OG Esports

OG is a professional Danish esports club.

CSGO Esports, VALORANT Esports
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

OG is a professional Danish esports club that was founded for DOTA 2 competition in August of 2015 by Johan “N0tail” Sundstein. They begin playing Counterstrike professionally in December of 2019.

Social Media

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Esports Rosters

This is the OG active DOTA 2 roster.

Show DOTA 2 Roster
Current OG DOTA 2 Roster
SumaiLSumail HassanSince 2021-06-15$5,000.001 Tournament
SaksaMartin SazdovSince 2020-01-29$89,571.4015 Tournaments
CebSébastien DebsSince 2018-06-03$5,496,432.2324 Tournaments
TopsonTopias TaavitsainenSince 2018-06-03$5,486,739.2022 Tournaments
N0tailJohan SundsteinSince 2015-10-31$6,753,622.2364 Tournaments

This is the OG active CSGO roster.

Show CSGO Roster
Current OG CSGO Roster
flameZShahar ShushanSince 2021-04-09$30,300.005 Tournaments
NikoNikolaj KristensenSince 2021-03-17$33,133.336 Tournaments
AleksibAleksi VirolainenSince 2019-12-04$135,783.3325 Tournaments
mantuuMateusz WilczewskiSince 2019-12-04$135,783.3325 Tournaments
NBKNathan SchmittSince 2019-12-04$105,483.3320 Tournaments
ValdeValdemar VangsåSince 2019-12-04$135,783.3325 Tournaments

This is the OG active VALORANT roster.

Show VALORANT Roster
Current OG VALORANT Roster
DestrianTomas LinikasSince 2021-06-16$0.000 Tournaments
DPSHarry MacGillSince 2021-04-06$0.000 Tournaments
TviQKevyn LindströmSince 2021-02-15$0.000 Tournaments
unKOEBenjamin ChevassonSince 2021-02-15$0.000 Tournaments

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