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COD Cold War Groza

The COD Black Ops Cold War Groza is an Assault Rifle available for use in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone game modes have different weapon stats for the Groza. Below we will organize some content from trusted community content creators that will provide education to use the Groza AR in all modes.

Multiplayer Groza

In multiplayer, the weapon was last tested on December 21st 2020 by Drift0r and his results were released on his YouTube channel for his In Depth series.

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The Groza was tested for Multiplayer by XclusiveAce on December 18th 2020 and his results were released on his YouTube channel which include some class setups and stats.

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Warzone Groza

The Groza has different values in Warzone, it’s a different engine all together.

Show Groza Attachment Table
BarrelSeconds per 497mVelocityRange (m)Date
Base0.83459631Feb 6, 2021
Ultralight0.83459642Dec 16, 2020
Cavalry0.83459640Dec 16, 2020
Reinforced Heavy0.55190238Dec 16, 2020
GRU Composite0.484102741Dec 16, 2020
Contour M20.68472731Dec 16, 2020
CMV Mil-Spec0.53493134Dec 16, 2020

In Warzone, the weapon was tested on January 24th 2021, by Xclusive Ace. The results he found were released on his YouTube channel.

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The Groza was tested for both Warzone and Multiplayer by JGOD on December 17th 2020 and his results were released on his YouTube channel which include some class setups and stats.

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cod black ops cold war mac 10

Black Ops Cold War MAC-10

The MAC-10 is as Submachine Gun weapon added to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (BOCW) and Warzone during the December 16th Season 1 Battle Pass update. It is a close range weapon with a fast rate of fire and low horizontal recoil pattern.

Unlock The MAC-10

This is how To unlock the Mac-10 In Warzone and BOCW Multiplayer.
The MAC 10 is a free weapon for all players in both Warzone and Cold War. It unlocks after passing tier 15 of the season one free battle pass.

Multiplayer MAC-10

Xclusive Ace goes into detail about the COD BOCW MAC 10 in multiplayer and reveals a few best class setups.

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Warzone MAC-10

The MAC-10 has different stats in Warzone than it does in Multiplayer. The weapon was also introduced into Warzone, but that game is developed by a Raven Studios, and a lot of how the magic between the studios goes is untold. The attachments have the same names and it seems that the systems that were in place before COD Black Ops Cold War was released are still registering in the graph of the Gunsmith. However, notable community enthusiasts such as Drift0r, JGOD, and as well as the aforementioned Xclusive Ace, all have spoken about them being different than their multiplayer counter parts. Below is a table of the MAC-10 attachments and their stats.

Show MAC-10 Attachment Table
Muzzle Brake
Sound Suppressor
Infantry Compensator
SOCOM Eliminator
Agency Suppressor
BarrelVelocitySeconds per 497mDate
Base3501.418Feb 7, 2021
Extended4511.101Feb 7, 2021
Cavalry3501.418Feb 7, 2021
Reinforced Heavy7270.684Feb 7, 2021
Ranger6930.717Feb 7, 2021
Rifled3501.418Feb 7, 2021
Task Force6200.801Feb 7, 2021
Steady Aim Laser
Mounted Flashlight
SOF Target Designator
SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
Tiger Team Spotlight
Ember Sighting Point
Quickdot LED
Millstop Reflex
Kobra Red Dot
Visiontech 2x
Microflex LED
Diamondback Reflex
Sillix Holoscout
Fastpoint Reflex
Axial Arms 3x
SUSAT Multizoon
Tactical Stock
Wire Stock
Duster Stock
No Stock
SAS Combat Stock
Raider Stock
Red Cell Foregrip
Patrol Grip
Bruiser Grip
Field Agent Grip
SFOD Speedgrip
43 Round Drum
Fast Mag
43 Round Speed Mag
STANAG 53 Round Drum
Vandal Speed Loader
Salvo 53 Round Fast Mag
Speed Tape
Dropshot Wrap
Field Tape
SARS Jungle Grip
Serpent Wrap
Airborne Elastic Wrap
Best CQB Weapon in Warzone?

Many creators and streamers have expressed in videos and social media posts that the MAC-10 is the new close range meta weapon for Warzone. NickMercs even made a video about the weapon exposing his class setup. He said its the new best class in Warzone and runs the muzzle brake, the 5.3 inch extended barrel, the wire stock, the patrol grip, and the Stanag 53 round drum.

This is a list of all of the weapons in Warzone. Visit our guide on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, and Modern Warfare. Don’t forget to bookmark our Warzone Bunker Code guide, as well.

