Fnatic is a pro League of Legends esports team.

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Fnatic is a professional esports organization consisting of players from around the world across a variety of games. On March 14, 2011, Fnatic entered the League of Legends scene with the acquisition of myRevenge. Fnatic is one of the strongest European teams since the early days of competitive League of Legends, having been the champion of the Riot Season 1 Championship.

Acquisition of myRevenge
Fnatic’s first venture into the League of Legends scene began on March 14, 2011, when they acquired the roster from myRevenge consisting of WetDreaM, xPeke, LaMiaZeaLoT, Shushei, CyanideFI, Mellisan, and MagicFingers.

In May of 2011, WetDreaM left Fnatic to form AbsoluteLegends.

Season 1

Fnatic were one of the eight teams to qualify for the Riot Season 1 Championship, which was held from June 18 to June 20 of 2011, as the third and final European seed from the Regional Qualifier. Fnatic placed third in the Group Stage by going 1-2, narrowly escaping elimination by defeating Team Pacific, while losing to against All authority and Epik Gamer. Fnatic would see more success in the playoffs largely due to xPeke, who had finally arrived after missing the first day due to a delayed flight. They would power through and defeat Counter Logic Gaming 2-0 in the relegation round, Epik Gamer 2-0 in the semi-finals, and won versus against All authority in the finals of the winner’s bracket, propelling Fnatic to the grand finals. Fnatic faced aAa again in an all-European final, pulling out a 2-1 victory to be crowned the League of Legends Season 1 champions. Riot later created and released Fnatic-themed skins, a custom for World Championship winners, and chose each player’s most-played champions during the Season 1 Worlds:
Jarvan IV (Cyanide),
Karthus (xPeke),
Gragas (Shushei),
Corki (LamiaZealot) and
Janna (Mellisan).

Pre-Season 2

Two months later, Fnatic placed third at the IEM Season VI – Global Challenge Cologne. Fnatic placed second in the tournament’s group stage with a 2-1 record, defeating SK Gaming and Frag Executors, while falling to Counter Logic Gaming. However, Fnatic would fall to Team Solomid 2-1 in the semifinals, relegating Fnatic to play against Millenium for third place, where Fnatic was able to come out on top with a 2-1 victory.

The next event that Fnatic would participate in was the IEM Season VI – Global Challenge New York. Here, Fnatic displayed a dominant performance, going 3-0 and taking first in the group stage by defeating Counter Logic Gaming, Dignitas, and Team Solomid. In the playoffs, Fnatic swept Sypher 2-0 in the semi finals and SK Gaming 2-0 in the grand finals, taking home first from the event.

Season 2

On January 19, 2012, MagicFingers left Fnatic due to the dissatisfaction with only being a substitute player.

The next major event Fnatic competed in would be the IEM Season VI – World Championship in March. Unfortunately, Fnatic couldn’t emulate their success at previous IEM events, and placed fifth, being eliminated in the group stage. Fnatic took wins against Millenium and Dignitas, while falling to Team ALTERNATE, against All authority, and Counter Logic Gaming Prime.

Two weeks later, Fnatic placed second at the SK Trophy March. They started strong by defeating LowLandLions 1-0 in the round of 16, TCM Gaming 2-0 in the quarterfinals, and Millenium 2-0, advancing them to the finals. Fnatic lost to Natus Vincere 2-0 in the grand finals, taking second place.

From March 21 to May 19, Fnatic was invited to compete in Korea at Azubu The Champions Spring 2012. They were placed in the so-called “Group of Death,” Group D. Fnatic’s first game was against StarTale where the Korean playstyle caught Fnatic completely off-guard. They were dominated after a relatively calm first 25 minutes of the game. Two days later, Fnatic saw themselves competing to stay in the tournament’s double-elimination bracket. Fnatic took a match and lost a match to make it 1-1, and they needed a win to advance. StarTale, who had lost to MiG Blaze, would once again be in their way. Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen secured Fnatic an early game advantage, helping them to prevail over the Korean powerhouse. This earned them a spot in the quarter finals, where they played against Team OP. Despite their motivation, Fnatic was not able to win a single game against them and got knocked out of the tournament after losing 0-2.

