Vision Strikers

VALORANT Champions Tour, VALORANT Esports
2020, 2021

Vision Strikers is a professional esports gaming club formed by a roster of former CS:GO players known as MVP PK.

Active since 2020-06-01
$172,707.98 From 14 Tournaments

Current Vision Strikers Roster
LakiaKim, Jong-MinSince 2021-07-02$0.000 Tournaments
BuZzYu, Byung-chulSince 2021-05-21$4,128.001 Tournament
MaKoKim, Myeong-kwanSince 2021-05-21$4,128.001 Tournament
k1NgLee, Seung WonSince 2020-06-07$33,657.0014 Tournaments
RbMin, Gu-SangSince 2020-06-07$38,080.0014 Tournaments
SeokEKim, Gi-SeokSince 2020-06-07$29,529.0013 Tournaments
staxKim, Gu-TakSince 2020-06-07$33,657.0014 Tournaments
Former Vision Strikers Players
glowKim, Min Soo2020-06-07 ⇒ 2021-05-17$29,529.0013 Tournaments
WarCraft 3
$24,837.55 From 5 Tournaments
12.57% of Team Total Prize Money Earned

Current WarCraft 3 Roster
MoonJang, Jae HoSince 2021-01-28$24,837.555 Tournaments


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