Season: 2018

The 2018 Esports Season:

1.Dota 2$41,457,368.991152 Players174 Tournaments
2.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$23,320,449.034675 Players1020 Tournaments
3.Fortnite$19,880,337.001445 Players176 Tournaments
4.League of Legends$14,590,522.321931 Players188 Tournaments
5.PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS$8,332,616.321508 Players124 Tournaments
6.Overwatch$6,615,791.651548 Players120 Tournaments
7.Heroes of the Storm$5,277,279.76368 Players34 Tournaments
8.Arena of Valor$5,190,956.76312 Players21 Tournaments
9.Hearthstone$4,717,852.27836 Players132 Tournaments
10.Call of Duty: World War II$4,287,916.69247 Players41 Tournaments
11.StarCraft II$4,025,580.65365 Players450 Tournaments
12.Rocket League$2,378,405.42436 Players175 Tournaments
13.FIFA 18$2,189,152.14223 Players40 Tournaments
14.Rainbow Six Siege$2,015,095.36597 Players70 Tournaments
15.Halo 5: Guardians$1,873,750.00101 Players18 Tournaments
16.Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition$1,399,580.67141 Players51 Tournaments
17.Shadowverse$1,310,000.0024 Players1 Tournament
18.SMITE$1,183,500.00143 Players11 Tournaments
19.CrossFire$1,074,640.06150 Players26 Tournaments
20.Gears of War 4$1,022,000.0093 Players7 Tournaments
21.NBA 2K18$1,000,000.0091 Players4 Tournaments
22.Clash Royale$986,262.37150 Players19 Tournaments
23.Paladins$899,100.00344 Players22 Tournaments
24.World of WarCraft$740,000.00124 Players27 Tournaments
25.Quake Champions$651,250.40136 Players154 Tournaments
26.PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile$617,069.08114 Players6 Tournaments
27.FIFA 19$551,731.35130 Players19 Tournaments
28.Attack on Titan Tribute Game$494,250.0064 Players15 Tournaments
29.Gwent$441,568.1954 Players15 Tournaments
30.StarCraft: Brood War$434,890.3683 Players33 Tournaments
31.Super Smash Bros. Melee$365,222.84296 Players113 Tournaments
32.Tekken 7$339,255.91126 Players57 Tournaments
33.Call of Duty: Black Ops 4$321,249.95135 Players36 Tournaments
34.Call of Duty: Blackout$315,000.0036 Players6 Tournaments
35.Brawlhalla$297,604.70196 Players98 Tournaments
36.Super Smash Bros. for Wii U$277,984.69406 Players190 Tournaments
37.Realm Royale$263,000.0047 Players9 Tournaments
38.Madden NFL 2018$259,000.0032 Players1 Tournament
39.Forza Motorsport 7$255,000.0030 Players4 Tournaments
40.Pro Evolution Soccer 2018$250,000.0020 Players3 Tournaments
41.FIFA Online 4$240,000.0037 Players1 Tournament
42.FIFA Online 3$237,112.5036 Players1 Tournament
43.F1 2018$200,000.0021 Players1 Tournament
44.Magic: The Gathering Online$200,000.0023 Players1 Tournament
45.WarCraft III$176,129.8770 Players117 Tournaments
46.Injustice 2$160,648.2337 Players13 Tournaments
47.Old School Runescape$156,500.0020 Players5 Tournaments$143,340.30191 Players18 Tournaments
49.Guns of Boom$133,950.004 Players14 Tournaments
50.Dragon Ball FighterZ$132,741.3779 Players30 Tournaments$120,424.0173 Players14 Tournaments
52.Radical Heights$120,000.0012 Players2 Tournaments
53.Warface$109,555.0032 Players2 Tournaments
54.NHL 18$102,700.0020 Players6 Tournaments
55.Creative Destruction$100,000.008 Players1 Tournament
56.Zula$100,000.0020 Players1 Tournament
57.Point Blank$99,000.0010 Players1 Tournament
58.Pokémon VGC$98,500.00112 Players15 Tournaments
59.Team Fortress 2$92,841.73286 Players21 Tournaments
60.Battalion 1944$78,576.6253 Players7 Tournaments
61.H1Z1$75,000.0020 Players1 Tournament
62.Super Smash Bros. Ultimate$74,587.45271 Players63 Tournaments
63.Age of Empires II$70,874.33127 Players99 Tournaments
64.Heroes of Newerth$64,039.1215 Players1 Tournament
65.Hand of the Gods$50,000.0013 Players1 Tournament
66.Artifact Classic$48,666.3593 Players29 Tournaments
67.Age of Empires$41,426.7284 Players21 Tournaments
68.Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links$35,372.28234 Players133 Tournaments
69.Project Cars 2$33,750.0010 Players2 Tournaments
70.World of Tanks Blitz$33,330.000 Players5 Tournaments
71.Battlerite$28,750.0029 Players2 Tournaments
72.RaceRoom Racing Experience$27,768.7091 Players5 Tournaments
73.TrackMania 2: Stadium$26,329.2882 Players39 Tournaments
74.Madden NFL 19$25,000.001 Player1 Tournament
75.Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2$22,557.6445 Players13 Tournaments
