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100 Thieves
Past Teams
Denial, Liquid
August 16, 1995

Nitr0 is a pro CSGO player and pro VALORANT player known as America's Captain.


Nitr0, also known as Nick Cannella, is a professional CSGO player and a professional VALORANT player. He is known as America’s Captain in the esports community because of the Marvel endorsement of Team Liquid and his cosplay of Captain America during that reveal.

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Nitr0 CSGO History (2014)

On December 2014, Thorin uploaded a video to his YouTube channel speaking about Nitr0 in a feature called Thorin’s Thoughts.

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On November 14th, 2015, Nitr0 spoke with HLTV in an interview about advancing to the semifinals of the iBUYPOWER 2015 Cup.

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On October 3rd, 2015, Nitr0 was interviewed and featured on the PGL YouTube channel at the PGL Season 1 LAN Finals. Nitr0 said, “We had a very slow start.”

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On September 16th, 2017 Nitr0 was interviewed by HLTV and spoke about being a semi-finalist of ESL One New York, the change to being the in game leader for Liquid, and their wins versus VirtusPro as well as Astralis.

On March 5th, 2019, Nitr0 was interviewed by HLTV to speak about the team’s map pool, Vertigo, and the lack of big tournament wins ahead of their semi final at IEM Sydney.

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Nitr0 CSGO Tournament Results and Esports Earnings
$920,151.73 From 120 Tournaments