Fnatic then participated in the RaidCall PLAY Cup 1 on April 3, 2012. They took second at the event, falling to Counter Logic Gaming EU in the grand finals. Fnatic most notably defeated SK Gaming and Absolute Legends in the tournament.

On May 23, 2012, Pheilox joined Fnatic as their sixth player, replacing Mellisan at offline and online events while Mellisan finished his studies.

With Pheilox, Fnatic placed second at the RaidCall PLAY Cup 2. Fnatic defeated TCM Gaming in the semifinals to advance to the finals, where they fell to Team Acer.PL.

On June 4 and 5th Fnatic’s roster would undergo some notable changes, with long time top laner Shushei being evicted from the team due to his inability to perform up to standards. A day after the announcement of Shushei’s departure, Fnatic announced Shushei’s replacement, former aAa top laner sOAZ. A month after the the roster change, long time support player Mellisan departed Fnatic due to his educational commitments.

Having Pheilox and sOAZ as their new support and top laner, Fnatic would head to 2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Spring from June 8 to the 10th. Fnatic advanced to Round 2 after a BYE in the first round, where they easily stomped 4Not 2-0. In the next round they faced Epik Gamer (known at the time as TSM EVO) and won 2-1. Fnatic then squared off against Team SoloMid. They could not withstand TSM’s aggressive play-style, dropping 0-2 and falling to the loser’s bracket. They then played against Team Dynamic (the future Good Game University). Despite taking game 1 very easily, Fnatic dropped the next 2 games, losing 1-2 and getting knocked out of the tournament. Fnatic placed 5th/6th.

With MLG Spring over, Fnatic turned their focus to DreamHack Summer 2012, which took place between June 16 and the 19th. Assigned to Group A, Fnatic defeated PAH and Millenium while losing to Curse Gaming EU, achieving the second spot of the group with a 2-1 overall score. Moving to the semi-finals, Fnatic battled against the famous Counter Logic Gaming EU. They were forced to settle for a third-place match after falling 0-2. Fnatic once again played against Curse Gaming EU, but ended up taking 4th place after going 1-2.

Fnatic’s next big event was the Season Two European Regional Finals, the goal being to get a spot in the top three to qualify for the Season 2 World Championship. With the eight best teams in Europe in the competition, Fnatic would first go against Curse Gaming EU in the quarter finals. Though recent events predicted a win for Curse Gaming EU, Fnatic proved to be a strong team by winning the match 2-0. They faced Moscow 5 in the semi-finals for the first time in an offline event. Moscow 5 won game 1 after some intense play. Fnatic battled back and won game 2 very convincingly to become one of the few teams to take a game from Moscow 5 in the tournament. Unfortunately, Fnatic couldn’t replicate their game 2 success and were sent to the third-place match. With their trip to the World Championship at stake, Fnatic gave it their all against Counter Logic Gaming EU. The CLG team commanded by Henrik “Froggen” Hansen would prove to be too much. With their AD Carry Peter “Yellowpete” Wüppen carrying CLG, Fnatic was defeated 0-2 and failed to qualify for the Season 2 World Championship.

Fnatic continued to train and attend events. Campus Gaming Party: Berlin was their next stop, spanning August 21 through 25th. With no big teams on the tournament, Fnatic went 3-0 (6-0 overall) in their group by defeating Eclypsia.Luna, SK Gaming (who were attending with some subs), and Tt Dragons, taking all matches with 2-0 scores. In the semi-finals, they played against mousesports, winning 2-0. Meet Your Makers was no match for Fnatic in the finals, as they took the BO5 with a 3-0 score and achieved 1st place.

