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Worlds First Custom Among Us Map

Worlds First Custom Among Us Map

This is the Worlds First Custom Among Us Map, made for Courage, and the Courageous. Every room has a unique look. All the tasks are different. There are pictures of Courage, his family, and friends on the walls of the map. There are unique rooms for each of Courage’s sponsors at the time of the map’s creation. Many funny easter eggs exist for the community to find as they play. Here is a video that Courage uploaded to his YouTube channel.

The map was created by two of the Courageous, a endearing term used by Jack to describe his viewers and community. RAZ and Krunchy worked together to surprise Courage with this custom Among Us map, and he warned them, rightfully so, that when the public learned about the map that many would then request custom maps for Among Us. We agree, seeing how detailed and complete this custom map is, its in the game studio’s best interest to encourage and facilitate custom maps.

This phenomenon of being able to customize the environment that you play video games in is key to allowing a game to become a main stay of public entertainment for years to come. Starcraft custom map editor helped project that game into a multi decadal esports game. GMOD, a game that was made for building custom environments was a favorite by streamers for many years because it was so easy to modify for their community events. Prop hunt was born from this game and even made into a custom game mode for legendary Call of Duty. Minecraft, a game built from the ground up, literally and metaphorically, to be an environment for players to be creative with near limitless bounds. Fortnite, allowing players to compete and build at the same time fueled the desire for players to have a creative area to play in. Eventually, Epic Games gave the community what they wanted and also rewarded the best creation each week by placing their custom map in the game for players to enjoy during public matches.

Custom maps that challenge a players ability to control a character in game outside of the normal method of playing has made it into all sorts of games. All the games listed above continue to be huge hits and successful many years after release, it’s quite obvious that even though Among Us was a late comer to the streamer table, it’s here to stay.