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How to Use The Advanced UAV in Warzone

How to Use The Advanced UAV in Warzone

As shown in the video below by Sahsouh, this is how to use the Advanced UAV in Warzone. You must call in three (3) regular UAV’s and as long as three UAV’s continue to be active the red dots will be replaced with red directional triangles.

During a match, players can purchase various items from Buy Stations scattered across the Verdansk map. These supplies include but are not limited to Precision Air Strikes, Cluster Strikes, and a support item called the UAV. Using the UAV reveals a small portion of the surrounding map of each player on your team along with any enemies in the vicinity who are not equipped with the Ghost perk. If every team member uses their UAV simultaneously, or if one player uses three in succession, quickly, it upgrades the scan and an SR-87 Blackbird provides full map awareness of every player and their direction. As soon as one of the three UAV’s time limit ends, the Advanced UAV becomes a regular UAV again.


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