It was after this that AD Carry Manuel “LaMiaZeaLoT” Mildenberger would announce his retirement from eSports to pursue his studies and life in Taiwan.

Pre-Season 3

From November 1 until the 4th, Fnatic attended ASUS Republic of Gamers – Paris Games Week 2012. One of the requirements to participate was to have 3 French players. Fnatic sent a team consisting of sOAZ, hyrqBot, xPeke, YellOwStaR and nRated after LaMiaZeaLoT retired and CyanideFI left to deal with his highschool studies. Fnatic went 2-1 in the group stages, losing to Eclypsia by forfeit for arriving late. However, they went undefeated by beating GSU Gaming 2-0 in the winner’s bracket semi-final, 2-0 against Eclypsia in the winner bracket’s final, and 2-0 against GSU Gaming in the tournament’s grand final.

On November 22, Fnatic participated in DreamHack Winter 2012. They progressed quickly through the group stage, going 3-0 over Copenhagen Wolves, Curse Gaming EU, and The Mighty Midgets. After taking a decisive 2-0 against Sju Sjösjuka Sjömän in the semifinals, Fnatic advanced to face CLG EU in the finals. Despite dropping the first game, the team was able to pull out the match two games to one and take home first place.

On November 25, Fnatic announced that they would be participating IGN ProLeague Season 5 because Team Alternate and Eclypsia would be unable to attend the event.

On November 30 to December 2, Fnatic participated in IGN ProLeague Season 5. They placed second in their group, defeating Team Dynamic and Azubu Blaze, dropping a game only to Team WE. This would ensure that they advanced to the winners bracket, where they would face Season 2 World Champions Taipei Assassins and emerge victorious with a 2-0 victory. Fnatic went on to face CLG Prime in the winner bracket semifinals in a 2-1 comeback series. They then lost 1-2 to Team WE, dropping them into the loser bracket finals against their previous opponents, the Taipei Assassins. History would repeat itself as Fnatic beat the Taipei Assassins 2-0 to advance to the Grand Finals one game down, coming from the losers bracket. They lost the best of five series 1-3 to Team WE, taking home second place.

Starting December 8 and ending the next day, Fnatic participated in THOR Open 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. A single group with 5 teams was formed (given that 3 teams cancelled their participation) and Fnatic would sweep the group stage 4 – 0. Going to the semi-finals, they would prevail over mousesports 2 – 0. Moving on to the final, they would go 2-0 against Copenhagen Wolves and take 1st place, going completely undefeated.

From December 14 to December 16, Fnatic took a shot at qualifying for IEM World Championship during IEM Season VII – Global Challenge Cologne. Facing the newly formed Korean team SK Telecom T1, Millenium and mousesports in Group A, Fnatic went 3-0 in group stage. They faced CJ Entus in the semi-finals, losing the first game but winning the next two to move on. In the finals, Fnatic once again faced SK Telecom T1 in a group stage rematch. Their series would be decided by a third match after both teams took a win. In the end, SK Telecom T1 won the third game, with Fnatic placing second overall.

Throughout late 2012, the Swedish player Martin “Rekkles” Larsson played for Fnatic as their AD Carry. However, on December 24 it was announced that he would not be able to play with Fnatic during Riot’s Season 3 Qualifiers and Championship Series due to being underage. Fnatic stated that he would start a second Fnatic team, Fnatic Academy.

On January 14, Fnatic announced that their AD Carry would now be ex-SK Gaming Yellowstar. This would also be a reunion for sOAZ and nRated with their former Against All Authority teammate.

On January 18, IEM Season VII – Global Challenge Katowice kicked off where Fnatic was placed in group B along with Azubu Frost, SK Gaming and Absolute Legends. Fnatic advanced through the group, going 2-1 with victories over both SK Gaming and Absolute Legends, but losing their match against Azubu Frost. In the semifinals Fnatic took on the other Korean team in attendance, Azubu Blaze. Although Blaze won the first game, Fnatic was able to take the best of three series to a third game, with a win in game two. Despite their best efforts though, Fnatic was unable to win the third game and finished in a shared 3rd-4th place for the event.