76.BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle$19,463.3338 Players9 Tournaments
77.Killer Instinct (2013)$17,770.0014 Players4 Tournaments
78.Lichess$15,325.0019 Players10 Tournaments
79.Assetto Corsa$15,000.008 Players1 Tournament
80.ARMS$13,297.1471 Players56 Tournaments
81.Project M$13,056.5677 Players24 Tournaments
82.Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late[st]$11,646.2739 Players10 Tournaments
83.Super Smash Bros.$10,747.7658 Players14 Tournaments
84.King of Fighters XIV$10,469.2321 Players6 Tournaments
85.Battlefield 4$10,275.4538 Players2 Tournaments
86.osu!$10,117.00311 Players7 Tournaments
87.Gran Turismo Sport$10,080.0010 Players1 Tournament
88.Magic: The Gathering Arena$10,000.0016 Players1 Tournament
89.Soul Calibur VI$9,891.0019 Players6 Tournaments
90.BlazBlue: Central Fiction$7,523.0633 Players8 Tournaments
91.rFactor 2$7,385.2636 Players5 Tournaments
92.Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite$5,952.1228 Players9 Tournaments
93.Splatoon 2$5,360.000 Players3 Tournaments
94.Minecraft$4,839.1510 Players3 Tournaments
95.Black Squad$4,470.2952 Players15 Tournaments
96.Company of Heroes 2$4,400.008 Players1 Tournament
97.Mortal Kombat XL$4,120.0011 Players2 Tournaments
98.Faeria$4,100.0012 Players5 Tournaments
99.Super Smash Bros. Brawl$3,613.1923 Players9 Tournaments
100.Age of Empires III$3,550.0020 Players14 Tournaments
101.Mortal Kombat 9$3,260.008 Players1 Tournament
102.Pokkén Tournament DX$3,181.4016 Players8 Tournaments
103.Super Street Fighter II Turbo$2,947.5323 Players7 Tournaments
104.NHL 19$2,866.675 Players2 Tournaments
105.Skullgirls 2nd Encore$2,801.008 Players3 Tournaments
106.Mystery Game Tournament$2,560.0015 Players2 Tournaments
107.Critical Ops$2,500.000 Players1 Tournament
108.Vampire Savior$2,170.0012 Players4 Tournaments
109.Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike$1,950.0016 Players4 Tournaments
110.Sailor Moon S$1,646.0610 Players4 Tournaments
111.Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code$1,630.0015 Players4 Tournaments
112.Tetris$1,500.002 Players1 Tournament
113.Age of Empires Online$1,448.008 Players3 Tournaments
114.Fighting EX Layer$1,260.009 Players4 Tournaments
115.Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3$1,160.005 Players2 Tournaments
116.QuakeWorld$1,042.229 Players3 Tournaments
117.Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R$930.008 Players3 Tournaments
118.Halo 3$800.0012 Players1 Tournament
119.Ultra Street Fighter IV$680.819 Players3 Tournaments
120.Street Fighter Alpha 2$680.008 Players3 Tournaments
121.Windjammers$665.417 Players3 Tournaments
122.Koihime Enbu$590.003 Players1 Tournament
123.Quake Live$500.002 Players1 Tournament
124.Street Fighter X Tekken$500.005 Players2 Tournaments
125.Puyo Puyo Tetris$466.676 Players2 Tournaments
126.Catherine$450.005 Players2 Tournaments
127.Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition$450.0011 Players2 Tournaments
128.SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy$430.003 Players1 Tournament
129.Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars!!!!!$410.006 Players2 Tournaments
130.Quake II$379.502 Players1 Tournament
131.TrackMania 2: Canyon$369.603 Players1 Tournament
132.Street Fighter Alpha 3$300.003 Players1 Tournament
133.Xonotic$277.7539 Players3 Tournaments
134.Divekick$250.003 Players1 Tournament
135.Dead or Alive 5: Last Round$240.003 Players1 Tournament
136.TrackMania Nations Forever$235.203 Players1 Tournament
137.Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars$230.003 Players1 Tournament
138.Mario Kart 8 Deluxe$220.004 Players1 Tournament
139.Super Mario Party$220.004 Players1 Tournament
140.Warsow$183.002 Players1 Tournament
141.Reflex$163.6612 Players3 Tournaments
142.Age of Mythology$160.003 Players1 Tournament
143.Street Fighter EX2 Plus$160.003 Players1 Tournament
144.Capcom vs. SNK 2$150.003 Players1 Tournament
145.Persona 4 Arena Ultimax$120.003 Players1 Tournament
146.Garou: Mark of the Wolves$108.714 Players1 Tournament
147.Samurai Shodown V Special$108.714 Players1 Tournament
148.Soul Calibur II HD Online$85.414 Players1 Tournament
149.Soul Calibur V$77.644 Players1 Tournament
150.Lethal League Blaze$11.401 Player1 Tournament


