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The Complete Evolution of COD Black Ops

This is a video made by Espresso about the complete evolution of the story of the Call of Duty Black Ops series of video games by Treyarch and Activision.

In the video he takes you through the story progession from Call of Duty Black Ops all the way through Call of Duty Black Ops 4.


Espresso is an American streamer and gaming content creator. He is the Director of Strategy and an Owner of KARNAGE Clan. He advises on market outlooks, content creation, talent acquisitions, the short and long term futures of the organization, and the means to achieve goals. Espresso, also known as EcoliEspresso, goes to great lengths to make sure his viewers understand his subject matter completely. If you need a source for guides, in depth backgrounds on story lines and campaigns, or just news in general about any Call of Duty title or Battle Royale game, subscribe to Espresso on his YouTube channel.

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