2021 VALORANT Championship

2021 VALORANT Championship

The 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour Championship will be between December 2nd and 12th, in Berlin, Germany, Europe.

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Worlds 2021 announce china

2021 LOL World Championship

The 2021 LOL World Championship was on November 6th, 2021 in Iceland. It was originally located in China, but due to COVID complications it had to be moved to Iceland, Europe.

Groups For Worlds 2021

On October 11th, 2021 the Groups portion of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship began in Iceland on YouTube. It started with a bang, as Chovy locked Yasuo and Adam locked Sett. In the first 5 minutes Adam obtained first blood versus Chovy.

On September 22nd 2021, the official LOL Esports Twitter account released this image depicting the groups for Worlds 2021.

Show 2021 Worlds Groups List

lol worlds 2021 groups

Worlds 2021 Draw Show Video

The Worlds 2021 Draw Show or Draft was published on the official LOL Esports YouTube channel on September 22nd, 2021.

Show 2021 Worlds Draft Show Video

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2021 Overwatch League Grand Finals Atlanta vs Shanghai

The Shanghai Dragons won the 2021 Overwatch League Grand Finals.

VALORANT MAsters Berlin

VALORANT Masters Berlin 2021

VALORANT Masters Berlin was between September 10th and 19th, in Germany, Europe. Gambit Esports defeated Team Envy in the grand finals to win the Stage 3 VALORANT Masters.

Grand Finals Gambit vs Envy2021 VCT Masters Berlin VOD ListVCT Berlin Teaser
VCT Masters Berlin 2021 Gambit vs Envy

This is the final match video from the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour Masters in Berlin.

VCT Masters Berlin 2021 Videos

This is a playlist of the videos from the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin.

ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS – Art is eternal. Life is short.

This is the teaser video from VALORANT official YouTube channel.

It will take more than just mechanics to succeed at #VALORANTMasters Berlin. It takes creativity, style, and individuality. Who will make their mark and who will be forgotten? Find out at VALORANT Masters Berlin September 10-19.

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2021 Atlanta Faze COD League Stats

This is the 2021 Atlanta Faze Call of Duty League stats page for the COD Black Ops Cold War season. Also known as the 2021 pro Atlanta Faze Call of Duty esports stats page. The roster consisted of Simp, Arcitys, Cellium, and Abezy.

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