Season 3

On January 25, Fnatic played in the Season 3 Offline Qualifiers. In Group A, they would have to face off against Anexis eSports, GIANTS! Gaming, and Team ALTERNATE. After winning their first match against Anexis, Fnatic advanced to the group’s Winners Match where they would lose against GIANTS! Gaming. With a 1-1 score, Fnatic faced elimination and would play in the final game of the group against Team ALTERNATE. After a victory over ALTERNATE, Fnatic advanced to the bracket stage of the offline qualifiers where they played against Meet Your Makers. Fnatic took a 2-0 victory over the Polish team and qualified for the Season 3 Championship Series.

EU LCS Spring Split

On February 9, the Championship Series kicked off with Fnatic playing matches against both SK Gaming and GIANTS! Gaming. Fnatic won both of their day one matches, putting them in first place with a 2-0 record. Fnatic would be a dominant team throughout the rest of the season, eventually taking first place in the Spring Split of the European LCS, with a record of 22-6. This regular season mark was an EU LCS record that would stand until Fnatic themselves broke it, two seasons later. Fnatic then took first place in the Season 3 EU LCS Spring Playoffs, going 3-2 against Gambit Gaming. The team retained their spot into the summer split of the LCS season.

The team qualified to play in the IEM Season VII – World Championship, however did not make it past the group stage, winning only one game going 1-4 and placing ninth in the tournament.

In April, Fnatic top laner Paul “sOAZ” Boyer was publicly voted onto the Europe LCS All Star team to compete at All-Star Shanghai 2013 to play against the world’s best All Star teams chosen in the same fashion. The EU LCS first faced off against heavy favorites Korean OGN Champions. Despite good early gameplay from Europe, the Korean team overtook them in a 2-0 set. Their next opponent was their sibling league, the North America LCS. Both teams played an explosive two games of up and down fighting; however, the NA LCS ended up being the victor, knocking the EU LCS out of the tournament. sOAZ was able to win the individual skill exhibition for the tournament as well.

EU LCS Summer Split

On August 17, Fnatic managed to take 2nd place on the Summer Split after winning the tie breaker against Evil Geniuses, Gambit Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas, granting Fnatic a place in the Semifinals, for the Summer Playoffs.

On August 24, Fnatic secured a spot at the Season 3 World Championship after beating Evil Geniuses 2-0 in the Season 3 Summer Playoffs. On the following day Fnatic would beat Lemondogs 3-1 and finish first at the LCS Europe Season 3 Summer Playoffs.

Season 3 World Championship

The Fnatic team would be placed into Group B at the Championships in Los Angeles, and play against European rivals Gambit Gaming, Korean OGN intimidating team Samsung Galaxy Ozone, NA 3rd place seed Team Vulcun and Filipino champions Mineski. They would lose their first game against Vulcun but would bounce back in a strong way, with that being the only game they would lose, coming out on top of their group with a record of 7-1 and advancing to the quarterfinals.

In quarters, they would face the much hyped top NA team Cloud 9 and despite some close back and forth games, Fnatic would eliminate the last NA team in a 2-1 set to reach the semifinals. They next went up against the top Chinese seed, Royal Club Huang Zu who had eliminated their strong Chinese counterpart and who swept their groups, OMG. The match proved to be an exciting best of 5, showcasing intense team-fighting, however, in the end Fnatic would be the last European team eliminated from the tournament, losing 3-1 and taking home a respectable 3rd place.

2014 Season

Fnatic started off their season at the IEM Season VIII – World Championship. The team came in 2nd, losing to KT Rolster Bullets in the Grand Final.

