Season: 2004

2004 Esports Season

1.Counter-Strike$902,651.67707 Players92 Tournaments
2.StarCraft: Brood War$498,433.1577 Players16 Tournaments
3.WarCraft III$353,388.90111 Players72 Tournaments
4.Doom 3$207,748.1613 Players3 Tournaments
5.Halo: Combat Evolved$183,456.0059 Players22 Tournaments
6.Counter-Strike: Condition Zero$162,150.60111 Players3 Tournaments
7.Quake III Arena$111,500.0035 Players4 Tournaments
8.Unreal Tournament 2004$106,512.4130 Players4 Tournaments
9.Painkiller$55,000.0018 Players3 Tournaments
10.Call of Duty$50,000.0051 Players1 Tournament
11.Age of Empires II$45,565.20110 Players15 Tournaments
12.FIFA 04$40,000.003 Players2 Tournaments
13.Need for Speed: Underground$35,000.003 Players1 Tournament
14.Project Gotham Racing 2$35,000.003 Players1 Tournament
15.Pro Evolution Soccer 3$25,000.008 Players1 Tournament
16.Super Smash Bros. Melee$10,644.5017 Players10 Tournaments
17.Day of Defeat$10,000.0018 Players1 Tournament
18.Age of Mythology$3,000.008 Players1 Tournament
19.Soul Calibur II$2,700.003 Players2 Tournaments
20.Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec$1,750.003 Players1 Tournament
21.Capcom vs. SNK 2$0.003 Players1 Tournament
22.FIFA 05$0.000 Players1 Tournament
23.Guilty Gear XX$0.003 Players1 Tournament
24.Live for Speed$0.001 Player2 Tournaments
25.Marvel vs. Capcom 2$0.003 Players1 Tournament
26.Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike$0.003 Players1 Tournament
27.Super Street Fighter II Turbo$0.003 Players1 Tournament
28.Tekken 4$0.003 Players1 Tournament
29.Tekken Tag Tournament$0.003 Players1 Tournament
30.Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution$0.003 Players1 Tournament


Generic team for listing stats on the website. All placements over 4th place, such as 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and so on, will be covered by this team.

CompLexity Gaming

CompLexity Gaming

CompLexity Gaming

CompLexity Gaming is a professional esports team which was founded by Jason “1” Lake in 2003 as a Counter Strike 1.6 clan. They are one of the world’s premier professional gaming brands and a global leader in esports entertainment.

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2004 CPL Cyberathlete Extreme Summer COD Championship

2004 CPL Cyberathlete Extreme Summer COD Championship

The 2004 CPL Cyberathlete Extreme Summer COD Championship was held on PC in Dallas, Texas.

According to the Twin Galaxies’ Official Video Game & Pinball Book Of World Records; Arcade Volume, Second Edition. 2nd ed. Chicago: 1st World, 2007, the 2004 CPL Cyberathlete Extreme Summer COD Championship was won by the team known as the United 5. The roster comprised of Jacob “NightFall” Stanton, John “Platinum” Byrne, Tim “FireBlade” Lobes, Daniel Garza, Rusty “Insight” Kuperberg, and Chris “47” Maglio. Most of these players had not won money in a competitive gaming setting yet, and even more of them were already amateurs or pro Counter Strike players. Only a few went on to compete after this in Call of Duty.

1st$ 15,000⁠⁠United5DG – Hitman47 – NightFaLL – FireBlade – insight – Platinum
2nd$ 10,500⁠Team 3Dangelo – doomweaver – wombat – wiseGUy – anomaly – Northman
3rd$ 7,000⁠compLexity Gaming PCbryccE – huckLeberry – vertigo – wreck3D – matt – Warmach1ne – wyld
4th$ 4,500⁠Cyberglobecrzg – genstyle – kudos – tripp – envy – Justin Mazzeo – RaiLz
5th$ 3,000⁠TAUShield – cROG – Keenan Knight – WhipBoy – afterlife – DeusMortis – Shollos
6th$ 2,500⁠Eminence Teamcbnz – clark – hester – pauze – rupple – smurf – solidus
7th$ 1,500⁠TAGAnarchy – Blaze – Episode – kb – kiz – Lazarus
8th$ 1,000⁠⁠Awakening3xON – BoX – clownshoes – fEL – pp – scottyk
9th-12th$ 750⁠⁠4KingsCreamy – hardnut – Smith – Pugmire – Veracious
⁠⁠Anonymous 5apollyon – Brian Colter – mixahl – p1nkert0n – athanasios – gimp0 – monki
⁠⁠Gamewyzeadrian – jaxor – jESUIT – max – ox – SpYdeR
⁠⁠Pandemic Esportsartophwar – crunch – Dolven – Landerman – maven – Mfive
13-16$ 500⁠⁠AoWN/A
⁠⁠Lo3ability – Godfather – kappa – Kilmer – ku
⁠⁠revolution SportsclouD – GueRilla – lox – mooshoo – Gustov – Mojo – NiL
⁠⁠Wat?brian – inmojo – judic – ntt – nrv – rage