Default Player Headshot


Metaphor, also known as Luke Canning, is a pro Warzone player, and an amateur League of Legends esports player.

Social Media

This is a list of Metaphor’s social media profiles on various platforms.


This is the official Metaphor Twitch live stream.


This is a playlist of all of the official Metaphor YouTube videos.


Metaphor has been competing in gaming tournaments since 2017.

Warzone (2020)

Metaphor competed in many Warzone esports tournaments. This is a list of his earnings.

Metaphor COD Warzone Esports Earnings and Tournament Results
$11,708.34 From 12 Tournaments

2021-07-2016thTwitch Rivals: CoD: Warzone Showdown NA$300.00
2021-06-2916thToronto Ultra Warzone Canada Cup$200.00
2021-06-2324thWorld Series Of Warzone – NA Trios$833.34
2021-06-187th-8thDallas Empire Warzone Heist$625.00
2021-04-2710thTwitch Rivals Warzone Season 3 Showdown (NA)$350.00
2021-03-023rdToronto Ultra $100K Payout (Season 2)$4,000.00
2020-12-0841th-48thTwitch Rivals: Doritos Bowl 2020 Qualifier (NA)$200.00
2020-10-2310thTwitch Rivals: Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 Showdown (NA)$1,300.00
2020-08-133rdTwitch Rivals COD Warzone Showdown NA$1,600.00
2020-06-233rdTwitch Rivals COD Warzone Showdown NA$1,200.00
2020-03-265thTwitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown NA #2$900.00
2020-03-2517th-20thTwitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown NA #1$200.00
League of Legends (2017)

Metaphor competed in a few League of Legends esports tournaments. This is a list of his LOL tournament earnings.


Metaphor LOL Esports Earnings and Tournament Results
$13,230.00 From 9 Tournaments

2020-04-022ndTwitch Rivals NA Team Draft #2 2020$3,800.00
2020-02-201stTwitch Rivals NA Streamer Showdown 2020$3,400.00
2020-01-235th-7thTwitch Rivals NA Team Draft #1 2020$400.00
2019-11-263rd-4thTwitch Rivals NA Team Draft 2019$2,300.00
2019-09-295th-8thScouting Grounds Circuit 2019 – Finals$400.00
2019-09-013rd-4thScouting Grounds Circuit 2019 – Open Qualifier 4$30.00
2019-08-181stScouting Grounds Circuit 2019 – Open Qualifier 3$300.00
2019-03-276thTwitch Rivals – NA March 2019 (LoL)$600.00
2017-11-241stTCS Fall 2017$2,000.00


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Destroy, also known as Alex Benabe, is a professional Warzone player.

Results by Game
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
$1,250.00 From 1 Tournament

2020-11-234thTwitch Rivals Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Showdown$1,250.00
Call of Duty: Warzone
$98,062.50 From 34 Tournaments