EU LCS Spring Split

The Spring Split went relatively well for the team. A tight split saw Fnatic finish in 2nd place behind SK Gaming, securing themselves a place in the Spring Playoffs. The whole team raised their game for the playoffs, which saw them emerge victorious after a win against Alliance in their semifinal match-up, and another against SK Gaming in the Grand Final.

Due to Fnatic’s performance in the Spring Playoffs, they had qualified to compete at All-Star Paris 2014, along with other regional winners from around the world. The team made it to the semifinals of the tournament, only losing to the world champions at the time, SK Telecom T1 K.

EU LCS Summer Split

The start of the Summer Split was shaky for the team. Fnatic could not break in to the top 2 until Week 7 of the split, at which point their main rivals Alliance were already a considerable distance ahead of them in the race for 1st place. YellOwStaR managed to pick up the MVP award for the entire split, but Fnatic could only manage a 2nd place finish. The team aimed to put the split behind them and focus on the Summer Playoffs. A close fought win over ROCCAT in the semifinal meant that the team would face Froggen and Alliance in the final. The match ended in defeat for Fnatic, but the playoffs saw the team seal their qualification for the 2014 Season World Championship.

2014 World Championship

The World Championship saw Fnatic placed in Group C with Samsung Blue, OMG, and LMQ. The team were only able to win two of six matches in their group, meaning that they would go no further in the tournament.

2015 Season

After being invited to the tournament, the departures of Rekkles, xPeke and Cyanide meant that Fnatic would not be able compete at IEM Cologne.

EU LCS Spring Split

Fnatic’s new roster, including Korean imports Huni and Reignover alongside Steeelback, Febiven, and YellOwStaR, had a successful Spring Split, finishing 2nd in the regular season with a 13-5 record. This secured them a bye to the semifinals of the Spring Playoffs. Fnatic beat H2k-Gaming in their semifinal matchup, and went on to secure 1st place after taking a 3-2 win over Unicorns Of Love in the playoff final. This meant that the team would pick up 90 Championship Points towards qualification for the 2015 Season World Championship.

2015 Mid-Season Invitational

This also meant that Fnatic would represent Europe at the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. The team had a relatively successful tournament, which they opened with a decisive win over Team SoloMid. They also had a notably close group stage game with SK Telecom T1, but went on to lose the game. Fnatic finished the group stage in 4th place, meaning they would advance to the bracket stage. They faced SK Telecom T1 in the semifinals, this time playing out a close series, but ultimately losing 3-2.

EU LCS Summer Split

Now with Rekkles on the roster instead of Steeelback, the team went into the Summer Season with confidence running high after their performance on the international stage. Fnatic managed to finish the regular season with a perfect, unbeaten 18-0 record – and became the first team to achieve this in League Championship Series history. This meant a 1st place regular season finish for the team and a bye to the semifinals of the Summer Playoffs. Fnatic went on to win the playoffs, beating Origen 3-2 in a tight final. This qualified the team for the 2015 World Championship, where they would compete as Europe’s #1 seed.

2015 World Championship

At the 2015 World Championship, Fnatic were seeded into Group B along with ahq e-Sports Club, Invictus Gaming, and Cloud9. They picked up four wins in the group, going unbeaten in the second week of group stage games, meaning they would advance to the knockout stage of the tournament. In the quarterfinals, Fnatic beat EDward Gaming 3-0 before suffering a 3-0 loss to KOO Tigers in the semifinals, putting an end to their campaign.

2016 Season
EU LCS Spring Split

In the preseason, Fnatic had sustained multiple roster changes, with YellOwStaR, Huni, and Reignover all leaving the team for North American teams. They were replaced by Noxiak, Spirit, and Gamsu, though after an unsuccessful IEM Cologne and four weeks of the EU LCS split, Noxiak was replaced by rookie Klaj. Despite being only in fifth place in the EU LCS at the time of the tournament, Fnatic were invited to IEM Katowice due to their previous season’s success. There, they had a surprisingly strong run, finishing in second place behind SK Telecom T1 after finding success with Rekkles on Jhin. Back home, Fnatic qualified for the EU LCS playoffs in sixth place, with a 9-9 record on the season.

