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How To Get A Free Ray Gun In Zombies

How To Get A Free Ray Gun In Zombies

COD Black Ops Cold War Zombies easter egg

This is How to get free Juggernog and a free Ray Gun in COD Black Ops Cold War Zombies for free! Bruno made a helpful tutorial video and uploaded it to his YouTube channel. First, build the pack a punch machine. Second, find the 5 orbs of bright light hidden around the pack a punch room. Bruno used a shotgun and noted in his video it was difficult for the orb in the ceiling. He recommended to use a pistol or better and also mentioned not to use a knife. Each orb of light will disappear when it is shot properly with a weapon. Then you will be transported to an area flooded with friendly zombies. To the left of the pack a punch machine is a group of zombies doing the Coffin Dance meme.

How to get A free Juggernog Perk in Zombies

After they put down the coffin, you can open the coffin, which includes a Ray Gun and Juggernog perk. NOTE: It is not guaranteed that you will get these two items or either of them, but it is a very high chance you will get them. Dogs will appear with the coffin so be prepared to fight and loot simultaneously.

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