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Simp, also known as Chris Lehr, is a professional Call of Duty player. He is a 2019 Call of Duty World Champion Champion, the 2019 CWL Pro League 2019 MVP, and the 2019 Call of Duty World League Championship MVP. Simp was named the Esports Console Rookie of the Year 2019. He previously competed under the name Simplicity. Simp is one of six players to win a Call of Duty Championship title in their first ever appearance.

Simp started his career at a young age and found his passion for competitive Call of Duty while playing in Search and Destroy tournaments and wager matches. He made a name for himself quickly by earning very high earnings and created a great reputation. Through the UMG Gaming platform he managed to earn over $25,000. He quickly established a social fan base on Twitter and Twitch.


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Chris “Simp” Lehr has been a pro COD player since 2016. He’s known for his Search and Destroy game play.

Simp Team History
Nov 2017 – Mar 2019
EUnited Cadets
Mar 2019 – Mar 2019
Mar 2019 – Mar 2019
FaZe Clan Black
Mar 2019 – Oct 2019
Oct 2019 – presentAtlanta Faze

Simp COD BLACK OPS 3 History (2016)

Simp started his competitive career playing Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and became one of the best Search and Destroy stars in the community. The only thing that prevented him from competing formally in the Call of Duty League is that he wasn’t 18 years old yet. Simp signed with EUnited’s academy team, the EUnited Cadets, in November of 2017. He continued to compete and win online tournaments and dominated the North Eastern United States local LAN scene. Simp played in the 1st Annual Phizzurp Memorial $10K and won 1st place.

Simp COD Black Ops 3 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$1,625.00 From 1 Tournament

2016-10-161st1st Annual Phizzurp Memorial $10K$1,625.00

Simp COD INFINITE WARFARE History (2017)

Simp played in the 2017 UMG PS4 Winter Team Ladder Playoffs and won 1st place.

Simp COD Infinite Warfare Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$1,500.00 From 1 Tournament

2017-04-171stUMG PS4 Winter Team Ladder Playoffs$1,500.00

Simp COD WW2 History (2018)

Simp won 1st place in the 2nd Annual Phizzurp Memorial tournament on November 18th, 2017.

Simp COD WW2 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$2,000.00 From 1 Tournament

2017-11-181st2nd Annual Phizzurp Memorial $10K$2,000.00

Simp COD Black Ops 4 History (2019)

Simp did not turn 18 until February so he missed the first few events but competed in as many events as he could. He won two local tournaments and countless online tournaments up until March 8th, when he officially joined EUnited‘s main team as their CWL Pro League substitute. With no open spot on the team, he left to join FC Black for the CWL Fort Worth Open. In his first ever CWL event, Simp and FC Black dominated by only dropping 4 maps and topped it off by beating Mindfreak in the Winners Final and Grand Final. His spectacular performance was one of many reasons behind a week of rumors regarding a EUnited roster change. It was eventually announced on March 19 that he would be replacing two time world champion JKap on the active roster.

He was considered one of the top prospects in the Black Ops 4 season along with his former teammates and friends, Cellium, Illey, and Shottzy. They’ve played in many CMG prodown tournaments together and have shown their skill facing off against the top teams in the world.

On August 18th, Simp won the 2019 CWL Championship with EUnited. He was also named the 2019 Call of Duty World League Championship MVP.

Simp COD Black Ops 4 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$290,620.00 From 9 Tournaments

2019-08-181st2019 CWL Championship$160,000.00
2019-07-211st2019 CWL Pro League Finals$100,000.00
2019-07-056th2019 CWL Pro League Player Bonuses$6,500.00
2019-06-165th – 6thCWL Anaheim 2019$3,000.00
2019-05-052ndCWL London 2019$16,000.00
2019-03-171stCWL Fort Worth 2019$3,000.00
2018-12-142ndBoomTV Code Red$1,250.00
2018-12-011stCMG Elite $900 3v3 SND$250.00
2018-11-231stCMG Elite $1200 4v4 SND$300.00
2018-11-141stCMG Elite $2000 5v5 SND$320.00

