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Burns, also known as Matthew Potthoff, is a professional Call of Duty player. He is the General Manager and Vice President of Esports at EUnited. He was the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Free for All game mode Champion.

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Burns has been a competitive Call of Duty player since before 2015.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
$21,810.00 From 10 Tournaments

2015-09-209th-12thMLG Pro League CoD AW Season 3$2,000.00
2015-08-232ndMES Detroit 25K$1,250.00
2015-08-152ndUMG/MLG 2K Series$85.00
2015-06-213rdMLG Pro League CoD AW Season 3 Relegation$375.00
2015-05-091stUMG/MLG 2K Series$206.25
2015-03-295thCall of Duty Championship 2015$17,500.00
2015-03-013rd-4thMLG 5K Series$135.00
2015-02-283rd-4thUMG/MLG 2K Series$50.00
2015-02-212ndMLG HP 250 Series$78.75
2015-02-153rd-4thMLG 5K Series$130.00
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
$5,062.50 From 3 Tournaments

2016-02-215th-8thUMG CWL Challenge Variant #1$312.50
2016-02-143rd-4thUMG South Carolina 2016 (Championship Bracket)$1,750.00
2016-02-141stUMG South Carolina 2016 (Open bracket)$3,000.00
Call of Duty: Ghosts
$4,045.00 From 6 Tournaments

2014-07-272ndAEL Dallas 2014$500.00
2014-06-224thMLG Anaheim 2014$1,250.00
2014-05-111stMLG 2K Series$1,445.00
2014-02-151stETG 5$500.00
2014-01-055thUMG Philadelphia 2014$250.00
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
$25,000.00 From 1 Tournament

2012-02-251stPlay N Trade $25K MW3 FFA 2012$25,000.00
Blfire COD Champs 2018


Blfire, also known as Mikhail Glushenok, is a professional Call of Duty player. His name is a shortened version of “Blue Fire”.

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Blfire may have got his start in gaming a little later than most, but he didn’t let that stop him from making a name for himself in whatever he played. Beginning on the Xbox 360, playing Halo 3; Blfire would play spend countless hours battling it out with many of his friends to see who was the best.

After picking up the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game, Blfire was in a public match lobby, when he was asked to compete on a team for GameBattles. Taking his first step into the competitive scene, Blfire made his way through many of the games under the radar; however, he finally caught a major break when he was picked up by Curse for the Call of Duty: Ghosts season.

One of Blfire’s most memorable moments in competitive Call of Duty is winning the 2012 NJ Halo Codzilla with MethodzNaDeSHoT, and Scump after being down 0-3 in a Search and Destroy round to comeback three maps in a row and win the tournament against Relax, KiLLa, TuQuick, and Carbon in the finals.

Blast Radius
Team Obey
IcoNs Black
Jun 2013 – Nov 2013
Dec 2013 – Apr 2014
Curse NY
Apr 2014 – Apr 2014
Denial Esports
Apr 2014 – Oct 2014
Team JusTus
Oct 2014 – Oct 2014
Nov 2014 – Apr 2015
Automatic Reload
Apr 2015 – 2015
XGN Competitive
Nov 2015 – Nov 2015
Denial Esports
Dec 2015 – Feb 2016
Mar 2016 – Mar 2016
May 2016 – Jun 2016
Jun 2016 – Jul 2016
Aug 2016 – Aug 2016
Most Wanted
Aug 2016 – Aug 2016
Cornell Big Red
Aug 2016 – Oct 2016
Most Wanted
Dec 2016 – Mar 2017
Mar 2017 – Mar 2017
Wise Gaming
May 2017 – Jun 2017
Denial Esports
Nov 2017 – Dec 2017
SoaR Gaming
Jan 2018 – Jan 2018
InControl Gaming
Feb 2018 – Apr 2018
Gone Gaming
Jun 2018 – Jul 2018
Jul 2018 – Aug 2018
GAS Gaming
Aug 2018 – Sep 2018
Team Prismatic
Jan 2019 – May 2019
Denial Esports

BLFIRE COD Black Ops 2 History (2013)

On August 30, 2013 BLFire interviewed with Revan at PAX Prime 2013 on YouTube for Major League Gaming.

On September 6, 2013 Major League Gaming released this Player Profile of Mike ‘BLFire’ Glushenok on YouTube.

BLFire COD Black Ops 2 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings
$1,500.00 From 2 Tournaments

2013-10-203rdUMG Dallas 2013$500.00
2013-06-304th2013 MLG Spring Championship$1,000.00

BLFire COD Ghosts History (2014)

On April 8, 2014 The eSports Report & Major League Gaming interviewed Blfire  on YouTube.

On June 23, 2014 RINGHOUSE captures Team Justus’ Reaction to Securing their Spot in Pro League Season 3 at MLG Anaheim on YouTube.

BLFire COD Ghosts Tournament Results and Earnings$500.00 From 1 Tournament

2014-02-151stETG 5$500.00

BLFire COD Advanced Warfare History (2015)

On January 21, 2015 at the UMG Orlando 25k, Holly Interviewed Blfire on YouTube.

BLFire COD Advanced Warfare Tournament Results and Earnings$18,011.25 From 6 Tournaments

2015-05-101stMLG HP 250 Series$117.50
2015-03-295th2015 Call of Duty Championship$17,500.00
2015-03-013rd – 4thMLG 5K Series$135.00
2015-02-283rd – 4thUMG MLG 2K Series$50.00
2015-02-212ndMLG HP 250 Series$78.75
2015-02-153rd – 4thMLG 5K Series$130.00

BLFire COD Black Ops 3 History (2016)
BLFire COD Black Ops 3 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$3,750.00 From 1 Tournament

2016-09-0417th – 32nd2016 Call of Duty XP Championship$3,750.00
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Muddawg, also known as Eric Sanders, is an American streamer, pro COD player, pro COD Coach, team General Manager, and video game content creator. He was a Division 1 Lacrosse player in College. He obtained the nickname Muddawg from the mascot for the team featured in the movie “The Waterboy”. He was the Esports Product Management Coordinator at Activision from July 2016 until August 2018.

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