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Knifer, also known as Dreft, or Pascal van Dijk, is a pro Call of Duty player and a pro Overwatch player.

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Knifer History

Knifer competed in both Call of Duty esports and Overwatch esports.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

Knifer competed in COD MW2 esports.

Knifer COD MW2 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$121.46 From 1 Tournament

2010-04-113rdDGC 2010$121.46
Call of Duty Black Ops 1 (2011)

Knifer competed in COD Black Ops 1 esports.

Knifer COD Black Ops 1 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$108.96 From 1 Tournament

2011-01-232ndReflexGT 2$108.96
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (2013)

Knifer competed in COD Black Ops 2 esports.

Knifer COD Black Ops 2 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$933.59 From 4 Tournaments

2013-09-223rdReflexGT 11$54.11
2013-03-314thEGL 9 – Blackpool$228.08
2013-03-175th – 8thCoD EU Regional Finals 2013$50.00
2013-02-171stReflexGT 9$601.40
Call of Duty Ghosts (2014)

Knifer competed in COD Ghosts esports.

Knifer COD Ghosts Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$67.70 From 1 Tournament

2014-06-153rdReflexGT 12$67.70
Overwatch (2016)

Knifer competed in Overwatch esports under the name Dreft.

Knifer Overwatch Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$144.95 From 4 Tournaments

2017-03-071stRivalcade Weekly 3 Europe$50.00
2017-01-281stCoil Overdrive 15$10.70
2016-10-021stHND Overwatch Open 2$56.19
2016-09-251stESL Go4Overwatch 17 Europe$28.06
Louqa Pro League 2019


Louqa, also known as Luke Rigas, is a professional Call of Duty player.


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Louqa has been a pro COD player since before 2014.

Louqa COD Modern Warfare History (2020)

Louqa joined the Paris Legion for the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League.




Huke, also known as Cuyler Garland, is a professional Call of Duty player, a professional Halo player, and a 2020 COD World Champion.


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Ghosts HistoryAdvanced Warfare HistoryHalo 5 HistoryWW2 HistoryBlack Ops 4 HistoryModern Warfare HistoryBlack Ops Cold War HistoryVanguard History
Huke COD Ghosts History (2014)

Huke came into the cod scene in Ghosts and was picked up on Carnage Esports to team with VaiN, Swarley, and Vicious.

The team managed to battle through the open bracket at UMG Nashville, but lost in the losers bracket in a game 5 against OpTic Nation and finished with a top 20 placement.

Huke COD Advance Warfare History (2015)

Huke stayed with Carnage Esports for the beginning of the COD Advanced Warfare esports season. At the MLG Columbus Open tournament on November 30th, 2014, he finished in the top 16. Then Huke joined Stunner Gaming on December 5th, alongside TJHaly, VeXeD, and PRPLXD. At the first event together as a team at UMG Orlando, he started very hot winning all four matches in their pool including beating OpTic Gaming in a 3 to zero. Then, he won the first two winners bracket matches against Team JusTus and Denial Esports. Then he lost to OpTic Gaming in the winner’s bracket finals. In the loser’s bracket Huke beat Denial Esports again to force a rematch against OpTic Gaming in the grand finals. Huke ended up taking 2nd place at the 2015 UMG Orlando tournament earning $1,250.

Huke joined Aware Gaming and finished the 1st season of the MLG Pro League in 5th place which won him $2,000. Then he finished in the top 6 at the MLG Pro League Season 1 Playoffs earning $1,000. On May 17th, 2015 Huke took 2nd place competing at the UMG California tournament earning $2,500. The team then placed second again in the MLG Pro League Season 2 Regular Season under FaZe Red and after more second placements in online tournaments, back under FaZe Clan, the team placed second yet again in the MLG Pro League Season 2 Playoffs losing to OpTic Gaming in the winners final and grand finals. FaZe Clan had enough of placing second so to try and improve they traded Huke and Slasher to Denial Esports for world champions Attach and Clayster.

Huke and Slasher were now on Denial Esports with Crowder and Temp, and this team finished third at UMG Dallas after losing to Huke’s former team FaZe Clan, and once again losing to OpTic Gaming. Denial Esports then began to win online tournaments, but once again Huke placed second at UMG Washington DC failing to get passed OpTic Gaming. Despite the solid online tournaments and UMG placements, Denial Esports only placed top 10 in the MLG Pro League Season 3 Regular Season and top 6 in the MLG Pro League Season 3 Playoffs after starting in the loser bracket and eventually losing to Faze Clan. The team then dropped Crowder for Classic in an effort to try to get more slaying power and the change seemed to help as at the MLG World Finals, Denial Esports went a perfect 4-0 in their pool going 12-0 in map count and coasted through the winners bracket beating Faze Clan in the process. However, yet again Huke and Denial Esports lost to OpTic Gaming in the winners bracket and the grand finals finishing the year placing second yet again.