In the playoffs, Fnatic upset Team Vitality 3-1 before losing to eventual champions G2 Esports 3-1 in the semifinals. They rebounded to finish on a high note after defeating H2k Gaming in the third place match 3-2. The following month, Klaj moved to Fnatic Academy as Fnatic reformed their Challenger squad, and on May 11, YellOwStaR rejoined Fnatic from TSM.

EU LCS Summer Split

With the veteran YellOwStaR back at the helm, Fnatic improved marginally upon their previous split’s regular season success. In the EU LCS’s revamped best-of-two format, Fnatic began the season admirably, going 5-2-1 in four weeks and holding sole possession of first place. After struggling to repeat this success, and with inconsistent top lane play, Fnatic replaced Gamsu with former G2 Esports top laner Kikis, bringing in Giants Gaming top laner Werlyb as a substitute. The new top laners combined for a 2-4-2 record, as Fnatic slid to fifth place at 7-6-5 with a tiebreaker loss to H2k Gaming.

Defaulting to Kikis in the top lane for the playoffs, Fnatic faced H2k in the quarterfinals, but lost 0-3 to the eventual World Championship semifinalists. Fnatic next competed in the Regional Finals, where they were dispatched 0-3 by a red-hot Unicorns of Love.

2017 Season

In an offseason vividly reminiscent of 2015, Fnatic again suffered roster losses to four fifths of its positions. With the retirement of long-time support player YellOwStaR, along with the departures of Spirit and Febiven to the Afreeca Freecs and H2k Gaming, respectively, and Kikis stepping down to a substitute role, Fnatic searched for a roster to reinvigorate its middling position among the EU LCS. Fnatic first turned to former top lane legend sOAZ and veteran jungler Amazing as they departed a similarly emptying Origen, and picked up LCS rookie Caps and Immortals coach Jesiz as support.

EU LCS Spring Split

The EU LCS changed format once more for the Spring Split, and Fnatic were placed in Group A alongside G2 Esports, Misfits, Team ROCCAT, and Giants Gaming. During the split Amazing left and Broxah took his place as starting jungler. Their performances were mediocre with both jungler though and they placed 3rd in Group A with a record of 6 won series and 7 lost ones. In Round 1 of playoffs they clean swept 2nd place of Group B H2k to face favorite G2 in semifinals. There they put up a good fight but lost the series 1-3 before stomping Misfits in third-place match to qualify for Rift Rivals.

EU LCS Summer Split

Fnatic were placed in a familiar Group A alongside G2 Esports, Misfits, Team ROCCAT, and Ninjas in Pyjamas. With the help of the new coach Dylan Falco Summer Split started great and they went into Rift Rivals as first place in their group with a 6-1 record. After nerfs to their favoured strategy with ADC Kennen they only managed to beat Phoenix1 at Rift Rivals but lost their games against both Cloud 9 and TSM as well as Europe the finals of the tournament. Their domestic opponents could not exploit this weakness though and Fnatic held on to first place in their group. Despite the dominant regular season they got clearly beaten in semifinals by 3rd seed from their group Misfits and only managed to get 3rd place by beating H2k-Gaming in a snowbally series 3-2. Fnatic went into Regional Finals as first seed and faced again H2k in the finals where they clean swept them this time to qualify for the World Championship as Europe’s third seed.

