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Cold War Express Map

Cold War Express Map

Treyarch released the Black Ops Cold War Express map on February 4th, 2021. This is the re-release of the COD Black Ops 2 Express map. According to Drift0r it is a one to one duplicate. The map is set in the future of Los Angeles. It is a medium sized map and is symmetrical. The layout is in the shape of the letter “U”. There is an interior section to the train station and a section that is outside. A set of train tracks divide these two areas and bisect the map. One train is not moving. One train is actively running. The active train can eliminate players. Watch out for the barriers that move to indicate a train is approaching.

Show mini map of Express

Cold War Express Mini Map


The train station is an open space compared to the exterior part of the map. There are multiple places to take cover when crossing the open areas. The strongest overwatch position in this area is the lift at the top of the mini map. Players who do not check for enemies at that location will not make it across the inside of the train station.

There is an office in the center of the map that overlooks the middle of the map. This is a high traffic area. Each side of the office is a short hallway that leads to a staircase. Follow the staircase to reach the bridges that overwatch the train tracks.

The bridges offer a great position to snipe long avenues as people wait for the train to pass. The roof of the train also provides access to the bridges. Don’t cross the train tracks without checking the bridges for enemies.

A control room is on the bottom of the minimap of Express. The control room has a strong advantage over the outside portion of the map. Jump up through the windows or climb the ladder in the locker room to reach it. Players who do not check for enemies at this location will regret it.

Even though there are outdoor elements to this map, it’s wise to invest in interior style scorestreaks. So, for instance, avoid aerial attack style score streaks. Using smoke grenades to cross the open parts of the map is the 200 IQ move.

Call of Duty Challengers

How To Sign Up For COD Challengers Cup 1

Sign Up Challengers Cup #1 – CDL 2021.

The COD League is now allowing teams to sign up for the COD Challengers Cup #1. The 2021 COD Challengers League season begins on December 4th of 2020.

The COD Challengers 2021 season has been announced for December 4th-6th, 2020. If you would like to sign up for the event please visit the official COD Challengers Cup #1 page.


The COD Challengers Cup 1 begins on December 4th at 9:30 PM Eastern Time with the APAC region. It continues through December 5th and 6th for the EU and NA regions tournaments. If you would like to sign up for the event please visit the official COD Challengers Cup #1 page.

COD Challengers Cup 1 APAC – Official Tournament Page. Official Bracket Page.

COD Challengers Cup 1 EU – Official Tournament Page. Official Bracket Page.

COD Challengers Cup 1 NA – Official Tournament Page. Official Bracket Page.

  • Price: Free
  • Game: COD Black Ops Cold War
  • Region: North America
  • Platforms: Playstation Xbox Battle.net
  • Tournament Type: Single Elimination
  • Tournament Size: 1024 teams
  • Team Size: 4 – 4 players
  • Players in Match: 4v4
  • Games Per Round: Best Of 5 games
  • Prize: $2500 USD (APAC: $1500 USD)

Format: This tournament is operating from Single Elimination until Top8 matches are reached. A Double Elimination bracket will be created for the Top8 teams. The Single Elimination portion will run on Saturday, the Double Elimination portion will run on Sunday. The first round of the double elimination bracket will be played Saturday. Please contact live chat with any questions.

Points: Points will be awarded based on turnout as seen in section 4.6 of the Challengers Official Rules.

Check In: Teams must use the Check In system on the day of the Tournament in order to acknowledge that they are ready to play in the Tournament. Teams that DO NOT go through the Check In procedure will not be eligible for the Tournament and will NOT be placed into the Bracket.  Anyone on a Team can check the whole Team in.


The rules for competitive Call of Duty change over time over time. Competitors are encouraged to check the following links periodically to ensure they are fully informed of all currently approved gameplay settings, competitive formats and other such factors that will affect their participation in Call of Duty esports tournaments and events.

To see the latest Competitive Settings please click here. To see the Official Rules for Call of Duty Challengers please click here.


1st Place

  • The 1st place team shall receive: $2,000.00 USD
  • Each player shall receive an achievement on his/her profile

2nd Place

  • The 2nd place team shall receive: $500.00 USD
  • Each player shall receive an achievement on his/her profile

3rd Place

  • Each player shall receive an achievement on his/her profile

Silly Joins The Minnesota ROKKR



SiLLY recently joined the Minnesota ROKKR to compete in the 2020 COD League on COD Modern Warfare. They talk about SiLLy‘s past teams, the 2018 Call of Duty Championships, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the new Activision city franchise tournament named the Call of Duty League.

usa United States
Current Team
Past Teams
Cloud9, Enigma6, eUnited, Evil Geniuses, Guerrillas, ROKKR, EnVy
July 4, 1995
SiLLY Video Interview

This is a one on one interview with SiLLY by FragOute. He talks with his featured guest, SiLLy, also known as Justin Fargo-Palmer, from the Minnesota Rokkr.

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Call of Duty League

Activision Hired Johanna Faries To Head COD League

Activision Hired Johanna Faries To Head COD League.

Activision announced that Johanna Faries will be the Head of Call of Duty Esports for the company. This role is dedicated to the growth of the newly minted Call of Duty League (CDL). As Call of Duty has remained a huge mainstay for casual shooter fans around the world for over 15 years, the esports community it has cultivated brought with it an industry that is changing the world. The esports industry traditionally has been grass roots. Over time, Activision has slowly incorporated esports into their Call of Duty game release pattern. Eventually the company bought Major League Gaming (MLG) and rebranded that organization as the COD World League (CWL). The COD League is the successor of the CWL in a way, and is a franchise based league with determined focus in generating regional fanbases in cities around the world such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Seattle, Toronto and more. 

Today, Faries steps into a new role – previously named Head of Call of Duty Esports – the veteran sports leader now takes on the mantle as Commissioner of Call of Duty Esports. In a week where the newly appointed Commissioner has been named to both FORTUNE’s 40 Under 40 as one of the most influential young people in business and Adweek’s ’30 Most Powerful Women in Sports’, there’s much to celebrate and anticipate for the future of competitive Call of Duty.

Newly-Appointed Commissioner of Call of Duty’s new esports league focuses on Growth and Fandom.

Johanna Faries on what to expect from the 2020 Call of Duty League season:

Our ambition is quite large, but it’s also what gets us up every day feeling so energized by the potential scale of what Call of Duty esports can deliver. It’s a rush that can feel scary at times, but that thrill is typically where greatness can happen. I feel honored to be a part of it.


We wish Johanna Faries good luck as the Head of COD League, we want COD Esports to be successful.