Season: 2011

2011 Esports Season

1.StarCraft II$3,179,864.09516 Players789 Tournaments
2.Dota 2$1,672,268.0893 Players6 Tournaments
3.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3$1,006,015.3444 Players5 Tournaments
4.Counter-Strike$879,914.71686 Players84 Tournaments
5.Halo: Reach$593,521.9886 Players15 Tournaments
6.League of Legends$526,574.51387 Players172 Tournaments
7.StarCraft: Brood War$423,063.87100 Players37 Tournaments
8.Call of Duty: Black Ops 1$376,553.48118 Players23 Tournaments
9.Counter-Strike: Source$261,943.40329 Players42 Tournaments
10.Defense of the Ancients$244,082.84246 Players27 Tournaments
11.World of WarCraft$165,000.0018 Players3 Tournaments
12.Heroes of Newerth$153,840.3542 Players14 Tournaments
13.WarCraft III$149,527.5553 Players64 Tournaments
14.Quake Live$125,267.3239 Players68 Tournaments
15.Magic: The Gathering Online$100,000.0012 Players1 Tournament
16.FIFA 11$90,180.9268 Players62 Tournaments
17.Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition$56,552.0941 Players14 Tournaments
18.KartRider$54,123.0011 Players4 Tournaments$48,900.0014 Players3 Tournaments
20.Team Fortress 2$45,490.44148 Players21 Tournaments
21.Special Force$44,650.000 Players1 Tournament
22.Super Smash Bros. Melee$44,594.21142 Players52 Tournaments
23.Tekken 6$38,914.1734 Players13 Tournaments
24.TrackMania Nations Forever$36,283.5643 Players18 Tournaments
25.CrossFire$34,000.0015 Players1 Tournament
26.Mortal Kombat 9$29,501.6726 Players8 Tournaments
27.Super Smash Bros. Brawl$28,153.32107 Players35 Tournaments
28.Marvel vs. Capcom 3$22,144.3338 Players11 Tournaments
29.Bloodline Champions$20,000.0016 Players2 Tournaments
30.World of Tanks$18,503.127 Players2 Tournaments
31.Marvel vs. Capcom 2$15,000.006 Players3 Tournaments
32.Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare$14,653.1137 Players9 Tournaments
33.Age of Empires II$10,458.4130 Players5 Tournaments
34.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2$10,000.000 Players1 Tournament
35.BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II$7,591.4314 Players4 Tournaments
36.rFactor$4,724.4930 Players1 Tournament
37.TrackMania 2: Canyon$4,673.385 Players2 Tournaments
38.Gears of War$4,127.000 Players3 Tournaments
39.Age of Empires$3,727.6327 Players5 Tournaments
40.FIFA 12$1,761.0012 Players15 Tournaments
41.Super Street Fighter IV$1,706.8022 Players10 Tournaments
42.Arcana Heart 3$1,000.004 Players1 Tournament
43.Super Street Fighter II Turbo$820.0011 Players2 Tournaments
44.Super Smash Bros.$330.003 Players2 Tournaments
45.Soul Calibur IV$260.003 Players1 Tournament
46.Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike$240.003 Players1 Tournament
47.Project M$225.004 Players1 Tournament
48.Age of Empires Online$100.003 Players1 Tournament
49.Street Fighter IV$90.002 Players1 Tournament
50.Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory$86.376 Players1 Tournament
51.Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3$45.002 Players1 Tournament
52.Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe$0.003 Players1 Tournament
53.Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix$0.003 Players1 Tournament
54.Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3$0.003 Players1 Tournament



Generic team for listing stats on the website. All placements over 4th place, such as 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and so on, will be covered by this team.

knifer dreft pascal van dijk



Knifer, also known as Dreft, or Pascal van Dijk, is a pro Call of Duty player and a pro Overwatch player.

Social Media

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This is the official Knifer Twitter feed.

Knifer History

Knifer competed in both Call of Duty esports and Overwatch esports.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

Knifer competed in COD MW2 esports.

Knifer COD MW2 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$121.46 From 1 Tournament

2010-04-113rdDGC 2010$121.46
Call of Duty Black Ops 1 (2011)

Knifer competed in COD Black Ops 1 esports.

Knifer COD Black Ops 1 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$108.96 From 1 Tournament

2011-01-232ndReflexGT 2$108.96
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (2013)

Knifer competed in COD Black Ops 2 esports.

Knifer COD Black Ops 2 Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$933.59 From 4 Tournaments

2013-09-223rdReflexGT 11$54.11
2013-03-314thEGL 9 – Blackpool$228.08
2013-03-175th – 8thCoD EU Regional Finals 2013$50.00
2013-02-171stReflexGT 9$601.40
Call of Duty Ghosts (2014)

Knifer competed in COD Ghosts esports.

Knifer COD Ghosts Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$67.70 From 1 Tournament

2014-06-153rdReflexGT 12$67.70
Overwatch (2016)

Knifer competed in Overwatch esports under the name Dreft.