How To Get Dying Night Pistol In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Get The Dying Night Pistol In Cyberpunk 2077

Free Iconic Pistol for Early Game

Dying night

This is a guide on how to get the Dying Night rare Iconic pistol in Cyberpunk 2077. The Dying Night is the easiest free pistol to get other than the starter pistol, Unity. All you have to do is leave your apartment in Night City after your first mission and talk to the shop clerk at the 2nd Amendment weapon store.

As you walk by the shop the mission “The Gun” should pop upon your screen. Next, speak to the man behind the counter inside and browse through the store’s weapons for sale. Then, select the Dying Night pistol from the list and it will transfer to your inventory for free.

  • Power Pistol
  • Iconic
  • 49.0 DPS
  • 7-9 Damage
  • 5.56 Attacks Per Second
  • Bullets can ricochet off surfaces
  • +6-7 Physical Damage
  • +5% Crit Chance
  • +1.80 Headshot Damage Multiplier

As with any Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic weapon the Dying Night can and should be upgraded to Epic and then Legendary as soon as possible.

Iconic weapons are special Cyberpunk 2077 weapons you’ll find in specific locations of Night City. Some Iconic weapons can only be purchased from particular vendors, and some can only be acquired through certain side quests. There are even some Iconic weapons that are carried by specific game characters, and the only way you’ll get their gun is if you pick it up off their dead body.

Dying Night Pistol Video Guide

This is a video guide on how to obtain the Dying Night pistol in Cyberpunk 2077 for free.


Visit our main page about Cyberpunk 2077 to learn more about the game’s pistols, weapons, and missions. For more information on Cyberpunk 2077 check out the official website.

cyberpunk 2077 Constitutional Unity power pistol

How To Get the Constitutional Arms Unity

Constitutional Arms Unity

The Constitutional Arms Unity is a power pistol class weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. It is your starting pistol for the first mission. You get a more powerful pistol for free if you complete the mission at the 2nd Amendment weapon store after completing the Rescue mission. It’s a semi automatic, magazine fed pistol. All Power class pistols are similar to modern day pistols, and the Unity is like the M1911. The magazine is stored inside the pistol grip and has a 12 round capacity. It can be equipped with some attachments like the scopes and silencers.

The in game inventory system describes it as a mid-tier pistol, but there’s nothing really to complain about. It’s easy to use, has a comfortable grip and most importantly it is reliable. Don’t overthink it.

Unity Pistol Stats

The Unity Power Pistol stats shown below are the highest values that have been confirmed so far.

  • Power Pistol
  • 4.3 Weight
  • 57.2 DPS
  • 15 to 18 Damage
  • 3.43 Attacks Per Second
  • Bullets can ricochet off surfaces
  • +11 to +13 Physical Damage
  • +1.20 Headshot Damage Multiplier
  • 12 Round Cpacity
  • scope slot
  • muzzle slot
Cyberpunk 2077 Database Entry

Unity is often sought after, but difficult to achieve. After all, Night City is a city of individualists, anarchists and warring gangs. In order to unite under a shared banner, you’ll need a persuasive argument – preferably cast from lead. The designers at Constitutional Arms responsible for the Unity understood this well. This universal, inexpensive pistol has resolved countless conflicts and put a stop to disputes. Dissatisfied customers, betrayed spouses, impatient drivers stuck in traffic – chances are they’ll pull out a Unity. One well-aimed shot and you’ve won the argument, forever.

Visit our main Cyberpunk 2077 page for more information about iconic weapons. If you would like to learn more about Cyberpunk 2077 or the Constitutional Arms Unity pistol please visit the official website.


Max Damage AK74u Class Setup In Cold War

Max Damage AK74u Class Setup In Cold War

This is a max damage AK74u class setup in Black Ops Cold War from KARNAGE Clan. This might just be the best class setup for the AK74u in COD Black Ops Cold War, KARNAGE Clan’s Apollo put up 100 kills with it in the video below.

MAX DAMAGE AK-74u Class Setup Video

This is the video explaining the class setup thought process and gameplay from KARNAGE Clan’s Apollo.

Primary – Submachine Gun Charlie (AK-74u)
  • Optic – Microflex LED
  • Muzzle – Spetznaz Compensator
  • Barrel – 9.3″ VDV Reinforced
  • Body – Steady Aim Laser
  • Underbarrel – Foregrip
  • Magazine – VDV 50 Round Fast Mag
  • Handle – GRU Elastic Wrap
  • Stock – No stock
Secondary – Shotgun Alpha (Hauer 77)
  • Barrel – 24.1″ Barrel
  • Body – SWAT 5MW Laser Sight
  • Magazine – 6 Round Tube
  • Handle – Speed Tape
  • Stock – Shotgun Stock

Wildcards – Gunfighter

Perks – Tactical Mask, Scavenger, Gung-Ho

Tactical – Stimshot

Lethal – Semtex

Field Upgrade – Field Mic


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