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This is a list of news, articles, and more about the Esports Stadium. The Esports Stadium Arlington is a North American esports facility located in Arlington, Texas. The 100,000 square foot venue is the largest dedicated esports facility in North America and holds 2,500 spectators.

Esports Arena Layoffs

Esports Stadium Staff Search For New Employers

Esports Stadium Staff Search For New Employers

Former Esports Stadium staff are searching for new employers today after being let go from their employer yesterday. On December 8th, Esports Stadium Arlington’s President, Jonathon “Panda” Oudthone, used Twitter to communicate that he was “no longer the President of Esports Stadium.” He continued in the Tweet saying that it had been a pleasure designing, building and operating the largest esports facility in North America. He thanked everyone for their support and stated that he wasn’t “done though”. We can assume that this means he intends on remaining a force for change and growth in the esports industry in some fashion.

In a second tweet about the matter, Jonathon said that he knew people had lots of questions and that he appreciated the outreach and support, but he wasn’t able to give more details at the time. He went on to say, “Just know that the Stadium’s voice moving forward is not the voice of the people who sacrificed blood, sweat and tears building it.”

Esports Stadium Arlington, which is co-owned by Texas Rangers co-owner Neil Leibman, was opened in November of 2018. The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly hard on physical venues for sports and esports this year, as owners and operators struggled to generate income due to stay-at-home restrictions and local and state guidelines that kept large groups of people from gathering in one place.

We wish Jonathon and the rest of the staff that has to find new employment good luck and future success.

Other Former Employees

We spoke to a few of the former employees through private channels who wished to remain anonymous at this time because of possible legal ramifications. They all mentioned in a similar fashion but not exactly the same words:

  • The change of leadership was not needed, the company was doing well even in the face of the global pandemic.
  • The leadership structure was sound and employees were happy.
  • The mission was being accomplished.
  • The future of the Esports Stadium is still in esports even without the former chain of command and employees.
  • They all seemed a bit upset about having to leave and were unhappy about how the current situation has developed and played out.
  • Some reported that they had been promised severance pay, but then were not awarded it at the end of employment.

Esports Stadium

We’ve reached out to the new team at Esports Stadium for comment on the situation, but at this time no one has responded to our requests for more information. The business seems to be going forward as normal, and is still hosting tournaments and running social media campaigns.

On a personal note, if anyone who has been adversely affected by the Esports Stadium changing leadership, please reach out to us and tell us your story. We’d like to at least help anyone signal boost their situation and find new work in the industry as soon as possible.