Knifer Overwatch Tournament Results and Esports Earnings$144.95 From 4 Tournaments

2017-03-071stRivalcade Weekly 3 Europe$50.00
2017-01-281stCoil Overdrive 15$10.70
2016-10-021stHND Overwatch Open 2$56.19
2016-09-251stESL Go4Overwatch 17 Europe$28.06


KARNAGE Clan is an organization focused on gaming entertainment, providing content to its audience of over a collective 10 million followers within its network that is highly personable and of great standard.

KARNAGE Clan, established in 2011, is a professional gaming entertainment organization. KARNAGE Clan focuses on team based video content including in-game challenges and gameplay. The organization has built a following of over 725,000 subscribers and accumulated over 100,000,000 total views. KARNAGE Clan consists of over 15 talented content creators that each have built successful brands and followings of their own. Our total network following has over 10,000,000 subscribers and averages 15,000,000 – 20,000,000 views on a monthly basis. KARNAGE Clan works closely with partners including G FUEL Energy, Scuf Gaming, Respawn Products and KontrolFreek in collaborating with the brands they use and believe in. KARNAGE Clan intends to pursue rosters in the Esports scene in the foreseeable future.

Active KARNAGE Clan Player Roster

Active KARNAGE Clan Player Roster

Drift0rCall of Duty Pro, Fortnite Pro, Personality, Pro Player, Warzone Pro
ShawnJPersonality, Warzone Pro
krng oceaneopzTheOceaneOpzPersonality, Warzone Pro

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KARNAGE Clan Team Gallery Past And Present
Team FeaR

Team FeaR

Team FeaR is a professional Call of Duty team.





Team FeaR began with competitions played on the video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The first roster consisted of Moho, Choppy, Pacman and ASSASS1N.

The Team FeaR organization competed at the MLG National Championship in November of 2008 and took 1st place.

They returned in 2009 hoping to defend their title as National Champions, this time with players ProoFy, Punisher, Moho, and ASSASS1N.

However this time they were only able to take away a 3rd place finish with $2000.

Two years after their previous event at the MLG National Championship 2009, FeaR looked to compete at an event again, this time in Call of Duty Black Ops at MLG Columbus.

They went into this event with another different roster, with Dedo and John joining the ever-present Moho and ASSASS1N.

This would be their first of many Black Ops events as an organization, although the roster would change many times.

Here they were unable to take away a win, but still managed a very respectable 3rd against a field including an incredibly strong OpTic Gaming team of BigTymeR, Rambo, MerK and JKap.

They took away their $4,000 and headed off to MLG Anaheim 2011 just under 2 months later.

Here they would come one step closer to that win, finishing 2nd and taking home $6,000, with PHiZZURP and TwiZz on the roster instead of Dedo and Moho.

Yet again they were beaten by very talented opponents, with this time it being Quantic LeveraGe, made up of ACHES, TeePee, Scumpi and ProoFy.

One month later there were able to get that win at MLG Raleigh, beating a Collapse roster made up of TuQuick, Parasite, Apathy and Pikachu to take away $10,000.

However, FeaR were unable to turn this win into another at MLG Orlando, as they placed a slightly disappointing 4th, taking away $2,800, with OpTic able to take another win.

Their Black Ops season would not end on a high, as they were only able to place a disappointing 8th at the MLG National Championship 2011, with Quantic Nex-TT-hreat, which included the likes of Censor and Vengeance, able to come away with a win and $50,000.

Modern Warfare 3 Following a season of varied success in Black Ops, FeaR would go on to compete in 2 Modern Warfare 3 events.

The first of these was the UMG Invitational, which took place in Chicago, Illinois.

They would go into this with a very different looking roster of John, KiLLa, PHiZZURP and Ricky.

Here they would place first, taking home $2,400 with an Obey squad featuring NameLeSs placing in second.

At EGL 7, FeaR were unable to find such success, placing 4th and taking away $1,300.

Black Ops 2 FeaR would go into Black Ops 2 with yet another new look roster of Moho, ASSASS1N, Sharp and John for the Call of Duty Championship 2013.

Here, against a very strong field including the likes of Fariko.Impact, EnVyUs, OpTic Gaming and compLexity.

FeaR would be able to come away with a placing of 5th as well as $70,000, finishing above European giants Epsilon eSports.

However, despite this relative success FeaR would not compete at another event until UMG Dallas 6 months later.

They, yet again, had a new look squad of Loony, Moho, Pacman and Whea7s, but they could only manage a 6th place finish, taking away no prize money.

Advanced Warfare and Beyond The new FeaR roster for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is Moho, ASSASS1N, Dedo and Neslo.

The team will now be looking for success at the up and coming MLG Columbus event and further into the future.

They would get 17-20th Place at MLG Columbus 2014, Team FeaR has not competed at an event since.