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In a moment of surprise, it has been reported that Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez purchased OpTic Gaming back from the Immortals organization. At the time of this article, however, H3CZ himself has not confirmed or even COMMENTED on the report originally released by the news organization known as EsportsObserver.

In June of 2019, the Immortals bought OpTic Gaming from the investment firm that bought it from H3CZ originally. The investment firm refused to sell OpTic Gaming back to H3CZ at the time and it seemed like the previous owner, Ryan “J” Musselman, was to blame for refusing the sale. Some reported that the sale to H3CZ would have been for more money than the firm had actually sold OpTic Gaming to the Immortals for. The Immortals went through with the purchase and invested $25,000,000 for a franchise spot on the Call of Duty League. H3CZ joined up with NRG Esports after the sale of OpTic Gaming to the Immortals and they invested $25,000,000 themselves for a team franchise on the Call of Duty League and called the team the Chicago Huntsmen.

Now with the sale of OpTic Gaming back to H3CZ he will look to divest the Los Angeles Optic from the COD League and maintain his brand probably as a content creation team and street apparel business. The question remains, who will purchase the spot on the COD League and what will that team be called? What city or country will that slot represent?

Our guess is that DrDisrespect will purchase the CDL franchise spot from H3CZ and create the San Diego Champions Club.

We already know that no ADDITIONAL teams will be joining the league for 2021, so that is the only possibility at the moment for a new team is a transfer of a Franchise. We also know that there was definitely interest in expanding the league from new owners and franchisees but the CDL said they wanted to wait for expansion until after the global COVID-19 pandemic was settled.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to reporting more on OpTic Gaming in the future.

Reference/Source: EsportsObserver

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