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BackBone iphone Game Controller

BackBone GG!

BackBone GG!

Mobile gaming is definitely here, but not without it’s share of growing pains. First problem the industry ran into was power. The devices were small, and were using much of the power available to just operate the system, let alone additional gaming software on top of it.

As these mobile devices became more powerful than some of our favorite gaming consoles we were hindered by the connectivity of the internet. Gamers want to play with and against other people, the very nature of esports begins at this point. 4G gave us an angle to see what the future could be like. Games like Minecraft, Pokemon GO, and Among Us revolutionized mobile gaming. Games like PUBG and COD Mobile showed us the potential of these powerful devices but also showed the limitations of 4G for multiplayer mobile gaming. Now 5G is approaching and is already available in some places, allowing faster connections than most homes have in the world, right in the palm of your hand.

This, the remaining problem, the “palm of your hand”.

A huge void in gaming peripherals has haunted the mobile gaming community for over a decade. When trying to make really in depth games for mobile the button mapping can be difficult because the devices tend to be as sleek, chic, and efficient as possible. This is definitely the case with the most modern mobile phones like the iPhone 12.

Leaders in the gaming industry, both creators and developers alike, have wondered, who will make the first controller for the iPhone that works as well as the famed Xbox controller or Playstation controller, or dare we even say, the Nintendo Switch controller?

We’ve been delivered a product from a new team, a team of highly driven creators, developers, and investors, the BackBone controller for the iPhone 12, and the free app that you download to go with it. It’s more than just a controller that fits perfectly in your grip transforming your iPhone into a portable gaming console. It’s also an app that integrates the controller to your iPhone inside AND out. Now game developers have a real controller to work with.

As consumers, we can finally consider getting games like PUBG Mobile, League of Legends (Wild Rift), and Call of Duty Mobile and investing the time to get good at them. Developers can consider remastering older games from the previous generations with less hesitation such as Final Fantasy 11, knowing that a great controller and team exists for integration with mobile devices.

The future of mobile esports is here, with high fidelity hand held devices, low ping high speed 5G mobile internet, and the BackBone.GG controller. It’s time to level up.

You can order yours at BackBone.GG. To buy it, you’ll first need to download the app and then you may make the purchase from with in the app. The company has an official website as well that offers more in depth details about the product. 

This is the official launch trailer of the BackBone iPhone game controller via their official YouTube channel.

Would you like to know more?

At the time of this publishing the company doesn’t seem to have an official Twitter account, but one of the investors does, Blake Robbins. Other noted investors are reported to be MrBeast, Nadeshot, TypicalGamer, Preston, Kwebbelkop, and Reed.