10th, 2019, Atlanta FaZe announced on Twitter that they had signed Butters to their content creation team. “Here’s to Positivity, Happiness, and Headshots. We are bringing Call of Duty and Atlanta closer together today as we are more than excited to welcome, NoisyButters, as a streamer for Atlanta FaZe!”

Then on July 1st, 2020, she got her own flavor of the popular energy drink mix GFUEL called Star Fruit.

On August 26th, 2020 NoisyButters was interviewed by Katie Mather for Yahoo Esports, in a story called The 24 Year Old Gaming Superstar and said “I’ve been gaming since before I could really walk. I was also a cheerleader, I was a gymnast, I was in ballet. I really enjoy the performance aspect, I really enjoy being in the spotlight and being front row and center. I think that translated really well to this gaming thing, I am front row and center on my own stage.”

Butters Warzone History (2020)

On July 9th, 2020, Butters competed in the Women of the Erena Warzone Tournament.

Warzone Esports

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Warzone Esports

1st Prize: $6,000.00
2nd Prize: $3,000.00
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