Huke COD Advanced Warfare Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$32,750.00 From 12 Tournaments

2015-10-182nd2015 MLG World Finals$15,000.00
2015-09-205th – 6th2015 MLG Pro League Season 3 Playoffs$3,000.00
2015-09-1410th2015 MLG Pro League Season 3
2015-09-062ndUMG Washington DC 2015$3,000.00
2015-07-123rdUMG Dallas 2015$1,250.00
2015-06-072nd2015 MLG Pro League Season 2 Playoffs$3,750.00
2015-05-222nd2015 MLG Pro League Season 2
2015-05-172ndUMG California 2015$2,500.00
2015-02-225th – 6th2015 MLG Pro League Season 1 Playoffs$1,000.00
2015-02-065th2015 MLG Pro League Season 1$2,000.00
2015-01-042ndUMG Orlando 2015$1,250.00
2014-11-3013th – 16th2014 MLG Columbus Open
Huke HALO 5 History (2016)

Huke wasn’t 18 years old for all of the COD Black Ops 3 and COD Infinite Warfare seasons, so he switched to competing in Halo esports during that time. He emerged as one of the more talented pro Halo players.

Huke Halo 5 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$179,625.00 From 19 Tournaments

2017-10-224thDreamHack Denver 2017$3,750.00
2017-09-271stHCS Pro League NA Fall 2017 Regular Season$2,500.00
2017-07-233rdDreamHack Atlanta 2017$6,250.00
2017-06-224thHCS Pro League NA Summer 2017 Regular Season$1,500.00
2017-05-141stUMG Daytona 2017$6,000.00
2017-03-262nd2017 Halo World Championship$50,000.00
2017-03-053rdME Las Vegas 2017$1,500.00
2017-01-223rdUGC St. Louis 2017$1,500.00
2016-12-111stHCS Pro League NA Fall 2016 Season Finals$18,750.00
2016-11-201stHCS Las Vegas 2016$2,500.00
2016-11-101stHCS Pro League NA Fall 2016 Regular Season$3,250.00
2016-10-301stUGC St Louis 2016 Halo 5$2,500.00
2016-10-211stBeyond 4v4 No Radar Invitational$125.00
2016-10-092ndHCS Orange County 2016$1,250.00
2016-10-092ndHCS Orange County 2016 – FFA$1,500.00
2016-07-312ndHCS Pro League NA Summer 2016 Season Finals$8,750.00
2016-07-152ndHCS Pro League NA Summer 2016 Regular Season$3,000.00
2016-03-203rd – 4th2016 Halo World Championship$62,500.00
2016-02-212ndHalo World Championship Tour Columbus$2,500.00


Huke COD WW2 History (2018)

At the start of World War 2, Huke turned 18 and announced his highly anticipated return to Call of Duty esports by joining Team Envy, which was the same banner he competed under in Halo esports. This team started the year hot winning the Scuf Gaming Boots On The Ground Series Ghosts, which was a Ghosts throwback tournament in which they called themselves the 2018 World Champs, showing how hyped they were to have reunited that roster.

On December 10th, 2017 at the 2018 COD World League Dallas Open tournament Huke placed in the top 8 earning $1,000. Then after the New Year on March 11th, 2018 he finished in 4th place at the COD World League Atlanta Open tournament earning $4,000. Next, on April 1st, he finished in the top six at the COD World League Birmingham Open tournament earning $2,000. Then on April 8th Huke finished in the top 8 after the 1st stage of the CWL Pro League earning just over $5,000 including his player bonuses. Then he placed in the top 12 at the CWL Seattle Open tournament on April 22nd, 2018. Next on June 17th, he finished in the top 16 at the COD World League Anaheim Open tournament. Later on July 29th, he finished the 2nd stage of the CWL Pro League in the top 12 earning just over $3,000 including his player bonuses. Finally, on August 19th, Huke finished in the top six at the 2018 COD World League Championship earning over $13,000.