2021-08-182ndSwagg’s Warzone Summer Invitational$5,000.00
2021-08-081stFirstBlood: The Near Warzone Showcase$2,500.00
2021-07-162ndeFuse | eRena Community Showdown Invitational$1,000.00
2021-07-132ndJack Link’s Warzone Invitational (Week 4)$5,000.00
2021-07-123rdCall of Duty Warzone Creator Cup$2,000.00
2021-06-304thTeeP’s Trials (Main Event)$1,000.00
2021-06-292ndToronto Ultra Warzone Canada Cup$7,500.00
2021-06-264thJGOD’s Call Of Duty Warzone Tournament – Grand Finals$2,000.00
2021-06-238thWorld Series Of Warzone – NA Trios$2,000.00
2021-06-185th-6thDallas Empire Warzone Heist$1,125.00
2021-06-152ndJGOD’s Call Of Duty Warzone Tournament – Week 2$2,500.00
2021-06-143rdHugo Crypto Race$5,000.00
2021-06-103rdTeeP’s Trials (Main Event)$1,666.67
2021-06-093rdBoomTV Code Red$1,000.00
2021-06-082ndNYSL WarzoneMania II$7,500.00
2021-05-253rdHusKerrs Howl: TOP DOG – Day 3$2,000.00
2021-05-241stHusKerrs Howl: TOP DOG – Day 2$10,000.00
2021-05-213rdHusKerrs Howl: TOP DOG – Day 1$1,333.33
2021-05-197th-8thNadeshot Warzone Invitational$2,000.00
2021-04-29See NoteTeeP’s Trials (Main Event)$2,500.00
2021-04-2726thTwitch Rivals Warzone Season 3 Showdown (NA)$150.00
2021-04-147th-8thCall of Duty Warzone Creator Cup$500.00
2021-03-025thToronto Ultra $100K Payout (Season 2)$2,000.00
2021-02-231stGaming Mainland 2v2 Tournament$750.00
2021-02-08WINDallas Empire Challenge$400.00
2021-02-082ndDallas Empire Challenge$3,000.00
2021-01-2114th Twitch Rivals: Doritos Bowl ft. CoD Warzone (NA)$1,000.00
2020-12-222ndToronto Ultra Payout Holiday Feast$7,500.00
2020-10-301stHusKerrs Howl: Day 1$10,000.00
2020-10-234thTwitch Rivals: Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 Showdown (NA)$4,000.00
2020-09-176thTwitch Rivals: FaZe Face-Off with FaZe Clan x Atlanta FaZe$562.50
2020-08-1312thTwitch Rivals COD Warzone Showdown NA$400.00
2020-07-316thNICKMERCS MFAM Gauntlet July (Quads Event)$175.00
2020-07-151stNICKMERCS MFAM Gauntlet July (Trios Event)$3,000.00
$36,866.67 From 13 Tournaments

2019-12-2033rd-64thWinter Royale 2019 NAE Day 1 PC$800.00
2019-10-0332ndChampion’s Solos Cash Cup – Week 7 – NAE$200.00
2019-08-2213thTwitch Rivals Fortnite Showdown – Squad$1,741.67
2019-08-2133rd-40thTwitch Rivals Fortnite Showdown – Duos$700.00
2019-06-2117th-24thFortnite World Cup 2019 – Week 10 – NA East$1,800.00
2019-04-288thFortnite World Cup 2019 – Week 3 – NA East$1,500.00
2019-03-031stGrubHub Sunday Showdown week 2$1,000.00
2019-02-242ndGrubHub Sunday Showdown$500.00
2018-10-281stFortnite Fall Skirmish Series – Clubs Standings$15,000.00
2018-10-057thFortnite Fall Skirmish Series – Week 3 NA$6,250.00
2018-08-2511thFortnite Summer Skirmish Series – Week 7 NA (Day 2)$1,150.00
2018-08-187thFortnite Summer Skirmish Series – Week 6 NA (Day 2)$4,150.00
2018-08-1719thFortnite Summer Skirmish Series – Week 6 NA (Day 1)$2,075.00

Pink Wall

The Pink Wall competed at the 2015 UMG Dallas COD esports event against the casters on July 11th, 2015. The Pink Wall roster was Tmartn, Drift0r, Impulse, and Legiqn.


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Then at the MLG Anaheim Open in 2016 they competed and finished in the top 104 teams. Later in 2017 they played  in a series of competitive MLG GameBattles matches against the Old Men of OpTic on COD4: Modern Warfare Remastered. Then in 2020, the Pink Wall competed in the COD Challengers Atlanta Open tournament.

San Francisco Shock logo 2020

San Francisco Shock

The San Francisco Shock is a professional Overwatch team that was announced on July 12th, 2017. They are the 2019 and 2020 Overwatch League World Champions. The original roster of Sinatraa, Super, DhaK, Danteh, iddqd, Babybay, Sleepy and Nomy was announced on September 28th, 2017. The Shock compete in the Pacific West Division. The franchise is owned by Andy Miller, co-owner of NRG Esports and the NBA team Sacramento Kings.


This is a list of the San Francisco Shock’s social media profiles on various platforms.


This is the verified San Francisco Shock Twitch live stream.


This is the verified San Francisco Shock Twitter feed.


The San Francisco Shock is a professional Overwatch team that was announced on July 12th, 2017. The original roster of Sinatraa, Super, DhaK, Danteh, iddqd, Babybay, Sleepy and Nomy was announced on September 28th, 2017. The team was announced on Twitter.