2017 World Championship

They won their Group C in Play-In against Young Generation and Kaos Latin Gamers and also swept past Hong Kong Attitude in round 2 to qualify for the Main Event. There they were placed in group B with LCK first seed Longzhu Gaming, VCS representative GIGABYTE Marines and NA LCS 2nd seed Immortals. After week 1 Fnatic was last in group B losing all 3 games. After losing their opening game of the group deciding day against LZ all hope seemed lost but they managed to win their rematches against IMT and GAM and got lucky that the other games played out for a 3-way-tie for 2nd place of the group. They won both tiebreaker games to reach quarterfinals as the first team to get out of groups despite starting 0-3. In quarterfinals they were beaten by Royal Never Give Up after 4 slow games 1-3.

2018 Season

During preseason Hylissang replaced Jesiz as support. Bwipo joined too as sub-toplaner.

EU LCS Spring Split

EU LCS format changed again, going back to 2016 Spring Season’s format. After a mediocre 3-3 start to Spring Split Fnatic won 11 of their remaining 12 series including two in which they gave Bwipo a chance and found themselves in first place after regular season. In playoffs Fnatic was forced to play with Bwipo because sOAZ injured his hand. Bwipo as well as the rest of the team showed good performances in a decisive 3-1 semifinal series against Vitality as well as a clean sweep in the final against G2 to reclaimed the EU LCS title after a 2 year and 4 LCS Splits drought.

2018 Mid-Season Invitational

At the Mid-Season Invitational they faced RNG, FW, Kingzone DragonX, Team Liquid, and EVOS Esports. Fnatic were in a good position after 7 games with a 4-3 record and games against TL and EVOS left to play. Due to losing their remaining 3 group stage games they dropped down to a tiebreaker against TL which they convincingly won. In semifinals they put up a decent fight against RNG but were clean swept.

EU LCS Summer Split

With sOAZ regaining his form Fnatic intended to share game time between their toplaners. Summer Split came with patch 8.11 which changed the meta in a way that caused some issues for marksmen as botlane carries. Due to that Rekkles benched himself after week 1 and Bwipo moved to starting bot-laner. After 3 patches and 6 weeks of inactivity Fnatic slowly began to reintegrate Rekkles into the starting roster. Overall the team had a good split and ended up in first place after regular season with a 13-5 record. They went into playoffs as slight favorite and proved these expectation to be right as they won semifinals against Misfits and finals against FC Schalke 04 with decisive 3-1’s for their 7th EU LCS title and qualifying as first seed for Europe at the 2018 World Championship.

2018 World Championship

Fnatic was drafted in group D, alongside NA LCS 2nd seed 100 Thieves, LPL 2nd seed Invictus Gaming, and LMS third seed G-Rex. They got first place in the group, with a record of 5-1 due to beating iG in a tiebreaker match. They advanced to the quarterfinals where they faced EDward Gaming, and while dropping the first game, they managed to come back and win the series 3-1. In the semifinals they faced Cloud9 where Fnatic showed great strength, ultimately sweeping the last remaining NA representative 3-0. Despite justified hopes to beat iG again, they ultimately failed to do so, falling 3-0 to China’s second seed.

2019 Season

On November 20, Riot Games announced Fnatic as one of the ten partner teams for the LEC 2019 Spring Split. Fnatic had to suffer the loss of Caps who decided to join G2 during the offseason whilst also having to choose which one of their toplaners they want to move forward with. They decided to trust Bwipo and signed Nemesis from LVP team MAD Lions E.C. as new midlaner while Soaz joined Misfits. After struggling during the first half of Spring Split the roster came back from a 3-7 record 5 weeks into the split and went on a 8 game winstreak to go into playoffs as 3rd seed. In playoffs they chose Vitality as Round 1 opponents and clean swept them before beating Splyce in Round 2 in convincing 3-1 fashion. In semifinals they faced Origen and partially due to a poor read of the new development in the botlane meta they clearly lost 1-3.