FaZe Simp

Simp COD Modern Warfare History (2020)

Simp joined the Atlanta Faze for the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League. Then, on January 3rd, 2020 he released his first line of merchandise. On January 25th, 2020 the Call of Duty League released a video featuring him on their YouTube channel titled, “Simp: The Making of A Legend”. The video’s caption reads, “Simp is one of the hottest rookies to ever hit the competitive COD stage, and everyone knows it. He debuted in 2019 with EUnited, with whom he went on to win the 2019 CWL Championship and the Champs MVP title. Various CDL talent and players speak on what makes Simp such an amazing player.”

Atlanta Home Series

On February 23rd, 2020, the Atlanta Faze won their own Homeseries event. Simp explains in this video why Atlanta Faze are so good:

On March 6th, 2020 Dexerto released a video featuring Simp titled, “How a CoD Rookie Became the World’s Best Player in 6 Months”. The video’s caption reads, “Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr is arguably one of the most successful rookies in esports history, winning a world championship in his first year under professional Call of Duty team, eUnited.”

On March 7th, Emily Rand and ESPN interviewed him about his name, Atlanta Faze’s maturity, and their impressive display at the Los Angeles Home Series. The video description goes on to say, “After two back-to-back 3-0 games, Chris “Simp” Lehr sits down with Emily Rand to talk about Atlanta Faze’s dominant performance at the Call Of Duty League L.A. home, where they took advantage of Dallas Empire and what his name “Simp” actually means!”

Los Angeles Home Series

Simp and the Atlanta Faze placed in the Top 4 after losing to the Minnesota Rokkr in the Semi Finals on Day 2 of the 2020 Call of Duty League Los Angeles Home Series.

Chicago Huntsmen Home Series

Simp set the record for most kills in a Hardpoint match on Azhir Cave with 49 kills. Then, he broke his own record later in the tournament scoring 50 kills on the same map.

Florida Mutineers Home Series

Simp had a cold start to the tournament against the Paris Legion but ended up pulling it together in game 2 of the match at the last second during round 11 of Search and Destroy on St Petrograd.

Minnesota Home Series

Then on June 14th, Simp competed in the Minnesota Home Series tournament and took 2nd place with the Atlanta Faze.

Paris Home Series

Next, on June 21st, Faze Simp competed in the Paris Home Series tournament and finished in 2nd place for the second time in a row.

New York Home Series

Then after a long break between competitions, on July 12th, Simp and the Atlanta Faze competed in the New York Home Series and placed in the top 4.

Toronto Ultra Home Series

On July 26th, 2020, during the Toronto Ultra Home Series, Simp set the record for the highest Kill Death ratio in a Search and Destroy match with a 12.00 KD replacing the previous record of 10.00 set by Havok.

Simp COD Modern Warfare Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$48,000.00 From 9 Tournaments

2020-07-262ndCDL 2020 Week 13 – Toronto Home Series$6,000.00
2020-07-123rd – 4thCDL 2020 Week 11 – New York Home Series$2,000.00
2020-06-212ndCDL 2020 Week 10 – Paris Home Series$6,000.00
2020-06-142ndCDL 2020 Week 9 – Minnesota Home Series$6,000.00
2020-05-101stCDL 2020 Week 7 – Florida Home Series$10,000.00
2020-04-262ndCDL 2020 Week 6 – Chicago Home Series$6,000.00
2020-03-083rd – 4thCDL 2020 Week 4 – Los Angeles Home Series$2,000.00
2020-02-231stCDL 2020 Week 3 – Atlanta Home Series$10,000.00
2020-01-261stCall of Duty League 2020 Launch Weekend

Simp Warzone History (2020)

Simp competed in quite a few Warzone tournaments.

Simp Warzone Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$0.00 From 5 Tournament

2020-07-2611th – 14thWarzone Weekend 6
2020-06-2149thWarzone Weekend 3
2020-06-034thWarzone Weekend 2
2020-05-249thWarzone Weekend 1
2020-04-273rdEZAF $50k Drop-In For Charity Tournament