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Warzone Vanguard Map

The new Warzone Vanguard map is coming out with the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard on November 5th, 2021. This new map is an area on an island in the Pacific ocean. The area of play will be roughly the same size as Verdansk but with all new locations and terrain. It also would seem that the destructible doors and sections of wall that are part of Vanguard will also be part of this new map.


fracture VALORANT map

Fracture Is A New VALORANT Map

RIOT Games has announced the new map called Fracture for VALORANT. It will be available to play starting with Reflection, ACT II. VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 is scheduled to release on September 9th, 2021. This map has two mirrored versions of reality.

The map is shaped like the English letter “H”. There are 2 bomb sites on Fracture. The defenders start in the middle, and the attackers spawn on the exterior edges of the map from a pincer attack position. There are zip lines that connect both sides through the bottom of the map.

Click to show the map overhead view

fracture VALORANT map overhead

This is the official Fracture VALORANT map teaser on YouTube.

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Cold War Express Map

Cold War Express Map

Treyarch released the Black Ops Cold War Express map on February 4th, 2021. This is the re-release of the COD Black Ops 2 Express map. According to Drift0r it is a one to one duplicate. The map is set in the future of Los Angeles. It is a medium sized map and is symmetrical. The layout is in the shape of the letter “U”. There is an interior section to the train station and a section that is outside. A set of train tracks divide these two areas and bisect the map. One train is not moving. One train is actively running. The active train can eliminate players. Watch out for the barriers that move to indicate a train is approaching.

Show mini map of Express

Cold War Express Mini Map


The train station is an open space compared to the exterior part of the map. There are multiple places to take cover when crossing the open areas. The strongest overwatch position in this area is the lift at the top of the mini map. Players who do not check for enemies at that location will not make it across the inside of the train station.

There is an office in the center of the map that overlooks the middle of the map. This is a high traffic area. Each side of the office is a short hallway that leads to a staircase. Follow the staircase to reach the bridges that overwatch the train tracks.

The bridges offer a great position to snipe long avenues as people wait for the train to pass. The roof of the train also provides access to the bridges. Don’t cross the train tracks without checking the bridges for enemies.

A control room is on the bottom of the minimap of Express. The control room has a strong advantage over the outside portion of the map. Jump up through the windows or climb the ladder in the locker room to reach it. Players who do not check for enemies at this location will regret it.

Even though there are outdoor elements to this map, it’s wise to invest in interior style scorestreaks. So, for instance, avoid aerial attack style score streaks. Using smoke grenades to cross the open parts of the map is the 200 IQ move.