Fnatic went into Summer Split with the determination to challenge G2 and started off really well. They went into Rift Rivals as 1st with a 6-0 record including a dominant victory over G2. Along with G2 and Origen they continued their dominant start against NA representatives TL, TSM and C9 and won the tournament for LEC 3-1. After Rift Rivals the team lost to Splyce and had another three 1-1 weeks right after whilst experimenting with drafts and roster including upsets by Rogue and Misfits. Under pressure by Splyce they regained their composure before the end of the split and got 2nd seed which meant a direct ticket to Athens by winning their last 4 matches including the rematch against Splyce. In Round 2 against G2 they had a great start by matching G2’s willingness to fight with lots of mobility and snowballed to a quick 2-0 lead. Despite G2 adapting their draft Fnatic also found themselves in the lead in game 3 but after some questionable baron calls G2 managed to turn the game and series around. Games 4 and 5 went heavily in G2 favour as well with the last game being pretty much decided within the first 5 minutes by coming out ahead of every gank and skirmish and Fnatic barely avoided conceding the fastest loss in EU history. This meant that Fnatic would have to win once again 2 Bo5’s in 2 days to win the split at the finals weekend in Athens. Opposed to Spring Split they came into the semifinal as clear favorite and despite a few hiccups they outclassed Schalke 04 in a 3-0 sweep to qualify for Worlds and seeked revenge against G2 in the finals on Sunday. The finals started off absolutely crazy with 7 kills within the first 3.5 minutes during which Fnatic came out ahead and by punishing a few mistakes from G2 well they convincingly showed that they had recovered from the reverse sweep a week before. This trend continued throughout the series as the team that held an gold lead after the early game would extend it slowly further and close it out pretty cleanly. In the deciding game 5 Fnatic had a horrible start and found themselves down 2k gold before even 6 minutes were played. By punishing a few overreaches from G2 they managed to stay in the game though and managed to show the concept of their teamfight composition a few times in the mid game. After a fumbled baron attempt and a few players getting picked off they could not stop G2 from destroying their base anymore and lost once again 2-3.

At Worlds Fnatic was drawn into group C, alongside NA LCS 3rd seed Clutch Gaming, LPL 2nd seed RNG, and LCK 1st seed SKT into the “group of death”. After a rough first week where they got clearly beaten by SKT and RNG they reconsidered their drafts for the deciding day of groups going back to marksmen in bot lane. After a nailbiter win against Clutch they found themselves once again down 2k gold early vs SKT but managed to turn the game around by outplaying a SKT towerdive to snowball the game to a clean victory. Advancement of the group still came down to the rematch against their nemesis RNG in the last game of the day. This time however they managed to overcome RNG in a clear victory increasing their deciding group day record to 13-1. In quarterfinals they were drawn against LPL 1st seed FunPlus Phoenix where they were shown their limits and lost in a dominant 1-3.

2020 Season

For the 2020 season Fnatic had to replace Youngbuck and chose to put their trust into former Origen support mithy. They also replaced Broxah with SK jungler Selfmade while keeping the rest of the roster together. After losing their opening match of Spring Split they picked up 4 must-win-games before being destroyed by G2. Unfazed by this they only allowed a single upset to happen until last week of Regular Season and ended up in second place with a 13-5 record. In Round 1 of playoffs they had a great counter to Origen’s slow playstyle and absolutely dominated the first two games. They managed to stall out game 3 very long but could not turn it around but managed to snowball a positional mistake by their opponents in the midgame of game 4. In semifinals they faced MAD Lions but came very well prepared and completely dominated the series to wait for their opponent in finals. This turned out to be G2 and despite predicting which type of compositions they wanted to play they did not manage to find a counter and were therefore outdrafted and additionally also outplayed for the entirety of the series.

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VALORANT Champions Tour

1st Prize: $200,000.00
2nd Prize: $100,000.00
3rd Prize: $80,000.00
4th Prize: $60,000.00
League of Legends Esports

1st Prize: $2,418,750.00
2nd Prize: $870,750.00
3rd Prize: $451,500.00
4th Prize: $451,500.00

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