Top Tips for More Wins in Warzone

Top Tips for More Wins in Warzone

These are top tips for achieving more wins in COD Warzone.

How the #2 Warzone Player Wins 70% of the Time

JGOD reacts to the number 2 Warzone player for wins on the leaderboard’s gameplay and talks about what makes them so good at Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale. This video is ShadedStep’s 1637th win and JGOD analyzing the method of his squad during the process.

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JGOD is an American streamer and gaming content creator. He started making content for YouTube on August 9th, 2017. JGOD makes videos based on helping people improve at FPS titles, but typically focuses his content on the newest Call of Duty. The types of videos topics include, but are not limited to: weapon guides, best class setups, spawn guides, subscriber game play breakdowns, news, updates, glitches, patches, and weekly live streams.

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