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Modern Warfare Recoil Control In Depth Guide

Drift0r annually produces a YouTube video series that gives an in depth look at aspects of video games, particularly Call of Duty titles. This year he is not disappointing and has released an in depth video guide on Call of Duty Modern Warfare recoil control.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to Drift0r on YouTube.


Drift0r, also known as Brad Overbey,¬†is an American streamer and gaming content creator.¬†Before he began his hobby on YouTube in 2009 he was an engineer by trade. He does a series of videos that take an “In Depth” look at video games and their systems on YouTube that are quite popular. These videos tend to be weapon analytical guides and tip videos for Call of Duty weapons, perks, and tactics. Drift0r also occasionally offers commentary on a variety of non gaming related topics. He and his wife have two cute dogs named Ozy and Bumi who both have their own Twitter accounts.

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