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Dr Disrespect Skin For Warzone

DrDisrespect Skin For Warzone

DrDisrespect Skin For Warzone

The YouTuber known as BroBoCops has created a DrDisrespect skin for Warzone. They used Blender and Adobe Photoshop and uploaded parts of the creation process to their YouTube channel.

“An abridged version of creating the Doc in Blender using several techniques. The model has a full skeleton from Modern Warfare, so any in game or in menu animations can be applied to it. Still unsure if there is any potential of resaving the mesh and textures in a compatible file to be used in game. Enjoy.” – BroBoCops

Since this upload, BroBoCops has created a 4k render of Dr Disrespect in Blender and called it Digital Doc v1.0 (4k).