Huke COD WW2 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$29,650.00 From 7 Tournaments

2018-08-195th – 6th2018 CWL Championship$13,750.00
2018-07-2911th – 12th2018 CWL Pro League Stage 2$3,125.00
2018-04-087th – 8th2018 CWL Pro League Stage 1$5,625.00
2018-04-015th – 6th2018 CWL Birmingham Open$2,000.00
2018-03-114thCWL Atlanta Open 2018$4,000.00
2017-12-107th – 8thCWL Dallas Open 2018$1,000.00
2017-11-172ndUMG 4v4 Variant Prime$150.00
Huke COD Black Ops 4 History (2019)

Huke competed for Team Envy during the COD Black Ops 4 esports season. On November 14th, 2018 he won the CheckMate Gaming Elite 5v5 Search and Destroy tournament and $320. Then, on February 22nd 2019, he competed in the Blackout Battle Royale After Dark tournament and finished in the top eight and earned $125. Next, on May 5th, Huke took fourth place at the 2019 COD World League London tournament earning $5,000. Two months later on July 5th, he finished the 2019 CWL Pro League in 10th place overall earning himself $4500 and in the top 6 with Team Envy earning an additional $14,375. A couple of weeks later at the 2019 CWL Pro League Finals he finished in the top 8 earning another $3,750. Finally closing out the COD Black Ops 4 season on August 18th, at the 2019 COD World League Championship Huke finished in the top 16 and earned $5000.

Huke COD Black Ops 4 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$33,070.00 From 7 Tournaments

2019-08-1813th – 16th2019 CWL Championship$5,000.00
2019-07-217th – 8th2019 CWL Pro League Finals$3,750.00
2019-07-055th – 6thCWL Pro League 2019$14,375.00
2019-07-0510thCWL Pro League 2019 Player Bonuses$4,500.00
2019-05-054thCWL London 2019$5,000.00
2019-02-225th – 8thBlackout After Dark$125.00
2018-11-141stCheckMate Gaming Elite $2000 5v5 SND$320.00
Huke COD MODERN WARFARE History (2020)

On October 16th, 2019 Huke announced he was joining the Dallas Empire. He finished in the top twelve during the Launch Weekend tournament on January 24th, 2020. Next on February 9th, 2020, he took second place at the London Home Series tournament earning $6,000.

Then on March 8th, 2020, Huke won the Los Angeles Home Series tournament, his first major Championship of the year, and $10,000. Next on April 12th, he finished in the top four at the Dallas Home Series tournament earning himself $2,000.

Two weeks later on April 26th, Huke won his 2nd major Championship title of the season and $10,000 by winning the Chicago Home Series tournament. Later, on June 14th, he finished in the top four at the Minnesota Home Series tournament earning $2000. One week later, on June 21st, he finished in the top four teams again at the Paris Home Series earning another $2,000.

A month later on July 19th, Huke won the London Home Series, his 3rd major Championship title of the year, and $10,000. Then for the final regular season tournament of the year he finished in the top four at the Toronto Home Series earning $2,000.

Then on August 30th, 2020, Huke won the 2020 COD League World Championship earning himself his 1st World Championship ring, 4th major championship title for the year, and $300,000.

Huke COD Modern Warfare Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$344,000.00 From 10 Tournaments

2020-08-301st2020 COD League World Championship$300,000.00
2020-07-263rd – 4thCDL 2020 Week 13 – Toronto Home Series$2,000.00
2020-07-191stCDL 2020 Week 12 – London Home Series$10,000.00
2020-06-213rd – 4thCDL 2020 Week 10 – Paris Home Series$2,000.00
2020-06-143rd – 4thCDL 2020 Week 9 – Minnesota Home Series$2,000.00
2020-04-261stCDL 2020 Week 6 – Chicago Home Series$10,000.00
2020-04-123rd – 4thCDL 2020 Week 5 – Dallas Home Series$2,000.00
2020-03-081stCDL 2020 Week 4 – Los Angeles Home Series$10,000.00
2020-02-092ndCDL 2020 Week 2 – London Home Series$6,000.00
2020-01-249th – 12thCDL 2020 Launch Weekend
Huke COD Black Ops Cold War History (2021)

Huke continued to play for the Dallas Empire for the 2021 COD League season. Later in the season he left Dallas for the LA Thieves. After the season ended on September 6th, the LA Theives released Huke and thanked him for his time.

Huke COD Vanguard History (2022)

Huke joined the Los Angeles Guerrillas for the 2022 COD League season.




Lucky is a professional Call of Duty player. Lucky is widely considered as one of the best COD snipers in the world.