DrDisrespect – Herschel Beahm IV

DrDisrespect - Herschel Beahm IV
usa United States
Apex Legends, Blackout, Creator, Personality
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DrDisrespect, also known as Herschel Beahm IV, is an American Twitch streamer and internet personality.

DrDisrespect – Herschel Beahm IV

DrDisrespect, also known as Herschel Beahm IV, is an American Twitch streamer and internet personality. DrDisrespect is a two time, back to back video game champion playing NBA Jam. He’s also a professional battle royale player and has won money playing across multiple titles such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Blackout.

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Stream won't happen tonight for the gorgeous 2x back to back video game champ.

I know I've been away from the stream the last few days #ChampionsClub, don't worry, you can still check out Timmy's stream in the meantime.


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DrDisrespect HISTORY

On November 10th, 2017, ESPN published an article reviewing DrDisrespect. The article wrote about DrDisrespect as:

If you’ve never seen him before, he’s best described as a WWE character in the competitive gaming world. He sports a shoulder-length, black haired wig, reflective, aggressive-looking sunglasses, a tactical vest and an oversized mustache.

DrDisrespect was awarded ‘Esports Streamer of the Year‘ in 2017. He was also awarded Trending Gamer of the Year at The 2017 Game Awards.

On January 10th, 2019, CAA agency signed DrDisrespect for representation in all areas. CAA will work with him on areas including television, motion pictures, touring, digital distribution, partnerships, endorsements, personal appearances and publishing.

On November 16th, 2019, DrDisrespect won the ‘Streamer of the Year’ Esports Award.


Splitgate: Arena Warfare
$275.00 From 1 Tournament

2019-05-28 8th Twitch Rivals Splitgate Tournament (NA 2) $275.00


Apex Legends
$5,816.67 From 4 Tournaments

2019-08-14 31st-60th Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends Solo Showdown $400.00
2019-04-02 5th Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Rematch Challenge (NA) $2,083.33
2019-02-15 2nd Code Red #1 $1,666.67
2019-02-12 5th Twitch Rivals: ALC North America 1 $1,666.67


Call of Duty: BlackOUT
$12,500.00 From 5 Tournaments

2019-02-27 16th Twitch Rivals:
Call of Duty Blackout Challenge 2019
North America
2019-01-10 2nd BoomTV Code Red 2019-01-10 $1,250.00
2018-12-06 2nd BoomTV Code Red 2018-12-06 $2,500.00
2018-11-01 2nd BoomTV Code Red 2018-11-01 $2,500.00
2018-10-18 1st BoomTV Code Red 2018-10-18 $6,000.00


$5,344.88 From 1 Tournament

2016-10-02 8th H1Z1 Invitational 2016 (Game 2) $5,344.88

Career Total