2020-07-053rdcs_summit 6 Online North America$2,400.00
2020-06-214thBLAST Premier: Spring 2020 American Finals$2,000.00
2020-06-142ndDreamHack Masters Spring 2020 North America$4,000.00
2020-05-104thESL One: Road to Rio – North America$1,200.00
2020-04-121stESL Pro League Season 11 North America$18,000.00
2020-03-015th-6thIEM Season XIV – World Championship$3,000.00
2020-02-175thFACEIT Pro League NA February Week 2 2020$700.00
2020-02-164thBLAST Premier Spring 2020 Regular Season$7,000.00
2019-12-142ndBLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019$16,000.00
2019-12-085th-6thESL Pro League Season 10 Finals$4,000.00
2019-12-012ndECS S8 – Finals$20,000.00
2019-11-025thBLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019$2,000.00
2019-10-241stECS S8 – NA Series 4$2,500.00
2019-10-069th-12thDreamHack Masters Malmo 2019$800.00
2019-09-293rd-4thESL One: New York 2019$3,600.00
2019-09-193rd-4thECS S8 – NA Series 1$500.00
2019-09-085th-8thStarLadder Berlin Major 2019$7,000.00
2019-07-211stIEM Season XIV – Chicago$25,000.00
2019-07-141stBLAST Pro Series: Los Angeles 2019$25,000.00
2019-07-071stESL One: Cologne 2019$25,000.00
2019-07-071stIntel Grand Slam Season 2$200,000.00
2019-06-231stESL Pro League Season 9 Finals$50,000.00
2019-06-021stDreamHack Masters Dallas 2019$20,000.00
2019-05-262ndcs_summit 4$7,300.00
2019-05-242ndECS S7 – NA Series 5$1,000.00
2019-05-162ndECS S7 – NA Series 4$1,000.00
2019-05-051stIEM Season XIV – Sydney$20,000.00
2019-04-132ndBLAST Pro Series: Miami 2019$10,000.00
2019-03-232ndBLAST Pro Series: Sao Paulo 2019$10,000.00
2019-03-145th-8thECS S7 – NA Series 1$150.00
2019-03-035th-8thIEM XIII – Katowice 2019$7,000.00
2019-01-201stiBUYPOWER Masters IV$20,000.00
2018-12-092ndESL Pro League Season 8 – Finals$22,000.00
2018-12-021stSuperNova Malta 2018$16,000.00
2018-11-257th-8thEsports Championship Series Season 6 – Finals$7,000.00
2018-11-112ndIEM XIII – Chicago$8,400.00
2018-10-283rd-4thEPICENTER 2018$4,000.00
2018-09-302ndESL One New York 2018$10,000.00
2018-09-233rd-4thFACEIT Major: London 2018$14,000.00
2018-07-292ndELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018$40,000.00
2018-07-0813th-16thESL One Cologne 2018$1,000.00
2018-06-173rd-4thESL One Belo Horizonte 2018$3,400.00
2018-06-102ndEsports Championship Series Season 5 – Finals$24,000.00
2018-06-035th-8thStarLadder & i-League – Season 5$2,000.00
2018-05-202ndESL Pro League Season 7 – Finals$22,000.00
2018-04-229th-12thDreamHack Masters Marseille 2018$400.00
2018-03-182ndiBUYPOWER Invitational – Spring 2018$800.00
2018-03-177thACEIT Pro League NA March Week 1 2018$200.00
2018-03-043rd-4thIEM XII – World Championship$8,400.00
2018-02-253rdStarLadder & i-League StarSeries – Season 4$6,000.00
2018-02-111stcs_summit 2$12,750.00
2018-01-2812th-14thELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018$1,750.00
2018-01-2710thESEA Rank S NA$150.00
2018-01-066thESEA Rank S NA$350.00
2017-12-177th-8thEsports Championship Series Season 4 – Finals$7,000.00
2017-12-1011th-12thESL Pro League Season 6 Finals$6,500.00
2017-11-1911th-12thIEM XII – Oakland$800.00
2017-11-123rd-4thiBUYPOWER Masters 2017$1,750.00
2017-11-051stMediaXP Americas Minor – Boston 2018$6,000.00
2017-10-297th-8thEPICENTER 2017$2,000.00
2017-10-1313th-16thELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017$1,750.00
2017-09-172ndESL One New York 2017$10,000.00
2017-09-102ndESG Tour Mykonos 2017$9,629.76
2017-07-095th-8thESL One Cologne 2017$2,000.00
2017-06-255th-6thEsports Championship Series Season 3 – Finals$9,000.00
2017-06-043rd-4thESL Pro League S5 Finals$12,000.00
2017-04-307th-8thDreamHack Austin 2017$400.00
2017-04-023rd-4thiBUYPOWER Invitational 2017 – Spring$200.00
2017-02-282ndESEA Rank S NA February 2017$4,000.00
2017-01-299th-11thELEAGUE Major 2017$1,750.00
2016-12-3110thESEA Rank S NA December 2016$500.00
2016-11-276thEsports Championship Series Season 2 – NA$2,500.00
2016-11-207th-8thIEM XI – Oakland$1,400.00
2016-11-135th-6thNorthern Arena 2016 – Montreal$250.00
2016-10-307th-8thESL Pro League Season 4 Finals$6,000.00
2016-10-023rd-4thESL One New York 2016$5,000.00
2016-08-3110thESEA Rank S NA August 2016$500.00
2016-08-282ndCyberPowerPC Summer 2016 Pro Series – Finals$600.00
2016-07-3015th-24thELEAGUE Season 1$6,000.00
2016-07-102ndESL One Cologne 2016$30,000.00
2016-06-265th-6thEsports Championship Series Season 1 – Finals$13,000.00
2016-05-155th-6thESL Pro League S3 Finals$7,200.00
2016-05-083rd-4thDreamHack Austin 2016$2,000.00
2016-04-1713th-16thDreamHack Masters Malmo 2016$400.00
2016-04-033rd-4thMLG Major Championship Columbus 2016$14,000.00
2016-03-202ndiBUYPOWER Invitational 2016 – Spring$800.00
2015-12-135th-6thESL ESEA Pro League S2 Finals$2,083.33
2015-11-285th-6thFACEIT 2015 S3/DreamHack Winter 2015$3,000.00
2015-11-223rd-4thIEM X – San Jose$2,250.00
2015-11-191stESL ESEA NA Pro League S2$3,600.00
2015-11-183rdRGN Pro Series Championship 2015$700.00
2015-11-152ndiBUYPOWER Cup 2015$5,000.00
2015-11-087th-8thCEVO Season 8 Professional Finals$500.00
2015-11-019th-16thDreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015$400.00
2015-10-044thPGL CSGO Season 1 – Finals$1,000.00
2015-09-131st iBUYPOWER Invitational 2015 – Fall$1,800.00
2015-09-111stPGL CSGO Season 1 – Group C$800.00
2015-08-272ndRGN Pro Series – North America$400.00
2015-07-187th-8thFACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 at DreamHack Valencia 2015$800.00
2015-07-125th-8thESWC Montreal 2015$700.00
2015-06-245thESL ESEA NA Pro League S1$2,600.00
2015-06-212ndiBUYPOWER Invitational 2015 – Summer$500.00
2015-06-191stHyperX CSGO Clash$800.00
2015-06-143rdMSI x iBUYPOWER Summer Qualifier Series$90.00
2015-06-12WINBenQ All-Star Showmatch 4$225.31
2015-06-072ndHTC Reborn Invitational$500.00
2015-05-047th-8thFACEIT League 2015 Stage 1$600.00
2015-04-151stRGN Intercontinental Open: NA II$333.33
2015-03-282ndAlienware Area 51 Cup$500.00
2015-03-012ndiBUYPOWER Invitational 2015 – Spring$200.00
2015-02-013rd-4thClutch Con 2015$200.00 December Cup NA$100.00
2014-12-073rdESEA S17 CS:GO LAN$900.00
2014-11-299th-16thDreamHack Winter 2014$400.00
2014-11-101stCSGO Legends Series NA 1$200.00
2014-10-241stJohn Wick Invitational$2,000.00
2014-06-223rdESEA NA CS:GO Main Season 16$160.00
2014-05-044thSoCal Revival #2$50.00
2013-10-017th-8thESEA NA CS:GO IM S15$30.00

Nitr0 VALORANT History (2020)

On August 14th, 2020, Nitr0 retired from CSGO to pursue a new career in professional VALORANT esports.

100 Thieves Nitr0

On August 14th, 2020, Nitr0 joined the 100 Thieves to compete in VALORANT esports.

CSGO Esports

SeasonTeam$K/DKillsDeathsK +/-W/LWLEventsMap W/LMap WinsMaps PlayedPointsMinor ChampionshipsMajor ChampionshipWorld Championship


SeasonTeam$K/DKillsDeathsK +/-W/LWLEventsMap W/LMap WinsMaps PlayedPointsMinor ChampionshipsMajor ChampionshipWorld Championship
2020100 Thieves9000000000000000110
2021100 Thieves148001.26161128330.000110.60610325100

Career Total

Season$K/DKillsDeathsK +/-W/LWLEventsMap W/LMap WinsMaps PlayedPointsMinor ChampionshipsMajor ChampionshipWorld Championship


VALORANT Champions Tour

1st Prize: $225,000.00
2nd Prize: $125,000.00
3rd Prize: $85,000.00
4th Prize: $85,000.00